Will Blazor Takeover Angular or React?

20th Jan (Fri) 2022 at 09:00PM IST

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Blazor is a powerful and innovative technology that allows developers to build rich interactive web UIs using C#, HTML, and CSS. It eliminates the need for manually writing complex JavaScript code and gives developers an easy way to create front-end applications with all the benefits of a modern web application platform. Blazor also fosters collaboration among different teams since many developers already have C# knowledge and are thus able to contribute with their existing skillsets. On top of that, debugging is streamlined since it encapsulates all source code in one place making problems easier to identify and solve. Learning Blazor simplifies front-end development processes, thereby saving time and resources for everyone involved.

The debate about whether Blazor will overtake Angular or React has been gaining traction in recent times as more programmers compare and contrast. The fact of the matter is that Blazor could be a rival to both of these established frameworks, as it opens a new realm of possibilities for web development with C#. With the ability to write client-side logic with the language, developers now have another powerful tool in their arsenal for creating modern web applications.

Hey there, in this session I'm going to compare Blazor to React and Angular. Now, a lot of people have been asking whether Blazor is better than React or Angular, so I decided to do a head-to-head comparison. So after having used all three frameworks extensively I'm going to talk about Blazor and whether it will take over Angular or React.


  • Understanding Blazor
  • Blazor vs. Angular vs. React
  • Will Blazor Take over Angular or React
  • Future of Blazor
  • Q&A

About Speaker

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Shailendra Chauhan (Microsoft MVP, Founder & CEO at DotNetTricks)

Shailendra Chauhan is the Founder and CEO of DotNetTricks which is a brand when it comes to e-Learning. DotNetTricks provides training and consultation over an array of technologies like Cloud, .NET, Angular, React, Node, Microservices, Containers and Mobile Apps development. He has been awarded as Microsoft MVP Seven times in a row (2016-2021). He has changed many lives from his writings and unique training programs. He has a number of most sought-after books to his name which has helped job aspirants in cracking tough interviews with ease.

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