Build A High Paying Career In Coding

Learn live from Microsoft MVPs and Google GDEs to master in demand job skills.
Build real-world projects with recommended design patterns and best practices.
Empower yourself to crack your next job interviews at world top tech companies.
  93% got jobs within 9 months of training program.
  Experienced developers got 17 LPA Average Salary.
  Beginners/Freshers got 4.5 LPA Average Salary.
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Job Oriented Programs We Offer

Data Structures with Java Certification Training

  • Java and Logic Building
  • Data Structures, Algorithms
  • Solve 100+ Problems

Front-end Developer Certification Training

  • JavaScript/ES6, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap
  • TypeScript, React, Angular
  • Build 5 Real-world Projects

Full-Stack .NET Developer Certification Training

  • C#, .NET, SQL Server
  • ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebAPI
  • Build 5 Real-world Projects

Data Science & Machine Learning Certification Training

  • Python, Statistics, Cognitive Services
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Build 10 Real-world Projects

MERN: Full-Stack Web Developer Certification Training

  • JavaScript/ES6, React
  • Node.js, Express, MongoDB
  • Build 5 Real-world Projects

Advanced Full-Stack .NET Developer Certification Training

  • ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Web API
  • Angular or React, Azure
  • Build 3 Real-world Projects

.NET Solution Architect Certification Training

  • ASP.NET, Azure, Angular/React
  • Microservices, Azure DevOps
  • Deploy Real-world Projects

DevOps Engineer With Azure Certification Training

  • Azure, Azure DevOps, CI/CD Pipeline
  • Docker & Kubernetes, Terraform
  • Deploy Real-world Projects

Hands-On Labs

Build hands-on experience to dive into the latest tech skills with our 750+ labs.

Interview Q&A Courses

Empower yourself to crack your next job interview with our 30+ Interview Q&A courses.

Upskill with ScholarHat Master Classes

The ScholarHat 3-Steps Learning Methodology

At ScholarHat, we follow a proven three-step learning methodology for learning a new skill by doing coding and applying that coding skill to build real-world applications.

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