Build A High Paying Career In Coding

Learn live from Microsoft MVPs and Google GDEs to master in demand job skills.
Build real-world projects with recommended design patterns and best practices.
Empower yourself to crack your next job interviews at world top tech companies.
  93% got jobs within 9 months of training program.
  Experienced developers got 17 LPA Average Salary.
  Beginners/Freshers got 4.5 LPA Average Salary.
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Job Oriented Career Paths

Full-Stack .NET Developer Certification Training

  • C#, .NET, SQL Server
  • ASP.NET Core, MVC, WebAPI
  • 15 Weeks Live Training
  • Build 2 Real-world Projects
  • Interview Preparation
  • Certificate of Completion

MERN: Full-Stack Web Developer Certification Training

  • JavaScript/ES6, React
  • Node.js, Express, MongoDB
  • 15 Weeks Live Training
  • Build 2 Real-world Projects
  • Interview Preparation
  • Certificate of Completion

Advanced Full-Stack .NET Developer Certification Training

  • ASP.NET Core, EF Core, Web API
  • Angular or React, Azure
  • 15 Weeks Live Training
  • Build 3 Real-world Projects
  • Interview Preparation
  • Certificate of Completion

How Training Programs Work

Live Sessions

Our intensive training program offers live training sessions which are led by our expert mentors. Our mentors are working in corporates and explain complex technical concepts in an easy way.

Video Courses

Video courses are created by industry experts to help candidates enhance their skills. Our video course covers all the concepts from beginners to advanced, thus helps you to work in real life.

Hands-on Labs

Hands-on labs provide learners with an opportunity to gain confidence to solve real-world challenges and assignments. Our Hands-on labs help to get practical knowledge and gain real-time experience to work.

Real-World Projects

Learn to build real-world projects clone like Dominos, Netflix, Flipkart etc. Learn how to start a project from scratch with recommended design patterns, architecture, security, error logging, and optimation.

Interview Q&A

Interview Q&A are designed by experts to simulate the real interview scenario. Interview Q&A are based on the real interviw to check your preparation level, and get you ready for the next tech job.

Practice Tests

Practice Tests are designed by experts to simulate the real exam scenario. Our tests are based on the real exam objectives to check your preparation level, and get you ready for the certification exam.

Doubts Resolution

Doubt solutions are important for training success. ScholarHat offers exclusive Discord community access for quick doubt solutions. Here, you will get help from support and other members of the community to solve their doubts quickly and efficiently.

Get Certified

Take your career to the next level with specialized tech skills and industry-recognized credentials. Master the knowledge you need for success, from coding languages to software development, and stand out in a competitive job market!

Job Assistance

A year-long subscription for learning offers an incredible opportunity to learn and grow. Get guidance and direction, individualized support, interview tips, and more. Get help to get a position that fits your qualifications and skills.

Our Students Review

Build Dev Skills with Great Leadership & Training

Our live project development training programs equips learners with the knowledge and discipline required to build and manage end-to-end real-world projects with the help of recommended design patterns and practices. You'll learn all about the coding skills that will shape you to become a successful and high paying software engineer, technical architect or devOps engineer.

Shailendra Chauhan
Founder & CEO at ScholarHat

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