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Self-Paced Angular Certification Course | Become an Angular Developer

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Angular Course Overview

The Angular course comprehensively delves into Angular concepts, spanning from fundamental principles to advanced topics. This includes modules, components, data binding, directives, services, reactive forms, component-level communication facilitated by services, and the application of dependency injection (DI). By the conclusion of our Angular Training course, you will have acquired the proficiency needed to craft contemporary, interactive web applications that are at the forefront of modern web development.

Course objectives

Participants in the Angular certification course will have the following skills after completing this course:

  1. Understand Typescript core and advanced concepts
  2. Understand Angular2 to 14 basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  3. Create components, services, pipe and forms validations etc.
  4. Create and Consume REST Services
  5. Understand and Use RxJs Library
  6. Implement Lazy loading, module-based architecture
  7. Optimize web page performance
  8. Secure application based on user roles
  9. Scale SPA for Phones, Tablets, Laptop & Desktop
  10. Publish their App

Included in this Angular Course

  •   Video Course 111 Videos
  •   Quick Notes 20 Notes
  •   Labs 11 labs
  •   Projects Project(s)
  •   Skill Tests 3 Tests
  •   Q&A 20 Videos

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 49s

Introduction to Angular

Introduction to Angular Preview 00m 21s
Angular History Preview 01m 08s
Angular Version Details 04m 10s
Angular1 vs. Angular2 Preview 07m 39s

Development Tools

Node.js and Angular CLI 03m 05s
Visual Studio and VS Code 00m 41s
Useful VS Extensions 03m 31s

Angular CLI

Introduction to CLI 02m 41s
Creating new project - ng new 00m 59s
Creating Project for Angular V5, V6, V9 23m 36s
Building Project - ng build and ng serve 03m 53s
Angular CLI Commands and Options 02m 23s
Using Visual Studio IDE 09m 44s

Angular App structure

Exploring Angular App Structure 15m 10s
Angular Building Blocks 01m 32s
Modules 12m 21s
Component and Template 04m 42s
Decorators 02m 31s
Metadata 01m 26s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 38s

Data Binding

Understanding Data Binding Preview 00m 50s
Databinding Syntax 01m 57s
Demo: Data Binding 08m 11s
Event Binding 02m 05s
Two-way Data Binding 02m 22s


Directives 02m 09s
Demo: Directives 19m 05s
Custom Directive 00m 28s
Demo : Custom Directives 04m 12s


Pipes 00m 24s
Custom Pipes 03m 25s
Demo: Pipes And Custom Pipes 08m 51s


Understanding Routing 17m 34s
Understanding Location Strategies 01m 20s
Demo : Location Strategy 03m 24s

Router Links and Route Parameters

Route Parameters – Required, Optional and Query Params 06m 45s
Styling Active Router Links 02m 27s

Nested Routes and Lazy Loading

Setting up Child or Nested Routes 04m 40s
Setting up and navigating to Lazy loading module 14m 33s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 35s

Angular Components

Angular Components 22m 01s
Components Inheritance 08m 51s
Nested Components 07m 52s

Component Lifecycle Hooks

Component Lifecycle Hooks 00m 46s
Hooks for the Components 03m 36s
Demo: Hook Components 04m 48s

Content Projection

Introduction to Content Projection 01m 12s
Content Projection 13m 24s

Shadow DOM and View Encapsulation

Introduction to Shadow DOM and View Encapsulation 04m 35s
Shadow DOM and View Encapsulation Implementation 17m 25s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 23s

Introduction to Angular Forms

Introduction to Angular Forms Preview 00m 21s
Angular Forms and Forms Control States Preview 07m 25s
Angular Form Building Blocks 00m 26s

Template Driven Form

Understanding Template Driven Form 05m 36s

Model Driven (Reactive) Form

Model Driven (Reactive) Form 01m 18s
Creating Model Driven Form 04m 07s
Template Driven vs. Model Driven Forms 02m 56s

Angular Form Validations

Angular form Validation 02m 28s
Template Driven Form validation 17m 57s
Reactive Form validation 11m 41s
Custom Validations 03m 24s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 27s

ReactiveX and RxJS

Introduction to ReactiveX 03m 05s
Observables and Observers 07m 09s
Observables Operators 03m 02s
Observable vs. Promises 01m 29s

Angular Services

Services 01m 06s
Creating Services 09m 42s
Dependency Injection 04m 14s

Introduction to Zone.js

Introduction to Zone.j 00m 56s
Understanding Change Detection 01m 14s
Change Detection Strategies 01m 54s
Demo-Change Detection 01m 31s


Course Overview 00m 24s
Unit Testing 03m 58s
Integration Testing 01m 09s

Tools and Technologies

Tools and Technologies Preview 05m 24s

Writing First Test Case

Writing First Test Case 04m 14s

Isolated Testing

Pipe 05m 05s
Service 06m 12s
Component 02m 55s

Integration Testing

Service 10m 41s
Component 11m 01s
Router 14m 24s
Component With Form 07m 20s
Directive Testing 08m 04s

Code Coverage

Code Coverage 03m 48s


Debugging 03m 36s

Course Overview

Course Overview 02m 44s


What is NgRx Preview 01m 57s
When to Use NgRx Preview 04m 18s
Ngrx Packages 04m 28s

NgRx Store

Introduction and Installation 08m 07s
Action 09m 18s
Redcuer 08m 51s
Selectors 03m 23s
Demo 10m 29s

NgRx Effects

Introduction and Installation 04m 41s
Creating Effects 03m 30s

NgRx DevTools

Ngrx Store And Effects 18m 29s
Introduction and Installation 06m 43s

Course Overview

Course Overview 02m 01s


Pre-requisites Preview 01m 31s

Looking in to Bundle

Adding Source Map Explorer Part-1 02m 28s
Adding Source Map Explorer Part-2 02m 31s
Adding Source Map Explorer Part-3 02m 21s

Lazy Loading

Enabling Lazy Loading 10m 30s

Removing Shared Module

Removing Shared Module 09m 45s

Specifying Budgets

Specifying Budgets 05m 19s
Quick Notes Notes (20)

Angular CLI


Angular Modules


Angular Components


Angular Templates


Angular Decorators & Metadata


Data Binding in Angular


Angular Directives


Angular Pipes


Angular Routing, Router Links and Route Parameters


Angular : Components, Component Inheritance & Nested Component


Angular Component Lifecycle Hooks


Angular Content Projection


Angular Shadow DOM and View Encapsulation


Angular Forms & Validation


Angular : ReactiveX and RxJS


Angular Services


Angular: Introduction to Zone.js


Angular Unit Testing


Angular NgRx : Getting Started


Angular App Optimization Techniques


Hands-On Labs Labs(11)

Crud Operations Using Binding, Directives, and Pipes


Components and Data Passing


User SignUp Workflow in Angular


Angular Advanced Routing


Listing, Paging, and Searching


Creating Cascade Dropdown Lists


Angular Routing and Local storage


Push Angular Code to GitHub


Angular and Asp.Net Core WebApi Crud Operations


CRUD Operations with Angular and Node.js


Hosting Angular App with Node.js


Course Overview

Course Overview 02m 14s

MEAN Stack App Setup

MEAN Stack App Structure 01m 56s
Setting Up Project 13m 44s
Defining Model Using Mongoose 04m 42s
Database Configuration 08m 26s

REST API CRUD Operations

Building REST API 06m 39s
Testing REST API 07m 25s
Update and Delete Operations 07m 06s

Building Front End

Setting Up Front End Using Angular 07m 34s
Configure Routing 02m 49s
Creating Service 07m 27s

Angular CRUD Operations

Listing Users 08m 23s
Creating User 16m 33s
Editing User 08m 30s
Deleting User 07m 25s

Setting Up Project

Setting Up Project On Local Machine 04m 12s

Course Overview

Project Overview 05m 31s
Pre-requisites 01m 31s
Project Development Stages 15m 53s
Project Scope 05m 49s
Requirement Analysis and Planning 05m 37s
Project Architecture 05m 48s

Backend API

Database Diagram 10m 25s
Backend API Architecture 08m 07s
Exploring REST API 04m 44s
Testing API Using Postman 04m 41s

Frontend App Architecture

Application Modules Structure 04m 34s
Verify Development Environment 04m 01s
Creating Angular App 03m 25s
Understanding Angular Folder Structure 14m 44s

Modules Setup

Creating Modules 05m 07s
Configuring Routing For Admin 17m 22s
Configuring Routing For User 09m 38s
Configuring Routing For Public 06m 50s
Setting Up Lazy Loding 06m 16s

Public Module: Setting Up Bootstrap

Configuring Bootstrap 01m 18s
Designing Menu UI 09m 11s
Designing Menu For Admin and User 05m 24s
Setting Up Home Page Banner 15m 06s
Adding Logo 03m 51s
Setting Up Footer 14m 24s

Public Module: Login Workflow

Creating Auth Service 16m 44s
Login Simple Workflow 11m 12s
Saving User Details and Auth Token 09m 10s
Accessing Loggedin User Details 06m 44s
Implementing Logout 04m 49s

Security: Authentication & Authorization

JWT Authentication 02m 39s
Authentication and Authorization Workflow 02m 12s
Angular Guards 03m 59s
Creating Admin and User Auth Guard 11m 39s
Creating HTTP Interceptor 08m 56s

Public Module: Courses Listing

Listing Courses 15m 12s
Course Details: Component & Service 15m 57s
Course Details: Topic and Lessons 22m 08s
Course Details: Pricing and Mentor 08m 53s

Public Module: Cart Workflow

Cart Workflow 02m 50s
Creating Cart Service 36m 05s
Add To Cart 23m 01s
Creating Cart Page 21m 41s
Cart Check Out 21m 42s

Public Module: Payment Workflow

Payment Workflow 01m 52s
RazorPay Payment Gateway 06m 11s
Creating Payment Page UI 03m 57s
Integrating RazorPay Payment Gateway 13m 41s
Pay With RazorPay Flow 15m 19s
Save Payment Details and Display Receipt 18m 12s

Admin Module: Course

Creating Course Listing Page 08m 02s
Creating Course Page 19m 10s
Saving Course Details 13m 59s
Delete Course 05m 22s
Edit Course Details 11m 20s

Admin Module: Topic & Lessons

Creating Topic Listing Page 04m 33s
Creating Topic Create/Edit Page 07m 02s
Creating Lessons Listing Page 04m 22s
Creating Lessons Create/Edit Page 07m 41s

Admin Module: Mentor

Mentor Listing Page and Fixed Safe Pipe Error 08m 19s
Creating Mentor Add/Edit Page 03m 37s
Admin Dashboard 02m 12s

User Module: Courses

Lising My Courses 07m 57s
Course Player 16m 23s

User Module: Orders and Dashboard

Placed Order Listing 09m 57s
User Dashboard 01m 50s

Deployment and Practices

Util Service For Encryption/Decription 09m 22s
Securing Local Storage 08m 30s
Code Deployment Locally 04m 08s
Code Deployment to Azure 06m 22s
Skill Tests Tests (3)

Angular: TypeScript Fundamentals

10 Questions

Angular: Angular Fundamentals

10 Questions

Angular: Angular Advanced

10 Questions

Introduction to Angular Q&A

Introduction to Angular Q&A Preview 00m 46s

Angular History

Angular History Preview 10m 49s

Single Page App (SPA)

Single Page App (SPA) 07m 16s

Angular CLI

Angular CLI 07m 20s

Angular Configuration

Angular Configuration 16m 39s

Angular Building Blocks

Angular Building Blocks 07m 05s

Components and Decorators

Components and Decorators 07m 59s

Introduction to Angular Q&A

Introduction to Angular Q&A Preview 00m 49s

Databinding and Directives

Databinding and Directives Preview 09m 04s


Pipes 04m 35s

Advanced Components

Advanced Components 18m 10s

Angular Routing

Angular Routing 06m 28s

Route Parameters

Route Parameters 07m 22s

Lazy Loading and Route Guards

Lazy Loading and Route Guards 08m 54s

Angular Services

Angular Services 06m 58s

Introduction Angular Q&A

Introduction to angular Q&A Preview 00m 35s

Angular Forms

Angular Forms 12m 05s

Observable and Promises

Observable and Promises 11m 47s

Angular Change Detection

Angular Change Detection 05m 47s

Angular Testing

Angular Testing 10m 43s

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Self Paced course offered by ScholarHat?

Online Self Paced Courses are designed for self-directed training, allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce learning. You'll learn through videos, PPTs, and Assignments designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient for you.

Q2. Who are your mentors?

All our mentors are highly qualified and experience professionals. All have at least 8-10 yrs of development experience in various technologies and are trained by Dot Net Tricks to deliver interactive training to the participants.

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As soon as you enroll in the course, you will get access to the course content through LMS (The Learning Management System) in the form of a complete set of Videos, PPTs, PDFs, and Assignments. You can start learning right away.

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You can enroll in the course by doing payment. Payment can be made using any of the following options.

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Please drop us an email with a list of user details like name, email you’d like to enroll and have access, we'll create your team accounts.

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Yes, we do. As the technology upgrades your content gets updated at no cost.

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