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ASP.NET MVC with WebAPI Course

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ASP.NET MVC with WebAPI Course Overview

ASP.NET MVC with WebAPI Certification Training is a program designed to provide participants with knowledge and skills to develop web applications and services using the ASP.NET MVC and WebAPI frameworks. The ASP.NET MVC training covers various topics such as building web applications with ASP.NET MVC, creating RESTful APIs with WebAPI, using Entity Framework for data access, implementing security and authentication, and deploying web applications and APIs.

Course objectives

Participants will have the following skills after completing this ASP.NET MVC certification course:

  1. Create custom html helpers and validations attributes
  2. Query database using Entity Framework ORM code first approach
  3. Design and develop a scalable architecture
  4. Create DAL Layer using Entity Framework Code First approach
  5. Scale application for Phones, Tablets, Laptop & Desktop
  6. Understand and Implement Repository, Unit of Work and Dependency Injection Design Pattern
  7. Do errors logging by using ELMAH
  8. Optimize web page performance
  9. Understand Filters and Apply filters
  10. Secure application based on user roles

Tools and Technologies Covered

ASP.NET MVC with WebAPI Course Key Features

  • Interactive Vides Based Training
  • Learn from Microsoft MVPs
  • Build a Shopping real-world Website
  • Career Coaching
  • Resume & Portfolio Building
  • Job Assistance

ASP.NET MVC with WebAPI Course Eligibility


The prerequisites to join ASP.NET MVC with WebAPI training are, you should have some prior knowledge and experience in C#, SQL Server, and HTML/CSS basics.

Who can Join?

Anybody interested in learning how to create web applications with ASP.NET MVC5 and WebAPI should enrol in this certification course.


Visual Studio 2015 or 2017, SQL Server, SQL Server Management Studio.

Included in this ASP.NET MVC with WebAPI Course

  •   Video Course 188 Videos
  •   Quick Notes 13 Notes
  •   Projects2 Project(s)
  •   Skill Tests 4 Tests
  •   Q&A 57 Videos

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 34s

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Preview 02m 34s
ASP.NET MVC Evolution History Preview 18m 30s
ASP.NET Web Forms vs. ASP.NET MVC 08m 25s
Advantages of ASP.NET MVC 03m 26s

Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC

Setting Up Dev Environment 02m 54s
Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC5 16m 37s
Layouts, Sections and ViewStart 04m 10s
Render Methods 04m 25s
Different ways to render Layouts 03m 02s

MVC Pattern

Understanding Web Application Components 00m 51s
MVC Pattern 11m 43s
View 04m 42s
Controller 10m 02s
Result Types 05m 00s
Action Methods and Verbs 04m 05s
MVC vs. 3-Tier 03m 46s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 15s

Razor View Engine

Introduction to View Engine Preview 0h 02m 10s
Understanding Razor View Engine Preview 0h 01m 18s
Razor View Engine vs. Web Form Engine Preview 03m 36s
Razor Syntax Preview 0h 00m 14s
Razor Statements, Loops etc. Preview 02m 48s
Custom View Engine 0h 04m 50s


Introduction to Routing 01m 44s
Convention-based routing 02m 12s
Implementing Convention-based and attributes routing 18m 14s
Route Constraints 03m 15s
Url Rewriting vs. Routing 01m 30s

HTML Helpers

Understanding Html Helpers 00m 49s
Built In Html Helpers 14m 15s
Standard, Strongly Typed & Templated Helpers 05m 02s
Inline Helpers 03m 09s
Custom Helpers 06m 11s
Url helpers 02m 31s
Validation Summary 02m 10s

AJAX Helpers

AJAX Forms 22m 08s
AJAX Links 04m 46s

Data Passing Techniques

ViewData And ViewBag 05m 31s
TempData Session 09m 26s
Query String 03m 58s
Cookies 03m 09s

Partial Views

Creating Static Partial View 07m 57s
Creating Dynamic Partial View 04m 49s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 21s

ASP.NET MVC Forms and Model Binders

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Forms Preview 00m 47s
Synchronous Forms Preview 0h 07m 34s
Model Binding 0h 04m 00s
Handling Form Posts 0h 10m 27s
Custom Model Binders 0h 05m 54s
Asynchronous Forms 0h 22m 20s

Forms Validation

Understanding ASP.NET MVC Validation 02m 42s
Need of Server Side and Client Side Validation 00m 57s
Creating Form Using Html Helpers 03m 40s
Traditional Server Side Validations 03m 15s
Introduction to Data Annotation 02m 05s
Validation with Data Annotation 02m 31s

Custom Validation

Custom Client-side Validation 04m 52s
Custom Server-side validation 05m 08s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 02m 23s

Introduction to Entity Framework

Introduction to ORM Tools Preview 04m 23s
Introduction to Entity Framework Preview 09m 14s
Entity Framework Architecture 09m 26s
Data Modeling Approaches 09m 49s
Getting Started With EF 18m 26s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 02m 47s

Database First Approach

EF Database First Approach Preview 02m 26s
Getting Started with EF Database First 14m 54s
Model browser 14m 08s
C# Data Type Mapping with SQL Server 02m 14s
DbContext in EF 6 05m 42s
DbSet in EF 6 01m 28s
Updating Model based upon Db Changes 04m 51s
EF CRUD Operations Using ASP.NET MVC 18m 36s
Performing CUD Operations 26m 39s
Mapping Stored Procedures and Functions 07m 17s
Calling Stored Procedures and Functions 04m 19s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 03m 01s

Code First Modeling

EF Code First Approach Preview 02m 02s
Getting Started With EF Code First Approach Preview 03m 25s
EF Conventions 07m 43s
EF Conventions In Action 14m 54s
EF Custom Conventions 04m 48s
Removing Conventions 02m 18s
Data Annotation In Action 08m 50s
EF Fluent API 11m 36s

Database Operations

EF CRUD Operations Using ASP.NET MVC 28m 17s
Calling Stored Procedures and Functions 09m 14s
Handling Input and Output Parameters in SPs 16m 33s
Handling Multiple Resultsets in SPs 10m 27s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 02m 01s

Code First Migrations

EF Code First Migrations Preview 04m 38s
EF Code First Migrations In Action 16m 18s
EF Code First Migrations Deep Dive 11m 58s
Script Migrations 06m 14s
Migrations in Team Environments 04m 41s
Reverse Enginnering 06m 00s
Migrations With Existing Database 06m 13s
Code First Database Initializers 06m 46s


Relationship in EF Using Code First 12m 34s
One to Many 07m 46s
Many to Many 08m 03s
Inheritance Strategies in EF 07m 24s
Inheritance Strategies in Action 12m 56s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 02m 15s


Tracking and No-Tracking Queries Preview 09m 44s
Executing Raw SQL Queries 10m 42s

Entity and States

Working with Entity States 10m 34s
Entity Life Cycle 04m 48s

Data Loading

Lazy Loading 12m 30s
Eager Loading vs Explicit Loading 10m 34s

Transactions and Async Query

Working with Transactions in EF 07m 41s
Async Query and Save 04m 20s
Handling Concurrency Conflicts 09m 24s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 40s

Database Operations

Introduction to Entity Framework Preview 03m 30s
Creating Database using Code First Approach 14m 37s
Database CRUD Operations 25m 48s
Delete operation using jQuery Ajax 08m 42s
Calling Stored Procedure and Function 07m 08s

Webgrid and Ajax

Listing, Paging and Sorting using WebGrid 26m 02s
Ajax WebGrid 03m 19s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 25s

Introduction to Unit Testing

What is Unit Testing Preview 02m 17s
Test Driven development 09m 58s
Advantages of Unit Testing 01m 14s

.NET Unit Testing Frameworks

.NET Unit Testing Frameworks 05m 32s
Visual Studio Live Unit Testing 02m 25s
Test Cases with MS Test, xUnit and Mocking Frameworks 31m 57s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 43s

ASP.NET MVC Pipeline

ASP.NET MVC Pipeline Preview 04m 24s
ASP.NET MVC Filters 09m 30s
Filter Execution and Configuration 03m 15s
Extending and Configuring ASP.NET MVC Filters 16m 37s

Security : Forms Authentication

Forms Authentication 05m 08s
Implementing custom Forms Authentication 29m 22s
Implementing Forms Authentication 31m 27s

Accessing User Details

Accessing User Details 10m 25s
Layout Page Linking 02m 08s
Defining Base Controller and Base Page 07m 51s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 01m 58s


Introduction to SOA Preview 04m 50s
Introduction to REST Preview 08m 13s


Introduction to ASP.NET Web API 03m 28s
Choosing between WCF and Web API 04m 14s
Creating ASP.NET Web API 08m 22s
Creating Controller and Action 09m 44s

Postman Rest Client

Introduction to Postman 05m 03s
Testing Web API Using Postman 01m 51s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 01m 58s


Introduction Preview 03m 05s
Convention Based Routing 17m 36s
Convention Based Routing In Action 10m 13s
Attribute Routing 04m 59s
Route Constraints 05m 52s

Action Result

Action Result in Web API2 02m 55s
HttpResponseMessage vs IHttpActionResult 17m 21s
Creating Custom Result Type 06m 02s

Content Negotiation and Media Type Formatters

Content Negotiation 04m 45s
Media Type Formatter 04m 49s
Handling Circular Object References 17m 23s

Model Binding

Parameter Binding in Web API 05m 20s
Parameter Binding In Action 08m 57s
Changing Default Parameter Binding  06m 53s

Model Validation

Model Validation in Web API 11m 36s
Handling Validation Errors 05m 28s


Introduction to ASP.NET Web API Preview 02m 11s
Building ASP.NET Web API Preview 09m 13s
Web API CRUD Operations 15m 27s

Consuming Web API

ASP.NET Web API and Postman 07m 25s
Consuming Web API in ASP.NET MVC 22m 24s

Course Overview

Course Overview 1h 43m 00s

ASP.NET Web API Pipeline and Filters

ASP.NET Web API Pipeline Preview 0h 04m 53s
ASP.NET Web API Filters 0h 02m 37s
ASP.NET Web API Filters Pipeline 04m 13s
Filters In Action 09m 49s
Creating Custom Authentication Filter 21m 18s
Creating Custom Authorization Filter 12m 41s
Creating Custom Action Filter 11m 33s
Creating Custom Exception Filter 06m 19s

Exception Handling and Depenedency Injection

Web API Exception Handling 12m 14s
Implementing Dependency Injection 12m 44s

Web API Versioning

What is Versioning? 02m 01s
Web API Versioning in Action 13m 46s
Web API Versioning Using Headers 08m 13s

Web API Hosting

Hosting ASP.NET Web API 01m 14s
IIS Hosting 05m 06s
Self Hosting 08m 49s
Quick Notes Notes (13)

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC


Getting Started with ASP.NET MVC


MVC Pattern


Result Types in ASP.NET MVC


MVC vs. 3-Tier in ASP.NET MVC




Razor View Engine


Razor Syntax, Statements, Loops etc. in ASP.NET MVC


Routing in ASP.NET MVC




Data Passing Techniques in ASP.NET MVC


Partial View in ASP.NET MVC


Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Forms


Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 02m 16s

Introduction to ASP.NET Web API

Introduction to ASP.NET Web API 02m 12s
Building ASP.NET Web API 09m 14s
Web API CRUD Operations 15m 28s
Testing ASP.NET Web API Using Postman 07m 26s

Integrating Angular with Web API or ASP.NET MVC

Introduction to Single Page App 03m 40s
Integrating Angular with Web API or ASP.NET MVC 11m 01s
Consuming ASP.NET Web API in Angular 18m 41s
Http vs. HttpClient 04m 35s
Angular CRUD Operations using ASP.NET Web API 25m 46s

Course Overview

Course Overview 0h 02m 02s

Project Architecture

Project Architecture 04m 11s
Creating Project Layers 03m 49s

Database Design and Creation

Database Design Users, UserRoles 22m 50s
Database Design Categories, Orders, Transactions 17m 52s
Code First Migrations 20m 27s

Design Patterns

Repository, Unit Of Work Pattern 06m 29s
Repository Design Pattern Implementation 29m 54s

User Login and Forms Authentication

User Login Process 16m 54s
Implementing Forms Authentication 15m 19s
Accessing Logged In User Details 12m 22s

Secuirty and Dependency Injection

Authentication and Authorization 11m 33s
Dependency Injection 07m 04s
Implementing Dependency Injection 05m 52s

CRUD Operations

CRUD Operations - Category 05m 45s
CRUD Operations - Product 26m 49s

Service Layer Development

Service Layer Development 08m 06s

Integrating Angular with MVC5

Integrating Angular with MVC5 17m 55s
Angular Routing 10m 41s
Integration of Angular And MVC Routing 06m 09s

Shopping Store Using Angular

Creating Shopping Store 15m 01s
Enabling CORS 03m 45s

Shopping Cart And Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway 04m 40s
Shopping Cart 22m 25s

Error Logging And Securing Web API

Understanding ELMAH 03m 43s
Configuring ELMAH And Saving errors into database 02m 37s
Understanding Token based Security 01m 38s
Implementing Token based Security 01m 47s
Customizing principal 02m 04s
Implementing Authorization 01m 43s


Deploying to IIS 10m 26s
Skill Tests Tests (4)

ASP.NET MVC: Getting Started

15 Questions

ASP.NET MVC Fundamentals

20 Questions

LINQ and EF6

20 Questions


15 Questions

Introduction to Asp.Net Mvc Q&A

Introduction to Asp.Net Mvc Q&A Preview 00m 50s

MVC Pattern

MVC Pattern Preview 11m 15s

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC

Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 11m 14s

Model and Views

Model and Views 08m 30s

Controller and Actions

Controller and Actions 06m 10s

View Engine and Razor

View Engine and Razor 08m 30s


Routing 13m 20s


Course Overview 01m 16s


Helpers 19m 02s

Data Passing Techniques

ViewData, ViewBag and TempData 11m 00s
Session, Query string and Cookies 10m 27s


Forms 6m 11s

Model Binding

Model Binding 04m 11s


Validations 12m 38s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 50s

LINQ Introduction

Linq Introduction Preview 08m 25s

LINQ Query Tools

LINQ Query Tools 03m 12s

LINQ Query

LINQ Query 11m 43s

LINQ Operators

LINQ Operators 11m 04s

LINQ Joins

LINQ Joins 08m 46s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 17s


O/RM Preview 04m 31s

Entity Framework

Entity Framework 06m 12s

Entity Framework Architecture and Working

Entity Framework Architecture and Working 09m 04s

Database First Approach

Database First Approach 08m 31s

Model First Approach

Model First Approach 07m 19s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 09s

Code First Approach

Code First Approach Preview 11m 01s

Code First Migrations

Code First Migrations 11m 42s

Data Relationships

Data Relationships 05m 49s


Inheritance 06m 41s

Entity States and Lifecycle

Entity States and Lifecycle 04m 31s

Query Execution

Query Execution 06m 43s

Transaction, Async and Concurrency

Transaction, Async and Concurrency 05m 03s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 40s

Areas and Scaffolding

Areas and Scaffolding 03m 47s

Caching, Bundling and Minification

Caching, Bundling and Minification 13m 23s

Inversion of Control and Dependency

Inversion of Control and Dependency 05m 28s

Dependency Injection

Dependency Injection 12m 23s

Pipelines and Filters

Pipelines and Filters 10m 40s

Security: Authentication/Authorization

Security: Authentication/Authorization 11m 19s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 0h 01m 47s

.NET Unit Testing

.NET Unit Testing Preview 12m 58s

.NET Unit Testing Frameworks

.NET Unit Testing Frameworks 12m 16s

Unit Testing with Visual Studio

Unit Testing with Visual Studio 06m 40s

Code Coverage and Mocking

Code Coverage and Mocking 11m 05s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 40s

REST and Web API

REST and Web API Preview 09m 32s


Request/Response 06m 43s

Controller and Action Results

Controller and Action Results 05m 24s


Routing 07m 20s

Content Negotiation and Formatters

Content Negotiation and Formatters 05m 39s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 02s

Parameter Binding and Validations

Parameter Binding and Validations Preview 06m 07s

Pipeline and Filters

Pipeline and Filters 14m 01s

Security: Authentication/Authorization

Security: Authentication/Authorization 02m 01s

Versioning and Hosting

Versioning and Hosting 03m 26s

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