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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Course

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Course Overview

The AWS Cloud Practitioner certification training is designed for those people who want to gain a fundamental understanding of the AWS Cloud. The AWS Practitioner certification is aimed at those who wish to develop and confirm their general understanding of the AWS Cloud. To expand your understanding of AWS Cloud, you'll study fundamental AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. You can use this course to be ready for the CLF-C01 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test.

What Technologies will you learn?

This course comprises Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, AWS IAM, Amazon EC2, AWS Auto Scaling and Load Balancing, Storage Services in AWS, Application and Management Services, AWS - Database Services, Networking in AWS, AWS Infrastructure as Code, AWS CodeSuite, Serverless Computing, Containers in AWS

Course objectives

Participants of this AWS cloud certification course will have the following skills after completing this course:

  1. Describe the AWS Cloud value proposition
  2. Describe the AWS Cloud and the AWS global infrastructure
  3. Recognize and explain basic AWS Cloud architectural principles
  4. Describe key services on the AWS platform and their common use cases
  5. Describe the basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform
  6. Define the billing, account management, and pricing models
  7. Describe basic/core characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud

AWS Cloud Practitioner Course Eligibility


There are no specific prerequisites to enrol in this AWS cloud certification course. Any professional with experience in relational and non-relational databases, messaging and queuing services, and application development are welcome to enrol in this course.

Who can Join?

This AWS Practitioner certification course is recommended for those who want to prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification. Whether or not a person has prior IT knowledge, they can still enrol in this course if they wish to change careers and work for AWS.


AWS Management Console

Included in this AWS Cloud Practitioner Course

  •   Video Course 358 Videos
  •   Labs 9 labs

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 11s

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing - An Overview Preview 01m 49s
Why AWS Preview 02m 14s
Benefits of Cloud Computing Preview 01m 24s

Cloud Services

Cloud Service Models 00m 39s
Software as a Service 00m 49s
Platform as a Service 01m 10s
Infrastructure as a Service 00m 55s
Cloud Service Models - Comparison 01m 40s

Availability Zones

AWS Certifications 02m 20s
AWS Shared Responsibility Model 01m 29s
Regions 00m 59s
Availability Zones 00m 58s
Edge Locations 01m 17s
AWS Free Tier 00m 54s


Lab1 00m 53s
Lab2 00m 35s
Lab3 02m 01s
Lab4 01m 12s
Lab5 01m 21s
Lab6 02m 38s
Lab7 01m 26s
Lab8 03m 09s
lab9 01m 01s
Lab10 01m 15s
Lab11 01m 51s
Lab12 01m 25s
Lab13 00m 56s
Lab14 01m 07s
Lab15 00m 47s

Course overview

Course Overview 00m 46s


AWS IAM: Identity and Access Management Preview 02m 02s
IAM Features Preview 01m 19s
Who Uses IAM Preview 01m 08s

IAM Policy

IAM Policy 01m 13s
IAM Policy Structure 00m 56s
IAM Policy Statements 01m 25s
IAM Policy-Lab 04m 40s

IAM Identities

Authentication 01m 57s
Authorization 01m 25s
IAM Identities 01m 59s
IAM Policy Simulator 01m 27s

IAM Roles for Services

IAM Roles for Services 01m 21s
IAM Security 02m 23s
Multi Factor Authentication - MFA 01m 45s
IAM Role - Lab 02m 28s
Lab- IAM Groups 04m 06s


AWS CLI (Command Line Interface) 02m 02s
Lab-AWS CLI on Mac - HomeBrew 01m 59s
Lab-AWS CLI - Windows - Part 1 01m 29s
Lab-AWS CLI - Windows - Part 2 00m 45s
Lab-AWS CLI - MacOS - Curl 03m 34s
IAM Final - Lab 03m 27s
Shared Responsibility Model for IAM 02m 48s
IAM Best Practices 01m 57s
IAM - Summary 03m 22s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 52s

Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 Overview Preview 00m 44s
EC2 User Data Preview 01m 19s

EC2 Instances

EC2 Instance Types - An Overview 01m 22s
EC2 Instance Types - General Purpose 01m 09s
EC2 Instance Types - Compute Optimized 01m 03s
EC2 Instance Types - Memory Optimized 01m 24s

EC2 Purchasing Options

Amazon EC2 - Security Groups 01m 23s
Security Groups - Things to Remember 01m 11s
EC2 Instance Connect 01m 51s
EC2 Instances - Purchasing Options 00m 45s
EC2 - On Demand 00m 59s
EC2 Reserved Instances 01m 15s

EC2 Summary

EC2 Spot Instances 01m 39s
EC2 Dedicated Hosts 01m 09s
Dedicated Instances 00m 37s
Amazon EC2 - Summary 02m 18s
EC2 Lab-1 02m 07s
EC2 Lab2 02m 19s
EC2 Lab3 01m 51s
EC2 Lab4 02m 25s
EC2 Lab5 01m 45s
EC2 Lab6 00m 55s
EC2 Lab7 02m 18s
EC2 Lab8 01m 16s
EC2 Lab9 02m 03s
EC2 Lab10 04m 52s
EC2 Lab11 04m 11s

Amazon EBS

Amazon EBS 01m 26s
Amazon EBS - Overview 02m 08s
Preserve EBS Volume 01m 50s
Amazon EBS Snapshots 03m 25s
Amazon Machine Image (AMI) 01m 59s

Amazon EFS

EC2 Image Builder 02m 30s
EC2 Instance Store 01m 24s
Amazon EFS - Elastic File System 01m 12s
EFS Infrequent Access 00m 52s
Amazon FSx for Lustre 01m 07s
Amazon FSx for Windows File Server 00m 54s

Shared Responsibility Model

Amazon EC2 Storage - Summary 01m 48s
Shared Responsibility Model for EC2 01m 26s
Shared Responsibility Model for EC2 Storage 02m 14s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 59s

Availability & Scalability

Scalability Preview 02m 13s
High Availability Preview 02m 15s
Horizontal Scalability Preview 02m 09s
Vertical Scalability 02m 11s
High Availability & Scalability - Amazon EC2 02m 40s

Load Balancer

Load Balancer 02m 03s
Elastic Load Balancing - AWS 02m 29s
ELB Lab 08m 08s

Auto Scaling

Amazon EC2 - Auto Scaling 02m 11s
Auto Scaling Groups 02m 40s
Auto Scaling Groups – Scaling Strategies 1 02m 11s
Auto Scaling Groups – Scaling Strategies 2 01m 29s
Scalability vs Elasticity vs Agility 01m 11s
ASG -Lab1 04m 32s
ASG Lab2 05m 23s


ASG ELB - Summary 01m 55s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 46s

Amazon S3

Amazon S3 Preview 02m 30s
Amazon S3 - Use Cases Preview 03m 07s
Amazon S3 Bucket Preview 03m 32s
Amazon S3 Object 03m 30s
Amazon S3 Overview 02m 54s
Amazon S3 - Security 04m 13s

Amazon S3 - Bucket Policies

Amazon S3 - Bucket Policies 04m 16s
Amazon S3 - Websites 02m 01s
Amazon S3 - Versioning 02m 42s
Amazon S3 - Access Logs 00m 59s
Amazon S3 - Replication 04m 21s

Amazon S3 Standard

Amazon S3 - Durability and Availability 01m 27s
Amazon S3 - Storage Classes 01m 27s
Amazon S3 - Standard 01m 49s
Amazon S3 Standard (IA) 01m 19s
Amazon S3 - One Zone - Infrequent Access (IA) 01m 30s
Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering 01m 39s

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier & Glacier Deep Archive 01m 35s
Amazon S3 - Storage Transition 02m 01s
Amazon S3 Object Lock & Glacier Vault Lock 01m 42s
Amazon S3 - Shared Responsibility Model 01m 32s

AWS Snow Family

AWS Snow Family 1 01m 14s
AWS Snow Family 2 01m 09s
AWS Snow Family 3 01m 06s
AWS Snowcone 00m 58s
AWS Snowmobile 01m 34s
AWS Snow Family – Usage Process 01m 17s

AWS OpsHub

AWS OpsHub 01m 33s
Hybrid Cloud for Storage 01m 16s
AWS Storage Gateway 01m 07s

Edge Computing

Edge Computing 01m 21s
SnowFamily - Edge Computing 01m 31s

Amazon S3 - Summary

Amazon S3 - Summary 02m 45s


Lab 1: S3 01m 03s
Lab2:S3 01m 31s
Lab3:S3 03m 12s
Lab4:S3 05m 11s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 46s

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Introduction Preview 01m 07s
Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) Preview 01m 37s
Amazon SQS - Queue Types Preview 01m 24s

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) 02m 23s
Amazon SNS Supported Endpoint Types 02m 52s
Amazon Kinesis 01m 52s

Amazon MQ

Amazon MQ 01m 29s
Amazon MQ Protocol Support 01m 35s
Amazon MQ Key Points 01m 10s


Application and Management Services - Summary 01m 19s


lab1: SNS 01m 15s
Lab2:SNS 00m 36s
Lab3:SNS 02m 34s
Lab4:SNS 00m 57s
Lab5:SNS 01m 28s
Lab6:SNS 01m 33s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 53s


Introduction to Database Preview 01m 39s
Relational Databases Preview 01m 17s
Amazon Relational Database Service Preview 01m 25s


Benefits of RDS over EC2 02m 27s
RDS Deployments: Read Replicas, Multi-AZ 03m 06s
Amazon ElastiCache 02m 57s
Amazon Aurora 02m 12s

SQL Databases

NoSQL Databases 01m 42s
NoSQL Databases Offered by AWS 01m 34s

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon DynamoDB 02m 56s
DynamoDB Accelerator - DAX 03m 17s
Amazon EMR (Elastic MapReduce) 02m 13s
Amazon Redshift 02m 23s
Amazon Athena 02m 03s
AWS Glue 02m 15s

Amazon EMR

Amazon QuickSight 02m 01s
Amazon Neptune 01m 58s
Amazon Managed Blockchain 01m 34s
Amazon QLDB (Quantum Ledger Database) 01m 41s
Amazon DocumentDB 01m 32s
AWS Database Migration Service 04m 09s


Summary - Databases & Analytics 02m 12s
Summary - Databases & Analytics Contd. 02m 02s


Lab: Databases Introduction 00m 52s
Databases Lab 1 06m 34s
Databases Lab 2 04m 11s
Databases Lab 3 02m 58s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 08s

AWS Virtual Private Cloud

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Preview 01m 35s
Internet Gateway and NAT Gateway Preview 02m 11s
Security Groups vs Network ACL 03m 16s

Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC - Flow Logs 02m 27s
Amazon VPC Peering 03m 14s
AWS Private Link 00m 54s
Amazon VPC Endpoints 01m 28s

AWS Site to Site VPN

AWS Site to Site VPN 02m 29s
AWS Direct Connect (DX) 01m 19s

AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Transit Gateway 02m 30s
AWS Transit Gateway- part 2 01m 57s


Summary - Networking in AWS 01m 21s
Summary - Networking in AWS-part2 01m 26s


Lab1-Networking 00m 50s
Lab2 02m 08s
Lab 3 02m 19s
Lab 4 02m 14s
Lab 5 05m 09s
Lab 6 01m 11s
Lab 7 02m 02s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 48s

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) - An Overview Preview 02m 08s

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation - An Overview 02m 41s
AWS CloudFormation 01m 25s
AWS CloudFormation - Concepts 02m 42s
AWS CloudFormation - Workflow 03m 26s
AWS CloudFormation - Changesets 03m 04s
AWS CloudFormation - Template Anatomy 02m 17s

Template Section

Template Section - Components 03m 00s
Template Components - Part 2 02m 19s
Template Components - Part 3 04m 45s

CF: Lab

CF Lab1 00m 53s
CF Lab2 00m 35s
CF Lab3 02m 01s
CF Lab4 01m 12s
CF Lab 5 01m 21s
CF Lab 6 02m 38s
CF Lab 7 01m 26s
CF Lab 8 03m 09s
CF Lab 9 01m 01s
CF Lab 10 01m 15s
CF Lab 11 01m 51s
CF Lab 12 01m 25s
CF Lab 13 00m 56s
CF Lab 14 01m 07s
CF Lab 15 00m 47s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 56s

Code Commit

Source Control Preview 01m 31s
Git - Version Control System Preview 01m 21s
AWS CodeCommit Preview 01m 54s
Shared Responsibility Model of AWS Preview 01m 49s
AWS CodeCommit - Monitoring 02m 23s

Code Build

AWS Code Build 01m 57s
AWS CodeBuild - An Overview 01m 54s

Code Deploy

AWS CodeDeploy 02m 18s
AWS CodeDeploy - Benefits 02m 45s
AWS CodePipeline 02m 17s
AWS CodeArtifact 01m 47s

AWS Cloud9

AWS CodeStar 01m 30s
AWS Cloud9 01m 39s
AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) 01m 32s
AWS CodeSuite - Summary 03m 05s


Lab1: Code Suite 00m 59s
Lab2: Code Suite 04m 29s
Lab3:Code Suite 07m 56s
Lab4:CodeSuite 02m 52s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 40s

Serverless Services in AWS

What is Serverless Preview 01m 22s
Serverless Services in AWS Preview 01m 17s

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda 01m 58s
AWS Lambda - Supported Languages 01m 10s
AWS Lambda - Pricing 01m 45s

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon Lightsail 01m 29s
Amazon API Gateway 01m 50s
Amazon API Gateway - Features 02m 16s


Lab1:Lambda Intro 00m 34s
Lab2:Lambda Lab1 02m 30s
Lab3: Lambda Lab2 01m 31s
Lab4:Lambda lab3 01m 16s
Lab5: Lambda Lab 4 03m 12s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 40s


What is Container Preview 01m 25s
Virtual Machines vs. Containers Preview 01m 37s


What is Docker 02m 40s
Storing Docker Images 01m 31s

Amazon Elastic Container

Amazon Elastic Container Registry 02m 11s
Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) 01m 57s
AWS Fargate 01m 19s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 51s

Pricing Models in AWS

Pricing Models in AWS Preview 01m 26s
Free Services & Free Tier in AWS Preview 01m 32s
AWS Compute Pricing – EC2 Preview 01m 45s
AWS Compute Pricing – Lambda & ECS 00m 47s

AWS Compute Pricing

AWS Storage Pricing - EBS 01m 02s
AWS Storage Pricing - S3 01m 05s
AWS Database Pricing - RDS 01m 21s

AWS Compute Optimizer

Savings Plan 01m 13s
Networking Costs in AWS per GB 00m 42s
AWS Compute Optimizer 01m 10s

AWS Cost Explorer

AWS Billing and Costing Tools 01m 50s
AWS Pricing Calculator 00m 48s
Cost Allocation Tags 01m 18s
Tagging and Resource Groups 00m 50s

AWS Basic Support Plan

Cost and Usage Reports (CUR) 01m 25s
AWS Cost Explorer 01m 47s
CloudWatch - Billing Alarms 01m 13s
AWS Budgets 01m 16s
AWS Trusted Advisor 00m 59s
AWS Basic Support Plan 01m 12s
AWS Developer Support Plan 01m 20s
AWS Enterprise Support Plan 01m 36s
AWS Business Support Plan 01m 20s


Account Best Practices – Summary 03m 12s
Billing and Cost Management – Summary 02m 21s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 07s

Global Services

Global Application - An Overview Preview 01m 22s
Global AWS Infrastructure Preview 01m 33s
Global Services in AWS Preview 01m 20s
Amazon Route 53 01m 10s

AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront 01m 24s
AWS CloudFront – Origins 02m 07s
CloudFront vs S3 Cross Region Replication 01m 37s
AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration 01m 31s

AWS Outposts

AWS Global Accelerator 01m 13s
AWS Global Accelerator vs Amazon CloudFront 01m 27s
AWS Outposts 01m 25s
AWS Outposts Benefits 00m 52s
AWS WaveLength 01m 34s
AWS Local Zones 01m 05s


Global Services in AWS - Summary 01m 12s
Global Services in AWS - Summary 00m 47s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 49s

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon WorkSpaces Preview 01m 45s
Amazon AppStream 2.0 Preview 01m 43s
Amazon AppStream 2.0 vs. WorkSpaces Preview 01m 07s
Amazon Sumerian 01m 46s

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Core 01m 40s
AWS IoT Supported Protocols 01m 26s
Amazon Elastic Transcoder 01m 57s
AWS Device Farm 01m 25s

AWS DataSync

AWS Backup 01m 06s
CloudEndure Disaster Recovery 00m 55s
AWS DataSync 01m 25s
AWS DataSync Benefits 01m 27s
AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS) 02m 25s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 48s

Design Principles

AWS Cloud Best Practices – Design Principles Preview 01m 06s
Well Architected Framework - 5 Pillars Preview 00m 52s
Operational Excellence Preview 01m 00s
Security 02m 04s

Performance Efficiency

Reliability 01m 40s
Performance Efficiency 01m 10s
Cost Optimization 01m 12s
AWS Well-Architected Tool 00m 49s
AWS Right Sizing 02m 11s

AWS Ecosystem – Free resources

AWS Ecosystem – Free resources 01m 32s
AWS Marketplace 00m 49s
AWS Training 00m 54s
AWS Professional Services & Partner Network 01m 16s
Hands-On Labs Labs(9)

Creating IAM Roles


Creating an EC2 Instance for Windows


Creating an S3 Bucket with Public Access


Creating a Virtual Private Cloud


Creating a Lambda function


Creating a DynamoDB


Estimating Workloads Costs


Creating an EC2 Instance for Linux


Creating IAM Policies


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