DSA with Web Development

For Students/Beginners

  • 6 Months of Intensive Training
  • Learn from the Most Valuable Professionals
  • Learn Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Learn JS, Node.js, Express, React and MongoDB
  • Build 2 Live Projects
  • Resume & Portfolio Building
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Assistance
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Why Become Web Developer?

Frontend technologies are widely used for building websites. Looks at these stats.

Build Real-World Projects
MERN stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, the acronym for the four primary components of the stack. A group of technologies known as the MERN stack makes it possible to develop applications more quickly. The prime objective of a MERN stack developer is to create applications that only use JavaScript. This is due to the fact that all four of these technologies that comprise the technology stack are JS-based. All necessary training is provided in this full stack Web developer course to become a MERN stack developer. When the full stack Web developers have enough React and JS experience, they prefer to create perceptive applications using the MERN stack.
Course Curriculum

JavaScript is a programming language for building enterprise-grade applications. This training will teach you everything from problem-solving skills to web development using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, React, Bootstrap, Node.js, and MongoDB which are required to build real-world applications with JavaScript. This path will prepare you to become a certified Web Developer with DSA and land your dream job in top MNCs.

Hands-on, work experience-based learning is what makes ScholarHat different from others. Build real-world projects by applying your coding skills live with your mentors in just 6 months. You’ll learn how to start a project from scratch by following recommended architecture, and practices and deploying to the server.

Java Foundations

Java Fundamentals

  • Understanding Java
  • Java Data Types
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Operators
  • Loops
  • Arrays and Strings
  • Exercises and Summary

Object Oriented Programming

  • Classes
  • Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Interfaces
  • Exercises and Summary

Collections & Generics

  • Collections
  • Collection Interfaces
  • Collection Classes
  • Generics
  • Exercises and Summary

DSA Foundations

Data Structures

  • Introduction to Data Structure
  • Types of Data Structure
  • Abstract Data Type

Complexity Analysis

  • Complexity Analysis
  • Time complexity
  • Space complexity
  • Big O Notation
  • Iteration
  • Recursion
  • Exercises and Summary

Arrays and Strings

  • Arrays
  • Arrays Types
  • Strings
  • Iterations
  • Exercises and Summary

Sorting Algorithms

  • Bubble Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Quick Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Heap Sort
  • Count Sort
  • Bucket Sort
  • Exercises and Summary

Searching Algorithms

  • Introduction
  • Linear Search and its Implementation
  • Binary Search and its Implementation
  • Ternary Search and its Implementation
  • Jump Search and its Implementation
  • Exponential Search and its Implementation
  • Exercises and Summary

String Algorithms

  • Introduction
  • Count Vowels
  • Reverse a String
  • Reverse Words
  • Rotations
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Most Repeated Char
  • Sentence Capitalization
  • Exercises and Summary


  • Linked List
  • Singly Linked List
  • Doubly Linked List
  • Circular Linked List
  • Exercises and Summary


  • Introduction
  • What are stacks
  • Working with Stacks
  • Building Stack using an Array
  • Exercises and Summary


  • What are queues
  • Working with Queues
  • Building Queues using an Array
  • Implementing Queues using a Stack
  • Priority Queues with different approaches
  • Exercises and Summary


  • What are Hash Tables
  • Working with Hash Tables
  • Hash Functions
  • Collision and Chaining
  • Building a Hash Table
  • Exercises and Summary

Web Fundamentals

  • HTML Basics
  • HTML Elements
  • Ordered list and Unordered list
  • Tables
  • HTML Layouts
  • HTML Forms
  • CSS Basics: Colors and Backgrounds
  • Text and Fonts
  • Styles: Lists, Tables
  • CSS Box Model

  • Bootstrap Fundamentals
  • Navigation Bar
  • Bootstrap Form Elements
  • Bootstrap Icons
  • Typography
  • Buttons and Dropdowns
  • Panels, Sliders, Tooltips
  • Images, Card
  • Tabs and Accordion
  • Bootstrap Modals

React Development

  • Introduction to ES6
  • var, let and const
  • Functions and Parameters
  • Object and Constructor Function
  • Class and Class Members
  • ES6 Modules
  • Promises

  • Introduction to React
  • React Initialization
  • Virtual DOM
  • JSX
  • DataBinding
  • Data Flow
  • Routing
  • Hooks
  • Formik
  • Yup
  • Redux
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Third Party Libs
  • Unit Testing

Backend Development

  • Node.js Architecture
  • Asynchronous Code
  • Buffers, Streams and Events
  • Exception Handling
  • File System
  • Path Module
  • Code Debugging

  • HTTP Server
  • Request/Response
  • Express Framework
  • Routing
  • Content Negotiation and Formatters
  • Parameter Binding
  • Axios

  • NoSQL
  • Collections
  • Schema Validations
  • Queries
  • Relationships
  • Mongoose
  • Database Operations

Live Projects: Guided and Independent

  • Static Blog - Build the UI of a basic blog using HTML.
  • Todo List App - Build a todo list app using web api and angular.
  • Shopping Cart - Build the basic functionality of the shopping cart.
  • Contact Book - Create a contact list by storing the data in a DB.
  • Movies App - Create a movie app for listing and searching any movie.

Career Coaching Interview Prep

  • Personalized Career Coaching
  • Physical & Mental Fitness
  • Secrets of Time Management
  • Success Habits
  • Secrets of Productivity

  • Build projects portfolio on GitHub
  • Make your Projects Live
  • Draft your Resume
  • Make Profile on Job Portals
  • Art of unlocking opportunities

  • Prepare Yourself for interview
  • How to answer tough questions
  • Learn How to Face your tech interview
  • Mock Interviews to build confidence
  • Get Feedback of your Mock interviews
Web Developer Career Scope

Web developers are employed by the world's leading companies. Discover the salary and skills of a Web developer.

Tools and Technologies Covered
Logic Building
Code Debugging
Complexity Analysis
Linked List
React Router
React Hook Form
Interview Prep
What can you accomplish at the end of training?

Complete full-stack specialization, clear mock tests and get referred to companies.

  • Build Logic building and problem-solving skills
  •  Get placed as a Web Developer
  • Use creativity to build beautiful websites
  • Get Job as a SDE in Top MNCs
  • Build Real World Web Applications
  • Implement things in Real-world

Pricing and Payment Plans

20% OFF

Program Admission

  • Blended Live Training Program
  • Dedicated Placement Support
  • Project Based Training
  • Limited Seats Available
  • Help and Support Using Discord
  • Dedicated doubt Solving Sessions
  • 1 Yr. Access to LMS
  • Career Coaching Sessions

Student Reviews

Our Students are working at companies such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I Attend a Demo Session before Enrolment?

Yes, you can Attend a Demo Session before Enrolment in angular certification course. It gives you the opportunity to assess whether the training program aligns with your learning objectives. So, don't hesitate! Take advantage of this opportunity and attend a demo session before making your decision.

Q2. Can I request for a support session if I need to better understand the topics?

Yes, of course you can request for a support session if you need to better understand the topics. For that, you need to be in touch with the counsellor. Contact on +91- 999 9123 502 or you can mail us at hello@scholarhat.com

Q3. Do you offer certificate of completion?

Yes. The certificate is valid and can be used for interviews. Additionally, the student can register for the .Net Certification exam after completion of this course.

Q4. Who are your mentors?

All our mentors are highly qualified and experience professionals. All have at least 8-10 yrs of development experience in various technologies and are trained by Dot Net Tricks to deliver interactive training to the participants.

Q5. What If I miss my online training class?

All online training classes are recorded. You will get the recorded sessions so that you can watch the online classes when you want. Also, you can join other class to do your missing classes.

Q6. Can I share my course with someone else?

In short, no. Check our licensing that you agree to by using Dot Net Tricks LMS. We track this stuff, any abuse of copyright is taken seriously. Thanks for your understanding on this one.

Q7. Do you provide any course material or live session videos?

Yes we do. You will get access to the entire content including class videos, mockups, and assignments through LMS.

Q8. Do you provide training on latest technology version?

Yes we do. As the technology upgrades we do update our content and provide your training on latest version of that technology.

Q9. Do you prepare me for the job interview?

Yes, we do. We will discuss all possible technical interview questions and answers during the training program so that you can prepare yourself for interview.

Q10. Will I get placement assistance after receiving my course completion certificate?

Yes, you’ll get placement assistance after receiving your course completion certificate. The placement assistance provided by the US will guide you through the job search process, help you polish your resume, and connect you with potential employers. For that, you need to be in touch with the counsellor. Contact on +91- 999 9123 502 or you can mail us at hello@scholarhat.com

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