Listing, Paging, and Searching

Level : Intermediate
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Type : GuidedLab
Points : 10
Duration : 01:45:00

Lab Details


In this guide, you will learn how to get started with the Angular app and configure the application with real-time API data, performing the frequently used data table features such as data listing, pagination, and searching.

Lab Objective

Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to:

  • How to create the component and work with data passing
  • How to work with the JSON data
  • Create the CRUD app using the real-time data
  • Work with the Angular services
  • To create the custom pipe


You should have a basic understanding of components and a knowledge of Typescript fundamentals such as class, object, and constructor along with a basic knowledge of data passing.

  • Create a List of products
  • Add Paging to the list
  • Add searching to the products

Note – Use https://dummyjson.json Product API along with the Bootstrap UI.

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