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Course Overview

This course is designed to provide an in-depth, practical understanding of SQL Server, a robust and scalable database management system used for managing and storing information. Through hands-on labs, participants will learn to design, implement, and manage databases using SQL Server, focusing on best practices and real-world scenarios. 

Key Highlights of Getting Started with SQL Server Hands-on Learning

  1. 26 Hands-on-labs
  2. Learning at your own pace
  3. Engaging and interactive learning

Key Objectives of Getting Started with SQL Server Hands-on Learning

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand and apply Primary Key, Foreign Key, Not Null, Check, Unique, and Default Constraints.
  2. Master Insert and Select Statements for basic data manipulation.
  3. Use Where, Order By, and Distinct Clauses effectively in queries.
  4. Learn various Joins: Inner Join, Self Join, Outer Join (Left, Right, Full).
  5. Perform Operations on Joins to retrieve and manipulate data across tables.
  6. Execute Subqueries to retrieve data from nested queries.
  7. Create Views to simplify complex queries and enhance security.
  8. Implement Indexes to optimize database performance.
  9. Develop Stored Procedures to encapsulate and automate database logic.
  10. Utilize Built-In Functions for data manipulation and transformation.
  11. Apply Aggregate Functions for statistical calculations on datasets.
  12. Explore Triggers for automating responses to database events.

Who should take the Getting Started with SQL Server Hands-on Learning

  1. Beginners looking to acquire fundamental SQL Server skills.
  2. IT professionals aiming to expand their database management expertise.
  3. Developers want to integrate SQL Server into their applications.

Pre-requisites for Getting Started with SQL Server Hands-on Learning

  1. Basic understanding of databases and data concepts.
  2. Good Understanding of SQL Server.
  3. Comfortable with basic computer operations and software usage.
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Included in this SQL Server Hands-On Labs

  •   Hands-On Labs 26 Labs
Hands-On Labs Labs(26)

SQL Server: Joins


SQL Server: Primary Key


SQL Server: Distinct Clause


SQL Server: Stored Procedures


SQL Server: Triggers


SQL Server: Views


SQL Server: Indexes


SQL Server: Order By Clause


SQL Server: Foreign Key


SQL Server: Inner Join


SQL Server: Self Join


SQL Server: Not Null Constraint


SQL Server: Where Clause


SQL Server: Built-In Functions


SQL Server: Aggregate Functions


SQL Server: Check Constraint


SQL Server: Outer Join


SQL Server: Left Outer Join


SQL Server: Unique Constraint


SQL Server: Default Constraint


SQL Server: Right Outer Join


SQL Server: Full Outer Join


SQL Server: Insert Statement


SQL Server: Select Statement


SQL Server: Operations on Joins


SQL Server: Subqueries


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