A Day in The Life of A DevOps Engineer

17th May (Wed) 2023 at 08:00PM IST

  • Live Session

  • 2 Hrs. Session

  • Q&A

  • 24X7 LMS Access

  • VIP Support Group

Who is This Training For?
Freshers/College Students
Software Engineers/Developers
Tech Leads and Managers
Women After a Career Gap
Anyone Looking for a Change
What You'll Learn?

DevOps is everywhere and anywhere in 2023. But what does it entail as a day job? And what topics should you focus on to become a successful DevOps engineer in the year(s) to come? In this session, the mentor will discuss his day-to-day work, new technologies, and the soft skills necessary to become a better DevOps Engineer. There will also be plenty of room for Q&A to answer any questions.


  • DevOps engineer roles and responsibilities 
  • Day-to-day work responsibilities of DevOps engineer 
  • Skills Required to Become DevOps Engineer 
  • New technologies Trends
  • Q&A

 Who Can Join

  • Freshers
  • Junior Developers
  • Software Developers
  • Tech Leads

 What will You get?

In this Master Class, you will learn about the complete ideas about day to day responsibilities of a DevOps engineer. You will get to know about the required skill set to start your career in DevOps. You will learn about industry insights to become a successful DevOps engineer. Enrol now and Plan a roadmap with an Industry expert to start your career as a DevOps engineer!

About Speaker

Speaker image

David De Hoop (DevOps Architect and Special Agent)

David de Hoop is a DevOps Architect and Special Agent at Team Rockstars IT. With more than ten years of experience in Solution Architecture and working DevOps, he is an evangelist when it comes to the latest developments and trends within the DevOps and Cloud Native Community. He is also a contributor to the GitLab open-source project.

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