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Angular Project - Creating an EdTech Platform

Learn to build an eLearning website using Angular and Web API. Here, you will learn how to build the front end using Angular and Bootstrap and backend with REST API.
Intermediate 10:54:10 19 Sep 2023 Subscribe Now

Table of Content

Course Overview (6)

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Project Overview
Project Development Stages
Project Scope
Requirement Analysis and Planning
Project Architecture

Backend API (4)

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Database Diagram
Backend API Architecture
Exploring REST API
Testing API Using Postman

Frontend App Architecture (4)

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Application Modules Structure
Verify Development Environment
Creating Angular App
Understanding Angular Folder Structure

Modules Setup (5)

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Creating Modules
Configuring Routing For Admin
Configuring Routing For User
Configuring Routing For Public
Setting Up Lazy Loding

Public Module: Setting Up Bootstrap (6)

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Configuring Bootstrap
Designing Menu UI
Designing Menu For Admin and User
Setting Up Home Page Banner
Adding Logo
Setting Up Footer

Public Module: Login Workflow (5)

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Creating Auth Service
Login Simple Workflow
Saving User Details and Auth Token
Accessing Loggedin User Details
Implementing Logout

Security: Authentication & Authorization (5)

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JWT Authentication
Authentication and Authorization Workflow
Angular Guards
Creating Admin and User Auth Guard
Creating HTTP Interceptor

Public Module: Courses Listing (4)

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Listing Courses
Course Details: Component & Service
Course Details: Topic and Lessons
Course Details: Pricing and Mentor

Public Module: Cart Workflow (5)

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Cart Workflow
Creating Cart Service
Add To Cart
Creating Cart Page
Cart Check Out

Public Module: Payment Workflow (6)

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Payment Workflow
RazorPay Payment Gateway
Creating Payment Page UI
Integrating RazorPay Payment Gateway
Pay With RazorPay Flow
Save Payment Details and Display Receipt

Admin Module: Course (5)

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Creating Course Listing Page
Creating Course Page
Saving Course Details
Delete Course
Edit Course Details

Admin Module: Topic & Lessons (4)

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Creating Topic Listing Page
Creating Topic Create/Edit Page
Creating Lessons Listing Page
Creating Lessons Create/Edit Page

Admin Module: Mentor (3)

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Mentor Listing Page and Fixed Safe Pipe Error
Creating Mentor Add/Edit Page
Admin Dashboard

User Module: Courses (2)

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Lising My Courses
Course Player

User Module: Orders and Dashboard (2)

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Placed Order Listing
User Dashboard

Deployment and Practices (4)

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Util Service For Encryption/Decription
Securing Local Storage
Code Deployment Locally
Code Deployment to Azure
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