Microservices: Deployment Patterns

Level : Advanced
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:01:00

Define Deployment Patterns

The microservices deployment methodology is a way to update and modify program components. A microservices deployment pattern or strategy simplifies deployments and allows you to alter microservices.

Deployment Patterns in Microservices

Following are the Deployment Patterns in Microservices:

  • Multiple Service Instances per Host
  • Service Instance per Host
  • Serverless Deployment
  • Service Deployment Platform

Multiple Service Instances Per Host

The multiple-service-instances-per-host pattern involves provisioning one or more physical or virtual hosts, followed by the execution of numerous services on each host. This pattern depicts the typical approach to application deployment, and it has two versions.

Service Instance per Host

Each host is assigned a single service instance. The single-service-instance-per-host paradigm isolates each microservice on its host. This approach comes in two variations: service instance per VM and service instance per container.

Service Instance Per Container

The Service Instance Per Container pattern involves packaging the service as a container image and deploying each service instance as a container.

Serverless Deployment

Serverless microservices are installed on a serverless vendor's infrastructure and only run when required by the application. Depending on the size of the microservice, it may be divided into even smaller services.

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