Ocelot API Gateway

Level : Beginner
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:01:00

Introduction to Ocelot API Gateway

Ocelot, a lightweight.NET API Gateway, works smoothly into your ASP.NET Core apps, providing all necessary functionality such as routing, authentication, and aggregation. Microsoft uses it because it is agile, powerful, and familiar.

Ocelot API Gateway Features

  • Traffic Routing
  • Expose Unified endPoint
  • API Composition
  • Caching
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Logging
  • Load balancing
  • Service Discovery

Integrating Ocelot API Gateway

Here are the steps for integrating the Ocelot API Gateway:

  1. Install the NuGet package.
  2. Create an Ocelot configuration file.
  3. Configure Ocelot in startup.cs.
  4. Run your app.

Testing Microservices Using Postman

Here are the steps to test a microservice using Postman:

  1. Setup Postman.
  2. Identify the microservice endpoints.
  3. Create requests.
  4. Send Requests.
  5. Include tests.
  6. Organise tests.
  7. Run the tests repeatedly.
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