Angular NgRx : Getting Started

Level : Advanced
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:03:00


NgRx is a powerful state management library for Angular applications that leverages the Redux pattern. It helps you manage complex application states by centralizing and controlling data flow.


// Dispatching an action in Angular component{ type: '[Todo] Add Todo', payload: { title: 'Learn NgRx' } });

When to Use NgRx

NgRx is ideal for large-scale Angular applications with complex data flows, multiple components sharing state, and the need for a single source of truth.

NgRx Packages

NgRx provides several packages like @ngrx/store, @ngrx/effects, and @ngrx/entity, each serving different aspects of state management.

NgRx Store

NgRx Store is the core package for managing application state in a predictable way by using the Redux pattern.


To install NgRx in your Angular project, you can use npm or yarn:


npm install @ngrx/store


Actions are plain JavaScript objects that describe an event that can change the state. They are dispatched to trigger state changes.


Reducers are pure functions that specify how the application's state changes in response to actions.


Selectors are functions used to extract specific pieces of state from the store, simplifying the process of accessing data.

NgRx Effects

NgRx Effects are used for managing side effects like API calls, routing, and other asynchronous operations in a Redux-style manner.

Creating Effects

To create an effect in NgRx, you define a class with methods that listen for actions and perform side effects.

NgRx DevTools

NgRx DevTools is a browser extension that provides a helpful debugging tool for inspecting and debugging the state changes and actions in your application.

NgRx Store and Effects

Combining NgRx Store and Effects allows you to manage the application's state and handle asynchronous operations seamlessly. It's a powerful combination for building robust Angular applications.
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