Testing ASP.NET Core Application

Level : Advanced
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:01:00

Setting Up ASP.NET Core Application

To begin your ASP.NET Core journey, set up a new project by running 'dotnet new web' in your terminal. This command creates a basic web application template with ASP.NET Core.


dotnet new web -n MyWebApp
cd MyWebApp
dotnet run

Setting Up MS Test Framework

Integrate MSTest, Microsoft's testing framework, into your ASP.NET Core project to easily write and run unit tests for your application.


dotnet new mstest -n MyTestProject
dotnet test


Mocking allows you to create simulated objects for testing. In ASP.NET Core, you can use libraries like Moq to create mock objects for testing dependencies, such as databases or external services.

Testing Index Method

Test the Index method of your ASP.NET Core controller to ensure it returns the expected data or view when handling incoming requests.

Debugging Test Method

Debugging test methods is essential for identifying and resolving issues in your tests. Use your preferred debugger, such as Visual Studio or VS Code, to set breakpoints and inspect test variables.

Testing Create Method

Write tests for the Create method of your ASP.NET Core controller to verify that it correctly processes POST requests and creates new resources in your application.

Testing Edit Method

Test the Edit method in your ASP.NET Core controller to validate that it properly handles requests to update existing resources.

Testing Delete Method

Create tests for the Delete method of your ASP.NET Core controller to ensure it correctly removes resources from your application when processing DELETE requests.
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