Cosmos DB Architecture

Level : Intermediate
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:01:00

Cosmos DB Database Engine

Azure's Cosmos DB Database Engine is a globally distributed, multi-model database service, that delivers seamless scalability and low-latency performance for your applications. It empowers you to build planet-scale applications with support for various data models like document, graph, key-value, and column family, ensuring your data is always available and responsive.

Cosmos DB Partitioning: Global Distribution

Leveraging Azure Cosmos DB's global distribution capabilities, you can effortlessly replicate your data across Azure regions worldwide, ensuring data resiliency, low latency access, and high availability. This powerful feature makes it easy to deliver a consistent and responsive user experience to a global audience.

Resource Model and API Projections

Azure Cosmos DB offers a flexible resource model and API projections that enable developers to tailor their database access patterns for optimal performance and efficiency. Whether you need to work with SQL, MongoDB, Gremlin, Cassandra, or Table API, Cosmos DB provides a customized experience to meet your specific application requirements.

Cosmos DB Partitioning: Horizontal Partitioning

With Azure Cosmos DB's horizontal partitioning, you can horizontally scale your data storage and throughput, allowing you to handle rapidly growing workloads efficiently. This sharding technique enhances your database's performance and capacity, ensuring it can adapt to the demands of your applications.

Comparison of Cosmos DB with Other DBs

Azure Cosmos DB stands out from traditional databases by offering global distribution, multi-model support, and industry-leading SLAs for uptime and throughput. Compared to other databases, it provides a unique blend of features that cater to modern, globally distributed applications, making it a compelling choice for mission-critical workloads.

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