Creating & Managing Azure Web App

Level : Intermediate
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
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Azure App Services

Azure App Services is a fully managed platform for building, deploying, and scaling web apps, mobile apps, and APIs. It provides a seamless environment for developers to focus on coding while Azure handles infrastructure management.

Azure Web Apps

Azure Web Apps, a subset of Azure App Services, offers a scalable and reliable platform for hosting web applications. It supports various programming languages and frameworks, allowing developers to easily deploy and manage their web applications in the cloud.

Azure Web Apps Features

Azure Web Apps come equipped with features like automatic scaling, continuous integration, and traffic routing, enabling developers to efficiently deploy, monitor, and maintain their web applications in a highly customizable environment.

Azure Web Apps: Deploying Web Apps

Deploying web apps on Azure Web Apps is a streamlined process that involves configuring deployment slots, setting up continuous integration, and using various deployment methods such as Visual Studio, FTP, or Git for efficient application deployment and management.

How to deploy a Web App?

Deploying a web app on Azure is simplified through the Azure Portal, where you can set up deployment slots, configure CI/CD pipelines, and select your preferred deployment method, ensuring a smooth and efficient web app deployment process.

Azure Mobile Apps

Azure Mobile Apps is a cloud service designed to streamline mobile app development by providing features like offline data synchronization, push notifications, and user authentication, simplifying the creation of feature-rich mobile applications.

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps is a serverless, visual workflow automation service that allows you to create and manage workflows to automate business processes. It integrates seamlessly with various Azure services, SaaS applications, and on-premises systems.

Azure App Service Environment

Azure App Service Environment (ASE) is a premium service offering that provides a fully isolated and highly scalable environment for running your apps. It's an ideal choice for organizations with strict security and compliance requirements.

Types of App Services

  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • API Apps

App Services Tiers and Pricing

Azure App Services offer different pricing tiers, including Free, Shared, and dedicated plans (Basic, Standard, Premium, and PremiumV2). These tiers vary in terms of features and performance, allowing you to choose the right plan for your needs.

Limitations of App Services

  • Resource Constraints
  • Scaling Boundaries

Web App Settings and Configuration

Azure Web Apps offer extensive settings and configuration options, allowing you to customize your app's environment, set environment variables, and manage connection strings, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Traditional Webhosting vs. Hosting with Web App

Comparing traditional web hosting to hosting with Azure Web Apps reveals the advantages of cloud-based hosting, including scalability, easy management, and seamless integration with other Azure services, making it a more modern and efficient choice.

Web App Deployment - Visual Studio, FTP

Azure Web Apps support various deployment methods, such as Visual Studio integration, FTP, and Git, making it convenient for developers to choose their preferred deployment approach for web applications.

Deployment slots

Azure Web Apps offer deployment slots, which allow developers to create staging and production environments for their applications, enabling testing and seamless deployment without affecting the live app.

App Services Scaling

Azure App Services enable easy scaling of your applications, allowing you to handle increased traffic or resource demands by adjusting the number of instances or upgrading to a higher pricing tier.

Setting Custom Domain

You can set up a custom domain for your Azure Web App, giving it a branded web address. This helps create a professional online presence for your application and ensures a seamless user experience.

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