Triggers and Bindings

Level : Advanced
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:02:00

Azure Function Triggers

Azure Function Triggers are event-driven mechanisms in Azure that initiate serverless function execution. They respond to various events such as Timer Trigger, Blob Trigger, Event Hub Trigger, HTTP Trigger, Queue Trigger, Generic Webhook, GitHub Webhook, and Service Bus Trigger.

Timer Trigger

A Timer Trigger in Azure Functions allows you to schedule function execution at specified intervals, making it ideal for recurring tasks or periodic updates.

Blob Trigger

Blob Triggers respond to changes in Azure Blob Storage, enabling functions to run in response to new or updated blobs, providing real-time processing capabilities.

Event Hub Trigger

Event Hub Triggers process events from Azure Event Hubs, facilitating the real-time ingestion of high-throughput data into your serverless functions.

HTTP Trigger

HTTP Triggers enable functions to respond to HTTP requests, making it possible to build web APIs and integrate with various external services.

Queue Trigger

Queue Triggers respond to messages in Azure Queues, allowing you to process messages as they arrive, creating efficient messaging-based workflows.

Generic Webhook

Azure Functions can be triggered by generic webhooks, providing flexibility to respond to custom HTTP requests from different sources.

GitHub Webhook

GitHub Webhooks trigger functions in response to events on your GitHub repositories, enabling automated actions and integrations with your code repositories.

Service Bus Trigger

Service Bus Triggers respond to messages in Azure Service Bus, making it easy to build highly reliable and scalable messaging solutions.

Azure Function Bindings

Azure Function Bindings allow you to connect your serverless functions to external data sources and services, simplifying data exchange between functions and external resources.

Binding Direction

Bindings can be used for both input and output, enabling functions to read data from and write data to external sources seamlessly.

Supported Bindings

Azure Functions support a wide range of bindings for various Azure services, databases, and external systems, simplifying integration and enhancing extensibility.

Azure Functions Management with Serverless360

Serverless360 is a comprehensive tool for managing and monitoring Azure Functions, providing features like monitoring invocation logs and detecting failures in function invocations, ensuring the robust operation of your serverless applications.

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