Model Relationships in MongoDB

Level : Advanced
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:01:00

What are Model Relationships?

In MongoDB, model relationships are essential for efficiently structuring data and enabling faster querying and manipulation. MongoDB supports a variety of model relationships, such as one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many. These relationships can be implemented using embedded or reference documents, depending on the use case and needs.

One-to-One Relationships: Embedded documents

In one-to-one connections based on embedded documents, related data is nested within the parent entity's document.

One-to-Many Relationships: Embedded documents

One-to-many relationships with embedded documents entail storing several linked documents in an array field within the parent document.

One-to-Many Relationship: Reference Documents

In one-to-many relationships based on reference documents, the child documents are stored independently from the parent document, while references to these child documents are stored within the parent.

Many-to-Many Relationships: Embedded documents

Many-to-many relationships with embedded documents entail storing arrays of embedded documents in both the parent and child documents. This method is appropriate when the relationship between entities is complex and must be represented by additional data. 

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