Setting up Visual Studio Code for Node.js Development

Level : Beginner
Mentor: Shailendra Chauhan
Duration : 00:02:00

Install Visual Studio Code

Visit the official website,, to download and install Visual Studio Code.


Get suitable extensions from the Visual Studio Code marketplace. Some important extensions for Node.js programming include:

Node.js Extension Pack

This package contains all of the essential Node.js extensions.


JavaScript linting (code quality analysis) for VS Code.

Debugger for Chrome

Allows you to debug JavaScript code in Chrome directly from Visual Studio Code.

npm Intellisense

Automatically completes npm modules in import statements.

Path Intellisense

Autocompletes file names and paths in import statements.

Terminal Integration

Use the integrated terminal in VS Code to run Node.js commands without leaving the editor. To open the terminal, press Ctrl + '.

Create a workspace

Organize your Node.js projects into workspaces in Visual Studio Code for easier management and navigation.

Project Configuration

Create a launch.json file to debug setups. VS Code has templates for a variety of debugging scenarios, such as launching a Node.js program and attaching it to a running process.

Task Automation

Create tasks in VS Code's tasks.json file for automating repetitive processes such as running tests, linting, and compiling your Node.js project.

Version Control Integration

Use VS Code's built-in Git integration for version control. Create a Git repository in your project directory and use VS Code's source control capabilities to commit changes, swap branches, and so on.

Code Navigation

To explore your Node.js codebase, use VS Code's advanced code navigation capabilities like Go to Definition (F12) and Find References (Shift+F12.

Code Snippets

Use custom code snippets or install pre-existing ones to simplify your Node.js development workflow. VS Code can handle both user-defined and language-specific snippets.


The code completion feature of VS Code called IntelliSense can help you code more quickly and accurately. As you type, IntelliSense suggests variables, methods, and other items based on the context.

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