ScholarHat Skill challenge

What are Skill Challenge Tests?

ScholarHat allows its esteemed users to take your skills to the next level with articles, books and courses on the most popular programming languages. Skill challenges are good for anyone and everyone practicing technology. Measure your skills within 5 minutes to know where your skills stand and grow your knowledge of C#, Java, Python, Data Structures, DataScience, ML/AI, .NET, ASP.NET, Angular, React, Cloud, JavaScript, Node, Mobile Development, DevOps and Microservices etc.

Take our free skill challenge to know where you stand?

In less than 5 minutes, with our skill challenge having 15 questions, you can identify your knowledge gaps and strengths. Your results tell you, how much you know, and what you need to learn. Here at ScholarHat, you can learn the essential skills to be an exceptional leader and an outstanding professional.

Feel confident and stay updated!

Feel confident in your role by measuring your knowledge in relevant skills. Discover the skills gaps which is keeping you back in your role. Skill challenge recommends learning opportunities to fill the skills gap fast and help you to reach to the next level without slowing down progress.

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