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About the Course

With the Frontend Foundation Training, you will be able to create dynamic, attractive, and interactive websites. Learn how to create enterprise-grade, cloud-based Web apps by utilizing the advantages of frontend languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML as well as frontend ecosystems.

Study the principles of content organization and presentation on a web page. Learn the principles of programming, object-oriented programming, and advanced JavaScript language ideas. Learn how to create modern web pages by utilizing CSS3 and Bootstrap ideas through this front end developer course.

Why Learn this Course?

The best way to study HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating responsive web applications and dynamic websites is through a front-end certification course. These abilities can be used by a front-end developer in a variety of frameworks, such as AngularJS, ReactJS, and Bootstrap. Coding is fully secured in the front-end development. You could never again have to worry about whether your website will run on any modern browser. Obtaining a free front-end certification can assist you in learning the value of data security and how to apply it.

What Technologies will you learn?

Those who pursue this front end developer course will become experts in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap 4, and JQuery.

Course objectives

Participants in this front end developer course will have the following skills after completing this course:

  1. Learn JavaScript programming.
  2. Explore and use ES6 concepts of JavaScript.
  3. Structure and present content over a web page.
  4. Creating Forms and validating them.
  5. Design web pages beautifully using CSS.
  6. Design UI using Bootstrap components.
  7. Describes how HTML elements should look and display on a web page.
  8. Interact and manipulate HTML elements using jQuery.
  9. Calling server-side API using jQuery AJAX.
  10. Create and design beautiful websites.


Any professional who wants to create beautiful designs and websites should enroll in this front end developer course. The professional can expand their career as a front-end developer and utilize it as a springboard for employment in other Web development specialties.

Who can Join?

Any professional who wants to become a front end developer and create beautiful designs and websites should enroll in this training course to achieve a front end certification. The professional can expand their career as a front-end developer and utilize it as a springboard for employment in other Web development specialties.


Visual Studio Code, MongoDB GUI

Included in this course

  • Video Course 256 Videos
  • Labs 40 Hands-on labs

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 01m 45s

JavaScript and ECMA Script

Introduction to JavaScript Preview 01m 53s
Introduction to ECMA Script Preview 03m 48s
JavaScript vs. Other Static Languages Preview 03m 32s
Setting up Dev Environment Preview 04m 47s
JavaScript Advantages And Disadvantages Preview 05m 52s

Data Types and Variables

JavaScript Data Types – Primitive & Non-Primitive 04m 14s
Variables and Statements : var, let, const keywords 06m 04s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 0h 01m 37s


Introduction to Numbers Preview 06m 46s
Number Methods Preview 06m 23s
Methods for Converting Values to Numbers Preview 05m 43s
Math object 11m 13s

Boolean, Null, Undefined

Understanding Boolean 05m 22s
Understanding Null And Undefined 06m 29s


JavaScript operators 02m 14s
Operators Precedence 07m 33s

Operators And Conditional Statements

If statements 03m 00s
If-else statement 02m 36s
If-else-if ladder 04m 34s
Switch statement 05m 52s

Loops and Jump Statements

Do..While Loop 03m 20s
While Loop 05m 20s
For Loop 04m 39s Loop 05m 12s
Jump Statements 00m 43s
Break Statements 04m 46s
Continue Statement 03m 01s
Label Statement 08m 09s
Return Statement 04m 15s
Throw Statement 03m 15s

JavaScript Functions

Introduction Preview 03m 28s
Types of JavaScript function Preview 06m 35s
Named Function 0h 10m 25s
Function Expression 00m 48s
Demo: Function Expression 03m 53s
Arrow Function 0h 01m 09s
Demo: Arrow Function 0h 05m 13s
Named function vs Function expression vs Arrow function 03m 34s

Function in Depth

Function Parameters and Arguments 04m 00s
Demo: Function Parameters and Arguments 03m 28s
Function Object 03m 10s
Rest Parameter and Spread Operator 02m 50s
Demo: Rest Parameter and Spread Operator 08m 02s
Function Binding 10m 25s
Demo: Function Binding 13m 34s


Introduction to Prototype 04m 20s
Demo: Prototype 11m 47s
Prototype Inheritance 02m 58s

Course Overview

Course Overview 01m 27s


Introduction 08m 40s
Scope and Global Scope 08m 15s
Block Scope 06m 58s
Function Scope 04m 26s
Lexical/Nested Scope 03m 52s

Closure and Hoisting

Closure 07m 45s
Hoisting 04m 50s
Variable and Function Hoisting 04m 18s


Introduction Preview 02m 55s
Creating Object Preview 09m 10s
Object Properties 05m 40s


Introduction 04m 55s
Classes 02m 42s
Prototype and Classes 02m 20s
ES6 Class Fields and this 02m 46s
Methods 04m 40s


Introduction 01m 40s
Classical Inheritance vs Prototypal Inheritance 07m 50s
ES6 class level inheritance 06m 22s


Introduction to Javascript 06m 15s
CommonJS 05m 10s
Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) 04m 40s
Universal Module Definition (UMD) 02m 40s
ES6 modules 12m 33s
Summary 02m 45s

Synchronous and Asynchronous Programming

Synchronous Programming 0h 03m 26s
Asynchronous programming 0h 01m 45s
Asynchronous Programming with Callbacks 0h 15m 08s
Callback Hell 0h 02m 57s
Asynchronous Programming with Promises 0h 03m 29s
Demo: Asynchronous Programming with Promises 0h 08m 09s
Asynchronous Programming with Async-Await 0h 08m 55s


What is AJAX 02m 55s
XMLHttpRequest Object 02m 00s
AJAX Advantages and Disadvantages 03m 55s

JavaScript Project: Todo Application

Todo List : Add Button and Elements 15m 43s
Todo list: Adding Cross & Delete Options 10m 24s
Todo List: Adding CSS to Webpage 09m 56s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 01m 35s

History of HTML

A Look at HTML Preview 02m 26s
What is HTML? 02m 15s
History of HTML 06m 00s

Getting Started with HTML

HTML Development IDE 02m 40s
HTML Page Structure 05m 50s

Introduction to HTML5

Understanding HTML5 04m 53s
HTML5 Document 07m 20s
Browsers Support and Advantages 03m 10s

HTML Elements and Attributes

HTML Elements and Tags Preview 0h 06m 22s
Empty Elements And Nested Elements 03m 00s
HTML Attributes 01m 00s
HTML Basic Elements 10m 12s
Demo: HTML Basic Elements 07m 10s

HTML Formatting

Text Formatting 06m 15s
HTML Comments 01m 10s
Quotation and Citation Elements 05m 15s
Demo: Tags and Formatting 06m 55s

HTML Styles

HTML Styles and Colors 07m 55s
HTML CSS 08m 34s

HTML Tables

Introduction to HTML Table Preview 0h 04m 47s
Spanning Rows and Columns Preview 04m 27s
Table: Header, Body and Footer 03m 52s

HTML Lists

HTML Lists : Ordered 04m 27s
Unordered List 02m 22s
Description List 02m 32s

HTML Layouts

What is Layout? 02m 30s
HTML Table Based Layout 07m 40s
Div Based Layout 04m 54s
HTML5 Structure Based Layout 04m 51s
HTML5 Layout Elements 10m 15s

HTML5 Forms

Introduction Preview 0h 10m 36s
HTML5 New Inputs and Form Attributes 12m 10s
HTML5 New Form Elements 4m 15s

HTML5 Validations

HTML5 Validations 09m 43s
HTML5 Data Attributes 06m 10s
HTML5 New Attributes 08m 14s

Media Elements

HTML5 Audio and Video 03m 12s
HTML5 Audio Element 04m 56s
HTML5 Video Element 03m 45s

HTML5 and JavaScript

JavaScript with Html 02m 07s
Inline Script In HTML 03m 09s
Internal Script In HTML 03m 08s
External JavaScript in HTML 03m 08s

HTML5 Web Storage

Introduction to Web Storage 03m 40s
Local Storage 04m 11s
Session Storage 04m 27s

HTML5 Graphics

Canvas Element 05m 25s
SVG Element 07m 15s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 01m 03s

CSS Selectors

Introduction to CSS Preview 0h 06m 20s
CSS3 Selectors 03m 30s
Demo: CSS3 Selectors 10m 29s

Pseudo Elements and Classes

Pseudo Elements 02m 35s
Demo: Pseudo Elements 02m 51s
Pesudo Classes 01m 51s
Demo: Pesudo Classes 03m 37s


Introduction to Stylesheets 04m 03s
Demo: Stylesheets 05m 24s

Fonts and Text

CSS Fonts 07m 20s
CSS Text 07m 09s

CSS Box Model

CSS Box Model 04m 17s
Demo: CSS Box Model 07m 53s

Colors and Backgrounds

CSS Colors 07m 53s
CSS Background 07m 53s
CSS Gradients 08m 48s

Course Overview

Course Overview 00m 39s

CSS Units

Absolute Units 0h 06m 02s
Relative Units 04m 09s

Layouts and Media Queries

Media Queries 06m 59s

CSS Transforms

2D Tranform 12m 07s
3D Tranform 07m 52s

Transitions and Animations

CSS Transitions 07m 51s
CSS Animations 06m 35s

CSS Shadows

CSS Shadows 05m 48s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 02m 27s

Introducing Bootstrap

Introduction to Bootstrap Preview 01m 40s
Why Bootstrap Preview 02m 12s
Bootstrap Version History 02m 05s
Introduction to Bootstrap 4 03m 39s

Bootstrap Installation

Bootstrap Installation Options 02m 00s
What’s included in Bootstrap 4 03m 07s
Bootstrap Installation 09m 07s

Bootstrap Layouts

Layouts 02m 00s
Containers 05m 16s
Demo : Containers 05m 09s
Breakpoints 01m 58s
Bootstrap 4 Layouts 02m 44s
Grid System 02m 43s
Demo : Grid System 07m 34s
Auto Layout Columns 01m 45s
Mobile first 02m 28s

Alignment and Offsets

Column Alignment 03m 13s
Demo : Column Alignment 10m 24s
Offsets 01m 53s
Demo : Offsets 03m 22s


Flexbox with Bootstrap Preview 02m 26s
Demo : Flexbox 05m 11s
Flexbox Direction 03m 40s
Demo : Flexbox Direction 00m 56s
Flexbox: Align Items 01m 17s
Demo : Flexbox - Align Items 06m 14s
Flexbox: Justify Content 01m 14s
Demo : Flexbox - Justify Content 04m 31s
Flexbox : Fill, Grow and Shrink 01m 04s
Demo : Flexbox - Fill, Grow and Shrink 05m 15s

Typography and Styles

Typography 01m 41s
PX, EM and REM Units 03m 42s
Typography : Default Font-Size 02m 24s
Demo : Typography 03m 05s
Text 01m 27s
Demo : Text 07m 51s
Colors : Text Colors, Background Colors 01m 42s
Demo : Colors 02m 08s


Borders, Colors and Radius 02m 05s
Sizing : Height and Width 01m 12s
Demo : Sizing - Height and Width 04m 45s
Display 01m 08s
Demo : Display 06m 25s
Spacing : Margin and Padding 03m 27s
Demo : Spacing - Margin and Padding 04m 42s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 02m 31s

Images and Lists

Images - Shapes and Alignment Preview 01m 14s
Demo : Images Preview 09m 21s
Figures 02m 50s
Lists 01m 33s
Demo : Lists 03m 54s

Bootstrap Tables

Tables 03m 44s
Demo : Tables 12m 19s

Buttons and Badges

Buttons, Button Group 04m 10s
Demo : Buttons 05m 31s
Badges 01m 38s
Demo : Badges 03m 43s

Cards and Media Obects

Cards 02m 50s
Demo : Cards 08m 52s
Card Styles 01m 22s
Demo : Card Styles and Layouts 07m 01s
Media Objects 01m 20s
Demo : Media Objects 08m 51s


Forms Preview 02m 00s
Demo : Forms 13m 10s

Nav and Navbar

Nav Menus 02m 28s
Demo : Nav Menus 05m 20s
Navbar 02m 30s
Demo : Navbar 18m 58s

Breadcrumb and Pagination

Breadcrumb 01m 23s
Demo : Breadcrumb 02m 55s
Pagination 02m 30s
Demo : Pagination 02m 49s

Progress bar and Spinners

Progress bar 01m 37s
Demo : Progress bar 05m 28s
Spinners 01m 12s
Demo : Spinners 04m 36s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 01m 08s

Introduction to jQuery

Introduction to jQuery Preview 0h 03m 50s
Getting Started with jQuery Preview 07m 03s
DOM vs. BOM 08m 03s

Selectors and Events

jQuery Selectors 09m 00s
Window.load vs. document.ready 05m 44s
jQuery Events 14m 36s

HTML Manipulation and Traversing

jQuery HTML Manipulation 06m 34s
jQuery Traversing 10m 25s

Course Overview

Course Overview Preview 00m 44s


Introduction to AJAX Preview 02m 43s


Introduction to jQuery Plugins 10m 31s
Demo: jQuery Plugins 10m 31s

jQuery UI

Introduction to jQuery UI 11m 02s
jQuery UI Interaction 13m 30s
Hands-On Labs 40 Labs

HTML: Create a webpage that displays Headings


HTML: Create a Web Page that displays formatting tags


HTML: Create a Webpage using Subscript and Superscript tags


HTML: Creating an HTML Web Page


HTML: Creating a Web Page Layout using Block Elements


HTML: Create an About Page


HTML: Create a Visiting Card


HTML: Make a To-Do List using HTML


HTML: Create a Student Marksheet


HTML: Design a Webpage for a Restaurant Menu


HTML: Make a Classic Resume for Yourself


HTML: Design a Calendar in the Table


HTML: Creating a Contact Form


HTML: Create a Survey Form


HTML: Create a Registration Form


HTML: Create an Application form


HTML: Create a Web Page with Responsive Images


HTML: Create an Image Slider


HTML: Create an audio player using HTML5 audio.


HTML : Creating a Web Page that adds a video background


HTML: Create an Image Gallery


CSS: Create a Webpage with a fixed header and footer using CSS


CSS: Design a Navigation Bar using CSS


CSS: Design a Tribute Page using HTML & CSS


CSS: Make a link button with CSS


CSS: Create and Style a Login Page using CSS


CSS: Change the Link Color Using CSS


CSS: Remove link underline with CSS


CSS: Use the Hover effect on images using CSS


CSS: Use the Hover effect on Text using CSS


CSS: Make an image gallery using hover box


CSS: Make a Modern Resume for Yourself


CSS: Make a Home Page for Your Blog


CSS: Create a Two-Column Layout using CSS


CSS: Make a responsive navigation menu using media queries in CSS


CSS: Use Flexbox to create a responsive layout in CSS


CSS: CSS Grid to create a responsive layout


CSS: Create a bouncing effect on an element using CSS


CSS: Show or hide an element using CSS


CSS: Convert Pixel value to a relative unit using CSS


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do you prepare me for the job interview?

Yes, we do. We will discuss all possible technical interview questions and answers during the training program so that you can prepare yourself for interview.

Q2. Do you provide training on latest technology version?

Yes we do. As the technology upgrades we do update our content and provide your training on latest version of that technology.

Q3. Do you provide any course material or live session videos?

Yes we do. You will get access to the entire content including class videos, mockups, and assignments through LMS.

Q4. Can I share my course with someone else?

In short, no. Check our licensing that you agree to by using Dot Net Tricks LMS. We track this stuff, any abuse of copyright is taken seriously. Thanks for your understanding on this one.

Q5. What If I miss my online training class?

All online training classes are recorded. You will get the recorded sessions so that you can watch the online classes when you want. Also, you can join other class to do your missing classes.

Q6. Who are your mentors?

All our mentors are highly qualified and experience professionals. All have at least 8-10 yrs of development experience in various technologies and are trained by Dot Net Tricks to deliver interactive training to the participants.

Q7. Do front-end professionals need to be certified?

Yes. The front end certification requires the holder to be proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These are covered by the front-end web certification training. You can learn to create dynamic, interactive websites with the use of these abilities.

Q8. What does certification of front end developer entail?

The certification makes the professional stay ahead as a front end developer. Get skilled in the technical knowledge and abilities required to drive dynamic web activities and visualizations. With the help of this graduate certificate, you'll learn the fundamental abilities needed to create a web page or website front end that is both usable and accessible.

Q9. Do you offer a certificate of completion?

Yes. The front end certification is valid and can be used for interviews. Additionally, the student can register for the Certification exam after completing this course.

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