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Benefits of obtaining Angular certification

Benefits of obtaining Angular certification

28 Mar 2024
11 min read

Benefits of obtaining Angular certification: An Overview

Benefits of obtaining Angular certification: An Overview

Benefits of Obtaining an Angular Certification Course With the combination of dependency injection, declarative templates, end-to-end tooling, and best practices, Angular solves development complexities. With this framework, developers may create desktop, online, and mobile applications. It's an open-source front-end web application framework with strong community support, primarily from Google. It's quite popular, very configurable, and compatible with other libraries. To know how much worthwhile it is, let’s learn its benefits in our Angular Tutorial.


Benefits of Angular Certification

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  • Verify Your Skills: Just like certifications for other programming languages and technologies, an Angular certification highlights your proficiency with Angular.
  • Stand Out to Employers: Certification shows your expertise to businesses that respect professionals with certifications.
  • Boost Your Career: Companies value your angular skills, which are in high demand.
  • Demand Greater Payment: Based on your certified Angular competence, negotiate a better salary.
  • Stay Up-to-date: Professionals in the workforce can stay up to speed on industry developments and skill updates.
  • Work on Essential Projects: Having a certification improves your chances of landing a challenging project with a big impact.
  • Better Employment Opportunities: Angular developers are in high demand by numerous top firms for desktop, online, and mobile apps.
  • Keeping Up with Industry Trends: As more IT firms switch to Angular, certification puts you in a position to take advantage of these changes.

Advantages of Angular Certification to an organization

Angular certification not just benefits the candidates who pursue the corresponding course but also the organizations.

  • More Interactive Apps: Angular assists in creating user-pleasing applications that may increase client happiness and even boost revenue.
  • Demand for Certified Developers: Because certified Angular developers are skilled at managing complicated projects, businesses are actively looking for them.
  • Enhanced Developer Productivity: Angular eliminates the requirement for coding, giving trained developers more time to work on other projects and do more tasks in less time.
  • Seamless Application Integration: Angular makes it easier to handle complicated workflows by streamlining the integration of several apps inside a company.
  • Boosts Business achievements: Organisations can increase their reach and foster business success by developing top-notch desktop, mobile, and online applications.
  • Invest in Training: By providing online instruction, developers can acquire the Angular skills necessary to contribute successfully and propel business success.

Who can go for Angular certification?

There are no explicit criteria for who can obtain this certification. It is more beneficial for UI developers or those candidates aspiring to learn UI Development. Also, full-stack web developers can learn it.

  • Web development professionals who aspire to learn how to create single-page applications and client applications.
  • Web designers who are knowledgeable with HTML and HTML5.
  • Testing professionals, web developers, programmers, and project managers willing to learn Angular can go for this certification.
  • Candidates who prefer to work in huge web applications with contemporary modes of client-side web development
  • Those who want to have career advancement in frontend web application development
  • It is also aptly suited for those candidates who are already working and willing to obtain certification for advanced career progression in web application development.
  • Those project managers belonging to technical departments can learn how their organization can implement Angular. This certification is also beneficial for stack developers, architects, and other entrepreneurs.

Where can you get Angular certification?

There is no official way to obtain this certificate from Google. The question now arises is what to do to get it. If you are fascinated to learn Angular then there are lots of portals and websites allowing you to learn core as well as advanced concepts of Angular and provide you with certification.

Here is the list of names of top and reliable websites that provide Angular certification training:

  • ScholarHat
  • Edureka
  • Simplilearn
  • Vskills
  • Edunextgen
  • Zeolearn

After completion of training from any of these websites, the candidates are entitled to get certification that is signed by the authorized person. Apart from the list above, there are ample websites that offer online learning content of Angular that can be either free or paid. Before enrolling in the course, candidates must glance at the course content that gives them ideas on lessons or topics to be covered. Also, the course content gives an idea of the course duration, quiz, exercise, etc.

Best Sources to learn Angular

1. Learn Angular: Beginner to Advanced Course (from Scholarhat):

Course Link:

Through this Angular certification training course, you can learn how to build a contemporary, lightweight, and robust web application through Angular 2 to 8. You can learn how to leverage the component-based architecture to develop well-organized, efficient apps with the help of services, reactive forms, pipes, observables, and more.

You can explore how to use HTTP Client in Angular to seamlessly communicate with REST APIs, how to debug your code, and how to perform testing of your Angular application building blocks.

The course contents of this Angular JS certification course are as follows:

2. Angular Certification Training Course (from Simplilearn):

Course Link:

This certification course helps you master front-end web development through Angular. Through this course, candidates can attain thorough knowledge of concepts like how to facilitate the development of single-page web applications, typescript, dependency injection, components, and directives. You can learn how to develop single-page applications in JavaScript and the way Angular assists with them based on different exercises.

3. Become an Angular Certified Developer (from AngularTraining):

Course Link:

By attending the Angular Certification exam online from the aforementioned website, you can become a certified Angular developer. It provides 3 levels of certification ranging from beginner to expert developers.

Here are the 3 steps involved:

  1. Online Test: It is a 25-minute long test comprising 50 questions on Angular, JavaScript, and TypeScript. The minimum score required to pass this online test is 70%. This is the only step for the Level 1 exam. Moreover, this test needs to be conducted in one sitting; no possible retry
  2. Application Coding: This step of the Angular JS certification course involves how to build an Angular application considering the given specifications. The necessary HTML and CSS info is provided. You need to build the Angular architecture of the specified application. You can proceed to the final step after validating your code with an expert.
  3. Video Interview: In the final video interview, the application that was built in the previous step gets reviewed by an Angular expert. In this step, candidates need to discuss the architecture of the application for 20-25 minutes. After the completion of the interview, experts would provide some feedback and declare the final result.

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When it comes to enhancing job prospects and learning modern web development technologies, it becomes imperative to obtain Angular certification. Having known these benefits, you can approach any reliable online source for accomplishing the certification training.


Q1. Does Angular certification make sense?

You can greatly increase your chances of finding employment after passing the Angular JS certification exam and earning your Angular certification. The fact that IT firms are moving to Angular is another important factor in deciding to become certified in Angular.

Q2. Can I obtain a job by learning Angular?

Without a college degree, it is very possible to get hired as an Angular Developer. Additionally, a degree in computer science is not required to work as an Angular Developer. Operate at a distance. Both full-time and freelance Angular development positions are frequently remote.

Q3. Does Angular have a lot of demand?

The last few years have seen a significant increase in demand for Angular developers due to the growth and innovation of technology. In India, these developers often make between Rs. 1.4 and Rs. 12 lakhs annually.

Q4. What makes people select Angular?

Angular is a popular tool for creating mobile applications that look and feel native, and its progressive web app (PWA) solutions are compatible with many other platforms. An increasing number of businesses are embracing Angular to create cross-platform solutions because of its capacity to mimic native apps.

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