Is there any certification for Angular?

Is there any certification for Angular?

14 Mar 2024
5 min read

Certification for Angular: An Overview

Angular Certification is one of the in-demand skill certifications for a front-end developer. Angular is a TypeScript-only, open-source JavaScript framework. Developers use HTML as a template language and HTML syntaxes for building single-page client application components. In this Angular tutorial, we'll discuss the various Angular developer certifications available specifically focussing on ScholarHat's best Angular Certification.

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What are the various Angular Developer Certifications Available?

Multiple platforms like ScholarHat offer various categories of Angular Certification like Professional Angular Developer Certification by the International JavaScript Institute, Single Page Application Developer (Using Angular) by Learning Tree International, Angular: The Big Picture by Pluralsight, etc.

Angular Developer Certification by ScholarHat

In the below section, we'll get into the details of the Angular Certification Course provided by ScholarHat.

Angular Course Overview

ScholarHat offers you the best Angular Certification which will give you a comprehensive understanding of the subject. It will cover Angular modules, components, directives, services, and animations. Angular is a great choice for Single Page Applications (SPAs). If you want to start with Angular development, Angular Course by Scholarhat is the best place to start.

Pre-requisites for the Angular Certification

This Angular training course requires a prior understanding of HTML and JavaScript.

If you first want to learn these two technologies, consider our:

 Angular Certification Features

  1. 6 Weeks of Intensive Live Training
  2. Learn from Microsoft MVPs
  3. Build EdTech platform real-world Website
  4. Career Coaching
  5. Resume & Portfolio Building
  6. Job Assistance

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand Typescript core and advanced concepts
  2. Understand Angular 2 to 16 basic and advanced in-depth concepts
  3. Create components, services, pipe and form validations, etc.
  4. Create and Consume REST Services
  5. Optimize web page performance
  6. Secure application based on user roles
  7. Scale SPA for Phones, Tablets, Laptop & Desktop
  8. Publish your created app

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Why consider ScholarHat's Angular Certification?

  • Structured Learning: ScholarHat guides you through essential Angular concepts and offers you practical skills.
  • Skills Validation: The certification exam examines your comprehension, proving your expertise to potential employers.
  • Community Recognition: While not official, ScholarHat's program is well-regarded in the Angular community, demonstrating your dedication to learning.
  • Flexibility & Convenience: Learn at your speed and choose from a variety of exam formats, making it suitable for people with hectic schedules.

How to learn Angular for free?

There are numerous free resources for learning Angular!

  • Official Angular Documentation: For detailed information & tutorials, consult the full documentation.
  • Angular University: Google's platform provides interactive courses and learning routes that are suitable for both new and experienced developers.
  • Free Online Courses: Platforms such as Scholarhat and Dotnettricks provide free Angular courses taught by industry experts.
  • Open-Source Projects: Contributing to open-source projects is an excellent approach to obtaining practical expertise and gaining knowledge from the community.

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Why do we need Angular Certification?

Although certification isn't the end goal, it can be a significant asset

  • Improve your Resume: Improve your resume by showcasing your tested Angular talents to stand out in a competitive job market.
  • Gain self-assurance: Validate your understanding of the framework and solidify your knowledge.
  • Connect with your peers: Certification programs frequently include communities where you may connect with other Angular fans.

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For individuals looking for structured learning, validation, and community recognition, ScholarHat's Angular Certification is an excellent solution. However, assess the benefits and drawbacks against your learning objectives and budget. Remember that the most valuable assets for every Angular developer are ongoing learning and experience. Choose the finest course for your trip and keep creating!


Q1. Is there any angular certification?

Our certification exam is designed to confirm your skills as an Angular Developer. When applying for a job, certified developers can offer their exam results as a reference. Our exam is designed to recognize experienced Angular developers and help them advance in their careers.

Q2. Is Angular a high-paying job?

The highest income an Angular Developer may earn in a year is 9.1 lakhs (75.8k per month). 

Q3. Is it possible to find a job after learning Angular?

As the demand for developers grows, there is a wide range of career possibilities and wages accessible in Angular development. Learning about an Angular developer career will help you create an understanding of the relevant abilities, expertise, and experience.

Q4. Is Angular popular in India?

With the growth and innovation of technology, AngularJS developers are in high demand and have gotten increasingly so in recent years. 

Q5. Is there a future for AngularJS?

Angular JS is a great framework that is accessible today. In addition, significant growth in the field of online applications and web development is expected soon. Many people also claim that Angular2 is widely used by AngularJS developers in IT.

Take our free angular skill challenge to evaluate your skill

In less than 5 minutes, with our skill challenge, you can identify your knowledge gaps and strengths in a given skill.


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