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Why you should learn Angular?

Why you should learn Angular?

28 Feb 2024
7 min read
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Angular is a JavaScript-based framework that is used to create web applications, desktop, and mobile applications, which is completely written on Typescript which is developed by Microsoft.

Why you should learn Angular?

Angular is a JavaScript-based framework that is used to create web applications, desktop, and mobile applications, which is completely written on Typescript which is developed by Microsoft. It’s been a decade since Angular was invented, so far many developers around the globe have learned Angular, but if any newbies want to learn then they may have one question Why I should learn Angular, what are the future benefits if I learn it and they are correct because starting anything, we must know for what we are doing this. Considering the market, Angular is very demanding in terms of skill because most of the organizations moved their project into Angular and they are considering their product becomes enterprise for the near future.

If we look closely at the market sentiments, Angular is one of the sought-after skills and if the candidate has this skill then recruiters and the IT firms are looking in demand for those candidates because Angular is a known full-fledged framework for single-page applications (SPA). Earning an Angular Certification can significantly elevate a candidate's profile, making them more appealing to recruiters and increasing opportunities within the IT industry.

Who uses the Angular framework?

We may ask this question to ourselves if it is much demanding then who uses such a framework and where they apply. Well, for the last few years, most of the tech companies started moving their enterprise applications into Angular, and still, it evolves like never before. There is plenty of websites and application which uses Angular and a few of them are listed below.

  • Google

  • Github community forum

  • Forbes

  • BMW

  • Nasdaq

  • PayPal

And the list is not yet over because we cannot count it over here, thus different banks, community portals, governmental portals, bidding websites, and others are using Angular as the primary platform which includes higher interactivity with the user on a daily basis. There are some points to be considered that reply to why anyone needs to learn Angular.


Angular is a framework which means it’s a full-fledge Model View Controller-based structure that enables developer flexibility while application development. Being a framework, the customer always wants their enterprise application to be developed based on the framework, so angular is most suitable for the complex business requirements.

Angular has its advantage as it comes with the framework as a whole which is power-packed with features such as component-based architecture, web services, unit-test, mobile support, forms, routing, support of Material design, and what not, hence, it's being the primary choice to create significant enterprise application.


Angular is completely written in TypeScript which follows the object-oriented programming concepts just like class, objects, enums, and so on. Thus it will be pretty easy to learn TypeScript by the developer and the tooling supports makes it very robust compares to other framework and libraries.

In another way, as a full-fledged framework, we have additional advantages such as pre-configured forms, routing configuration on the go, Angular Universal, Angular elements, and many more features, hence, one can have a better architecture that comes with a certain feature so that we don't need to be dependent on external libraries to achieve such functionalities.

In-built routing support

Nowadays, most of the application gets divided into smaller chunks in order to represent the separate functionalities, for that we need to redirect the user to the different links throughout the application. Being a framework, Angular has its own routing mechanism which allows us to load the necessary chunks of application at that time and show the part of the application that the user wanted to explore. Using an in-built routing mechanism,  we can distribute separate components to the different routing links and load them based on the user’s action thus we can protect any routing links against any kind of misuse with the help of a route guard.

Support of single page application

The era of single-page applications is started and people don’t have time to wait for any page to be loaded. Angular is the best fit for single-page apps and enterprise apps which renders the elements dynamically and perform a specific operation in an efficient way. Being the client-side rendering, Angular is powerful because everything that takes for rendering is done from the client-side only so it may reduce the iterative network calls and speed up the overall application performance.

There are other frameworks and libraries are in the market such as React, Vuejs but Angular is among the suitable choice over its competitor as its serves the purpose of Single-page applications.

Cross-platform development

Apart from web development, angular also supports cross-platform application development which can be run into different devices like web, mobile, and desktop. It runs on every platform which is the biggest advantage because we don’t need to develop a separate application for the separate platform again and again. To develop a mobile application we can use Ionic which is also a demanding skill.

Angular supports cross-platform app development using the framework called Ionic which is powered by the web and is used to create mobile-optimized UI and related components, other tools to build powerful cross-platform apps in no time. 


If anyone wants to learn angular from scratch, we can always start which is the official documentation. The official documentation contains the different sections for the different concepts in a sequential manner so that the fresher can get the complete package for their learning experience without any hassle. Exploring dedicated Angular JS training can complement this learning journey, offering guided instruction and practical insights to reinforce understanding and mastery of Angular concepts.

Learning curve

As discussed above, Angular has its crisp documentation which enhances the learning experience while following code standards making it easier to learn it within a short span of time and get the development started for the upcoming gigs.

Compare to other frameworks, Angular is a primary choice to learn as its market acceptance is vast, hence the developers are adopting learn Angular so easily provided they do have basic knowledge in Html, CSS, and of course JavaScript.

Career opportunities

This is the era of Single Page Applications (SPA) and Angular is contributing way better over others so the growth of the career opportunities are 

Community support

If you go through the official documentation but still facing any kind of issues or suggestions then the community members are always ready to give you a hand. Angular community is bigger and it’s growing, and more and more people are engaging for the learning in the form of conferences, meetups, classes, podcasts, blogs, articles, and forums so we can expect help from one of the ways and can continue our learning journey. So far, we have gone through the different aspects which reflect the question that why anyone can learn Angular.


Angular is getting popular amongst the developers and newbies and the core team is putting all their efforts to make it a more comfortable yet powerful product. In this article, we have compared the different aspect that shows the key areas that focus on the question of why we need to learn Angular, I hope you got familiar with those points and let yourself dig into Angular. Let’s wrap this guide and hope you will have a great learning journey of Angular, Keep reading.

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