3 Steps to Disable Right Click on Web Page and Images

3 Steps to Disable Right Click on Web Page and Images

01 Jun 2024
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Disable Right Click on Web Page and Images: An Overview

Disable Right Click on Web Page and Images is a need sometimes, when it is required to prevent your web page images from being copied by another one. You can secure your images by disabling right-click or by disabling the image context menu on images only. This is an effective approach to prevent your images from being copied or stolen. Here, in this Tutorial, I am going to share the tricks of how can you achieve this. This trick will disable right-clicking only on images. Delve into other core concepts through our ASP.NET Certification Training.

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What is Disable Right Click on Web Page and Images?

Right-click menus provide users with helpful options, but in some cases, you may want to prevent them from protecting your content or preventing unauthorized acts. ASP.NET has several methods for accomplishing this, both on the full page and on specific elements such as images. In ASP.NET, there are two approaches:
  1. Using HTML attributes
  2. Using JavaScript
  3. Using CSS

1. Using HTML attributes

This method directly uses HTML elements to prevent right-clicking. While less secure than server-side programming, it is sometimes easier to implement. Here are two common attributes used:
  1. oncontextmenu attribute
  2. onmousedown attribute

1. Using oncontextmenu attribute

Add the oncontextmenu="return false;" attribute to the element you want to disable right-clicking on. When the user right-clicks the element, this property calls a JavaScript code, and the return false; statement prevents the default context menu from displaying.

Example for Disabling Right-click on an Image using the oncontextmenu attribute

<asp:Image ID="img1" runat="server" ImageUrl=""../ImgLoc/1.png"" oncontextmenu="return false;" />
This code sample sets up an ASP.NET image control with ID "img1" into the page, referencing the file "../ImgLoc/1.png" and disabling the right-click context menu functionality.

2. Using the onmousedown attribute

This attribute enables you to record the mouse-down event and determine whether the correct button was pressed. If this is the case, you can override the default action by displaying your message or performing any other desired action.

Example for Disabling Right-click on an Image using the onmousedown attribute

  function disableRightClick(event) {
    if (event.button == 2) {
      event.preventDefault(); // Prevent the default right-click behavior
      alert("Right click disabled!");
      return false;
<body oncontextmenu="disableRightClick(event)"> <img src="image.png" oncontextmenu="disableRightClick(event)" /></body>
This example prevents right-clicking on a page and an image. It defines the disableRightClick function, which checks if the right mouse button is pressed and, if so, displays an alert and returns false to prevent normal behavior. The function is linked to the body and image onmousedown events.

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2. Using Javascript

You can disable the right-click context menu on your web page in ASP.NET by using JavaScript's preventDefault() method. When the user right-clicks, the browser's default behavior of displaying the context menu is disabled.

Example for Disabling Right-click on a webpage using Javascript

<div id="myElement" oncontextmenu="return false;">...</div>

This code creates a div element with the id myElement and disables the context menu on right-click.

3. Using CSS

You can also use CSS to disable right-click functionality on a web page by using its pointer-events. What you can do is set the 'pointer-events' property to 'none' for all those elements that you want to specifically disable the right click on.

Example for Disabling Right-click on a webpage using CSS

.no-right-click {
    pointer-events: none;
You can add this class 'no-right-click' to all those elements where you want to disable right click.

How to Show Alert on Right-click?

To display an alert when a user right-clicks in ASP.NET, you must use JavaScript to record the "contextmenu" event. This is accomplished by adding a script block to your website that associates a function with the event.

Example of Show Alert on Right-click

<script type="text/javascript"> 
function disableRightClick() 
alert("Sorry, right click is not allowed !!"); 
return false; 
<body oncontextmenu=" return disableRightClick();">

This code prevents right-clicking on a website. It defines the JavaScript method to disable right-click, which generates an alert and returns false. Then it assigns the body element's oncontextmenu property to this function, thereby triggering it whenever the user right-clicks anywhere on the page.


Show Alert on Right-click


This article describes two approaches for disabling right-click in ASP.NET web pages and images. This is accomplished by using HTML properties such as oncontextmenu and onmousedown, as well as JavaScript's preventDefault() method. The post also describes how to use JavaScript to display an alert when you right-click. Learn more about different core concepts of ASP.NET through our comprehensive ASP.NET Certification Course.


Q1. How can I disable right-clicking on a website?

Using JavaScript is one of the most prevalent ways to disable right-click. This method entails adding an event listener to the document object that listens for the contextmenu event, fired when the user right-clicks to access the context menu.event.

Q2. Why is right-click on this website disabled?

Many websites deactivate the right-click option due to copyright concerns, as they do not want their content to be noted down. If the text you're working with has copyright difficulties, you should use caution while replicating it.

Q3. In JavaScript, how can I disable the element's right-click menu?

To disable right-clicking on a website using JavaScript, utilize the contextmenu event to cancel the default right-click behavior. The contextmenu event is a DOM event that occurs when a user right-clicks on a user interface element.

Q4. How do I disable the image button?

If you want to disable an image button, you can simply do that by setting the 'Enabled' property to 'false'. And if you are working on .aspx file, just add 'Enabled="false"' attribute to image button and you're good to go.
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