AWS careers opportunities with AWS certification

AWS careers opportunities with AWS certification

20 Mar 2024
6 min read
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▷ AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

The AWS certifications can unlock the door to several high-paying career opportunities in the IT sector. The confusion among several IT professionals in which AWS certification exam is helpful. Presently, the cloud market is escalating rapidly and presents an opportunity for the IT giant and retail businesses. Moreover, AWS has performed a significant role in the cloud services industry and turned out to be a prominent income earner for Amazon.

When you thoroughly learn the AWS certification course, you can get a better idea on what are the career opportunities for each course. There is a broad range of job opportunities for candidates with AWS expertise but you must know which one will best suit you. Let’s first know about the overview of AWS certification and then look at the AWS career opportunities:

Overview of AWS Certification:

What, why, and how are the typical questions revolving around AWS certification. The bigger enterprises that require explicit cloud-based skills are typically dedicated to obtaining solutions from service providers such as AWS. Such enterprises hold a wide range of skills that get revamped with time. Therefore, it is vital to stay updated to enhance your AWS career graph and unlock great opportunities. Adding AWS certification adds an extra feature quality to your resume. Now let’s look at what this certification aims for:

Objectives of AWS Certification:

The AWS Certification is designed according to the industry requirements. It assists you in effectively set up robust and secure applications on AWS. Moreover, it lets you recognize the pertinent AWS service depending on data, computing, and security requirements. When you learn AWS Step by Step, you can better perceive the objectives of AWS certification.

Below are some of the key objectives of AWS Certification training:

  • Designing and setting up robust, scalable, and reliable systems on AWS
  • Efficiently deal with Ingress and Egress data inward and outward from AWS
  • Recognize the proper utilization of the AWS architectural finest practices
  • Approximate AWS pricing and recognize cost control systems

Effect of AWS Certification Training on AWS Careers:

AWS is highly prevalent in the field of cloud computing. A web developer or system admin or database admin or IoT developer or big data analyst might have used the AWS services. The corresponding certification lets you pursue career paths like AWS Engineer, AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, etc.

To avail of bright career opportunities in this field, you should avail of planned AWS training along with a curriculum that is updated with the latest trends as per the prevailing industry requirements. In addition to the powerful theoretical knowledge, you must work on different practical projects. Also, you need to work on various services for computing, storage, and more. When you glance at the AWS learning path, it includes everything that helps you in your AWS career. It depicts the modules included that provides you with knowledge and chances for high-paying job opportunities.

AWS Certification boosts your career due to any of these reasons. Firstly, Amazon Web Services (CSA) certification is regarded as the highest valued IT Certification worldwide. Secondly, the average salary of the AWS Architect is $1,25,000. 

AWS Careers: Salaries and job roles:

When you obtain any of the AWS certifications, it unveils several high-paying job opportunities. It makes it easier for you to mitigate the risk of unsteady careers. Though there are plenty of job roles you can apply for, here are some of the best and high-paying AWS career opportunities:

AWS Cloud Architect:

An AWS Cloud Architect is responsible for directly connecting with clients and engineers. It provides a perfect interface with stakeholders as well as technical leadership. Moreover, the cloud architect provides technical architectures and leads implementation endeavours. The same assure that the interposition of new technologies is being implemented.

A lot of time of an AWS Solutions Architects gets devoted to building, architecting, and upholding available, scalable, and affordable AWS cloud environments. Also, they can give recommendations about AWS toolsets and retain the cutting-edge trends in cloud computing. The average annual salary falls in the range of $98,000 – $150,000.

Cloud Software Engineer:

Cloud software engineers deal with programming in JavaScript, C++, Python, or Ruby. They work on the design and implementation of new software services as well as systems. Other responsibilities include explaining complex procedures to stakeholders who don’t have technical skills. Also, they need to counsel junior employees. The average annual salary of a Cloud software engineer falls in the range of $63,000 – $93,000.

DevOps Engineer:

The prime responsibility of the DevOps Engineer is to design AWS cloud solutions that influence and enhance the business. They also carry out server maintenance and execute any patching or debugging tasks if required.

These professionals have expertise apart from system development and development in network operations. With the amassment of multiple skills, profound knowledge, and practical experience on the AWS platform, they can easily unlock high-paying DevOps engineer job roles. Moreover, if you have authenticated your skills with the AWS certification then the odds of obtaining an AWS job significantly increases. A DevOps engineer can make a $93,000 to $144,000 average salary per year.

AWS SysOps Administrator:

The responsibilities of AWS SysOps Administrators include provisioning, operation, and configuration. They also need to supervise software, virtual systems, and associated infrastructures. Furthermore, they maintain the analytics software as well as create dashboards for reporting. Their average annual salary ranges from $111,000 to $160,000 per year. 

Senior AWS Cloud Architect:

Direct working with engineers and customers is the key job role of Senior AWS Cloud Architect. They provide technical leadership along with an effective interface with the client-side stakeholders. Furthermore, they provide technical architectures along with the lead implementation attempts. Thus, they ensure that the latest technologies are incorporated into customer environments. On average, they make $165,000/year.

Operational Support Engineer:

An Operational Support Engineer needs to monitor and resolve any operational concerns registered through a company’s tool. Also, they aid with the environmental upgrades. The average annual salary of an Operational Support Engineer is in the range of $59,000-$92,000. 

-There are ample AWS career opportunities provided you possess the right skill set and experience. When you pass a relevant AWS certification course with deep studying and practising, you can gain any of these jobs.

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