AWS Certification Path, Job Description, and Salary

AWS Certification Path, Job Description, and Salary

21 Mar 2024
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AWS or Amazon Web Services is a widely adopted cloud-based platform that provides more than 200 fully featured services. A career in AWS is a good choice today.
The certifications demonstrate that the certification holder will have practical and theoretical knowledge of particular Amazon systems and the job responsibilities. It is a professional recognition. As per the IT skills and different salary surveys, it is a proven truth that the AWS salary in India is rewarding. The certification is valid for three years. The certification preparation enhances a valuable opportunity to broaden the exposure to AWS services. This resource guides you to get an awareness about the career opportunities in AWS.

What is AWS Certification

Various credentials lead to various levels of AWS job positions. The certification is similar to an honorary badge that indicates the holder has attained the proficient knowledge level required to work with Amazon Cloud computing systems. Certifications demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to configure and manage AWS cloud computing systems. The AWS certification cost will be different for different certifications such as cloud practitioner, and associate of professional level. The AWS job salary is also variable for various roles. The Certification is divided into four levels of difficulty: Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Speciality. These lead to different levels of roles in AWS.
What is AWS Certification

Foundational Level

This is the Certification based on knowledge for a fundamental understanding of AWS Cloud. There is no prerequisite experience required.

Associate Level

This is a role-based certification that demonstrates your AWS knowledge and skills. This certification helps you to establish your trustworthiness as an AWS Cloud professional. For writing this Certification Exam, it is recommended that you should have previous Cloud experience or some IT exposure.

Professional Level

This level of certification is a role-based certification that affirms enhanced knowledge and skills necessary to design secure, streamlined, and updated implementations to automate tasks on AWS. In order to write the exam, it is recommended that you should have at least two years of prior AWS Cloud experience.

Speciality Level

This level of certification requires sufficient technical knowledge in AWS cloud's speciality domains. Database, Data Analytics, Advanced Networking, Security, Alexa Skill Builder, and Machine Learning are among its speciality domains.

Why get certified?

Cloud computing professionals are currently in high demand. Thus, selecting the appropriate Certification allows you to advance in your career or move up in your current position. As a result, becoming AWS Certified shows that you are a knowledgeable professional in the field of Cloud computing. Getting certified is highly recommended if you want to stay in or move to the Cloud computing sector. It assists you in obtaining a high-paying job in any organization. The AWS certification cost in India is affordable and anyone can attempt these exams.

Benefits of Certifications in AWS

Certifications ensure numerous benefits. These are:
  • Validate your skills and knowledge in the most well-known cloud computing platform.
  • The certifications of AWS are ranked highly among the top IT certifications in the world.
  • Aspiring Cloud professionals can gain more interview sessions and higher pay when hired.
  • These certifications are generally accepted in the industry as trustworthy and well-designed technical certifications.
  • You are able to prove your authenticity and commitment to a career in Cloud Computing.
  • The certifications offer access to a community of peer groups and AWS influencers.
  •  Involve recertification to ensure that your AWS skills are up to date

Path to be followed

There are numerous options for AWS careers. The main factors to consider while choosing the career path are, which role you would like to join and which field to be chosen as an AWS Solution Architect. The roles can be cloud practitioner, operations, architect, and developer. Similarly, the Solutions can be in a different field such as storage, artificial intelligence, and AWS media services. Thus, AWS training and certification must always optimize.

AWS Job Salary

Around the world, AWS professionals are paid well. In India the AWS job salary is rewarding. AWS salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.0 Lakhs to ₹ 12.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 4.4 Lakhs.
AWS Job Salary

AWS Job description

The tasks that different roles must complete will vary. The AWS job description cannot be standardized as it varies from role to role.

AWS Developer Job description

The cloud infrastructure of web applications that must be installed, updated, and maintained is included in the job responsibilities. AWS developers must be familiar with the foundational AWS services and follow industry best practices for scalability and security

AWS Architect Job description

The AWS architect job description depends on the role they select.

AWS Solution Architect Job description

AWS Solution Architects assist organizations in designing and implementing cloud solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS solution architect's job description includes collaborating with clients, comprehending their needs, and developing the most effective and efficient solution possible.
This article has served as an introduction to a career in AWS through familiarization with AWS careers. Additionally, there are descriptions of the certifications and the job descriptions are also included. The best AWS training and certification will surely benefit a professional to be settled in the career.

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