What salary can you expect being an Azure architect

What salary can you expect being an Azure architect

18 Apr 2024
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What salary can you expect being an Azure architect

The crucial role of Azure architects is to ascertain that the application conveys business value by fulfilling the functional requirements of an organization. They transform business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable solutions. In other words, Azure architect drives revenue and market share offering customers insights and solutions. These solutions leverage the Microsoft Azure services to fulfill their application, infrastructure, and cloud needs. Consequently, these solutions support the business and IT objectives of customers. Join our azure training where your coding journey transforms into a remarkable tech adventure. Embrace the power of problem-solving and enroll today.

Salary of Azure Architects

The average estimate of Microsoft Azure Architect salary in India falls in the range of INR 20.7 lac to INR 26.5 lac/year. This range is estimated depending on the salaries obtained from the employees of Microsoft Azure. It is important to note that the mentioned range is for those Azure Architects who hold some work experience. On the other hand, beginner Azure Architect’s average salary in India is INR 18.50 lac/year.

The question may arise on what the starting salary for Azure Solution Architects is. Well, those Azure Solutions Architects who are landing their first job are expected to get INR 10.2 lacs/year salary. The highest salary of Azure Solution Architects in India is INR 36 lac/year.

The starting salary of a Junior Azure Solution Architect having experience of 0 to 3 years can be $100,000/year. This salary figure is a universal one and not limited to any specific country. It can gradually increase depending on performance, skills acquired, and other factors.

What aspects do organizations look at when hiring Azure Architects

Organizations are looking for those Azure Architects who are proficient at:

  • Fulfilling their customer requirements: Organizations need those Azure Architects who can ensure the correct deployment of applications with minimal disruptions.
  • Keeping up with the latest technologies: Cloud platforms usually keep on releasing newer features after a specific period. An organization is more likely to assimilate newer technologies when implementing cloud-based services.
  • Cost reduction: Cost is a vital factor for any organization. So, all organizations intend to hire Azure Architects who can decrease costs by employing the appropriate deployment patterns. As an alternative to capitalizing on new hardware, cloud-hosting can decrease capital investments.

Skills desired to earn an admirable salary as an Azure Architect

The following listed skills are vital to consider if you want to advance in your career as an Azure Architect and earn higher pay:

  • Familiarity with Azure and its services
  • Implementation and monitoring of an Azure infrastructure
  • Implementation of management and security solutions
  • Implementation of solutions for apps
  • Implementation and management of data platforms
  • Design monitoring
  • Design identity and security
  • Design business continuity
  • Design data storage
  • Linux
  • Networking
  • Designing Security
  • PowerShell scripting and more

Apart from the mentioned ones, some non-technical skills desirable are leadership quality, communication skills, and the capability to co-ordinate and work with a team.

Factors influencing Azure Architect salary

When you focus on the influencing factors, you can work on getting a better-paying job as an Azure Architect. The following list shows these influencing factors:

  1. Certifications and courses
  2. Experience
  3. Employer type
  4. Location

Azure Certifications and courses

Obtaining certifications demonstrate that you are trained, knowledgeable, and efficient enough at handling the job role of Azure Architect. It highlights your profile and makes it stand out from other candidates who are non-certified. Moreover, it ensures that you are a better fit to work in an organization and fulfill their needs.

List of certifications for Azure Architect:

  • Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies Certification
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Design (AZ-301 exam)
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Certification Transition (AZ-302 Exam)
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (Exam AZ-303)
  • Microsoft Azure Architect Design Exam AZ-304)

Before appearing for the certification exams, it is recommended to first attend some online courses. It equips you with enough knowledge and skills through which you can increase your odds of clearing these examinations. Not enrolling in any certification course can decrease your odds of passing. You can join some credible certifications from a well-known institute.

Employer type

Another prominent factor is the employer type and scale of the organization. Those companies that are established or industry top leaders can certainly provide lucrative packages for Azure Architect. But there can be some upcoming startups that can pay you decent packages because Microsoft Azure Architect is one of the most demanding job roles in recent times.

Beginner Microsoft Azure Architects can kick-start his/her career by joining a less reputed or startup organization. Gradually as they level up their skills and amass more experience, they can unlock opportunities for better-paying jobs in renowned companies. Keep in mind that certified Azure Architect is a top priority that employers consider.


  • The salaries of entry-level positions begin at US$90,250/year.
  • An experienced Azure Solutions Architect possessing 10–19 years of experience could earn an average salary of US$115,500/year.
  • For Azure Architects possessing 20 years or more experience could earn an average salary of US$210,000/year.


Azure Architect salary prominently relies on your job location.

  • The average salary of an Azure Architect in India is INR 20.7 lac to INR 26.5 lac/year
  • In the United States of America, the average salary of an Azure Architect ranges from $100, 000 to$190, 000 annually.
  • In the United Kingdom, the average salary ranges from £56,000£75, 000 annually.
  • In Australia, the average salary ranges from AUS $150 000 to AUS$ 190 000
  • In Canada, the average salary ranges from $150,000$175,500
Final Words

Not just your certification but your skills and experience matter significantly when it comes to salary as an Azure Architect. To scale up your career in this job role, it is recommended to upgrade your skills with the help of azure course, pass the required certification exam, and stay updated with the cutting-edge trends in this field.

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