BSc Computer Science Salary & Job Guide for Freshers & Experts

BSc Computer Science Salary & Job Guide for Freshers & Experts

19 Feb 2024
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BSc Computer Science Salary In India: An Overview

Are you a BSc Computer Science graduate? Are you looking for a suitable job profile and salaries of various job profiles after a BSc in Computer Science? If so, welcome. Today, we are going to introduce you to the BSc computer science jobs and salary and help you choose the right career path. Just scroll down and keep reading.

What is a BSc in Computer Science?

The BSc Computer Science course is a three-year degree program that aims at training students with the knowledge of computers and all their applications. The comprehensive BSc Computer Science syllabus and subject provide students with all the intricacies required in the field of being a computer science graduate.

BSc Computer Science Jobs and Salary

BSc Computer Science Jobs

  • Network Engineer: Maintaining computer networks, which may include routers, mainframes, VPNs, and other hardware.
  • Software Tester: Before a product is released to general users, developers should do both automated and manual tests to ensure it is suitable for purpose and free of defects or other issues.
  • Technical Writer: Writes and edits technical publications, such as product manuals and reference books.
  • System Administrator: Responsible for the security, optimization, and system performance, design, and dependability of computer systems.
  • Software Engineer: The job is to create operating systems, applications, and programs.
  • Website Developer: He creates and maintains websites. He is involved in both - frontend and backend development.
  • Mobile App Developer: He is involved in creating applications (apps) for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These developers are skilled in designing, building, and maintaining mobile applications for various platforms, including iOS (Apple devices) and Android.

BSc Computer Science Salary Deciding Factors

  1. BSc Computer Science Salary Based on Companies

It is essential to understand the BSc computer science salary per month that you will earn in India when you join a particular company. The top organizations that pay software developers more are shown here, along with the yearly packages they provide.

Top RecruitersAverage Salary
GoogleINR 10.34 LPA
MicrosoftINR 5.74 LPA
Tech MahindraINR 4.06 LPA
DeloitteINR 9.18 LPA
InfosysINR 4.15 LPA
CognizantINR 6.24 LPA
Wipro INR 3.77 LPA

Source: PayScale, Glassdoor

  1. BSc Computer Science Salary Based on Job Roles

Various job profiles have different demands in the market. e.g. the demand for a Data Scientist is much higher than a C or C++ developer in today's world.

BSc Computer Science Salary Based on Job Roles

  1. BSc Computer Science Salary Based on Sectors

  • Private Sector: The table below provides details about the salary of jobs after BSc Computer Science for graduates in the private sector
    Top Recruiters Average Salary
    Infosys INR 3.5 - 6 LPA
    TCS INR 3-5 LPA
    Tech Mahindra INR 4-6.5 LPA
    Infosys INR 3-5.5 LPA
    Cognizant INR 6.24 LPA
  • Government Sector: The table below provides details about the BSc Computer Science salary for jobs in the government sector
    Top Recruiters Average Salary
    Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL) INR 4-7 LPA
    Bharat Electronics Ltd. (BEL) INR 3 - 6 LPA
    Heavy Engineering Corporation Ltd. (HEC) INR 5 - 8 LPA

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After getting through this article, I hope you all have an idea about the BSc computer science engineer salary and jobs in India. Today the world is the world of technology. We have n number of applications and websites for n number of tasks. Hence, the demand for Software Engineers is and will be much higher in the upcoming future. So aspiring geeks must work on the required skills to grow in their job profile and get their deserved salary package.

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