How to Become a MERN Stack Developer?

How to Become a MERN Stack Developer?

27 Jan 2024
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How to Become a MERN Stack Developer?: An Overview

The Mern stack is very popular because it allows developers to design a wide range of features and provide a comprehensive solution approach. The Mern Stack includes four important technologies in the software world:

Adoption of the Mern stack will accelerate in the coming years as developers use this technology to create engaging websites. MERN stack development would be a great option for anyone interested in entering this field. A bright future is predicted for his web developer at Mern Stack. The purpose of this article is to provide a guide to becoming a Mern Stack developer. Reading this entire post will give you valuable insights.

Why Learn Mern Stack?

  • You should learn Mern stack, Because JavaScript can be used to build front-ends and back-ends, integrating JavaScript reduces the time and money spent learning other programming languages.
  • MERN Stack is a quick, easy, and low-cost way to get started. 
  • The JavaScript language also helps in building full-stack apps, desktop programs, and smartphone apps based on React Native. 
  • The Mern stack libraries and tools are sufficient to build complete software applications. MongoDB, a library, uses the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) language to manage and store data. This format is now widely used for encoding and decoding full-stack applications that are transferred between clients and servers, and vice versa.
  •  The Mern stack is based on MVC architecture. Model - MongoDB performs database-related tasks. views - UI for React Design frontends or applications. Controller – ExpressJS backend manages the logic. 
  • Mern stack modules and functions are highly adaptable. 
  • Scalability: You can scale MongoDB horizontally by adding servers. React modules are small, compact, and infinitely expandable.MERN is more popular due to easier career laddering, resource availability, and higher sampling frequency.

Technologies should be learned for Mern Stack Developers:

1. MongoDB

MongoDB stores data as JSON-like documents. Mongoose ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) allows easy integration with Node.js, making it a popular choice for MERN stack web development.


Express is a lightweight framework that enables web application development. This allows you to handle only HTTP requests and responses, and manage sessions and authentication with some middleware modules.


React is a well-known library written in Javascript for building the front end of applications. Additionally, programmers can build reusable elements. Manage application state efficiently. Also, React supports server-side rendering, which allows developers to improve performance and increase the SEO of their applications.


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that provides developers with a platform to run code written in JavaScript outside of the browser. Additionally, node-js builds server-side applications on top of his MERN stack with many built-in modules for file I/O, networking, and security.

Most Important  Skills To Learn To Become A Pro Mern Stack Developer

Skills To Learn To Become A Pro Mern Stack Developer

1. Learn JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for MERN Stack.

Mern Stack developer needs her three technology skills: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a web project. Additionally, you must understand web development concepts and know how to run code using these programming languages. Developers can learn these concepts by watching free content available on Google or YouTube.

 Now let's take a look at what role these technologies play in Mern stack development.

 HTML(Hypertext Markup Language):

It is a scripting language that helps Mern stack developers design web page layouts, It guides the browser when displaying content on web pages. Additionally, learning HTML will allow the developer to add photos, lists, headings, and paragraphs to her website.

 CSS(Cascading Styling Sheet ):

It allows developers to style the layout of their pages and give them a more elegant and appealing look to attract users. Additionally, developers can use her CSS to style the text, icons, and photos that appear on HTML pages. CSS makes your website more responsive and interactive.


Javascript allows Mern Stack developers to create more attractive and dynamic websites. Additionally, you can edit audio and video, change the colors of elements, and change the way your website behaves.

 2. Learn React Concepts

React is a well-known and extensive front-end library, preferred by top IT companies around the world. Once you understand the concepts, start using React right away. React is a popular platform powered by Facebook and has great community support. Also, it is reliable and efficient, making it a great learning option. Invest your time and effort with confidence in a company that has a strong presence in the market.

 3. Explore Front End Components.

 Understanding the three basic languages ​​will help you better learn the technologies that will help you build front ends faster. The following tools are required to create an app.

VS Code:

Visual Studio Code is a programming language provided by Microsoft in 2015 that allows you to efficiently create programs. Also, according to the 2021 annual survey on Stack Overflow, 70% of skilled web designers use VS Coding as their scripting language.


Git is a code management and storage tool that supports MERN stack developers. If you encounter an error, you may need to revert your code to a previous version.


SASS preprocessor stands for Syntactical Awesome Stylesheet. Additionally, SASS can streamline the styling process and reduce code repetition.

 4. Explore Mongo DB

The MongoDB database is known for its document-oriented, cross-platform NoSQL capabilities, where each record represents a key-value pair. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects combine multiple data types. Moreover, MongoDB is flexible and allows users to create tables, databases, themes, etc. So mastering MongoDB is not difficult.MongoDB entities consist of information identified by meaningful keys. Also, users who are familiar with MongoDB concepts can use the Mongo shell Mongo Shell is a JS interface that allows users to interact and perform tasks such as deleting records and important documents.

5. Understand the backend of the MERN stack.

 After learning front-end concepts, start learning Express.js, Node.js, and MongoDB, which form the back-end of your application.

  •  Express.js: The Express.js framework creates the backend for your application. It works with Node.js to enable developers to build single-page and hybrid applications.Express.js is based solely on Javascript and streamlines the creation of web apps and APIs.
  •  Node.js: Node is an open-source library built with JavaScript code and runs on Chrome's V8 engine. Node helps developers create custom server-side applications that run JavaScript code outside of the browser window.
  •  MongoDB: NoSQL databases like MongoDB store large amounts of data and help developers effectively manage application data.

 6. Creating a Project

Once you have a basic understanding of MERN stack technology, you can start building a working application. This will help you understand them more deeply. You can also get project ideas from Google or implement your own ideas. Additionally, creating your own projects will help you understand your skills and knowledge in more detail, and will help you showcase your skills to potential employers.

 7. Join the Community

Mern Stack developers need to connect with the developer community to receive proper guidance and support. However, there is also a huge online community of MERN Stack developers, including the MERN Stack Slack channel and his MERN Stack community on Reddit.

Role And Responsibilities of Mern Stack Developer:

The MERN Stack Developer has the following roles and responsibilities:

1. Web Application Development and Maintenance MERN stack developers must have knowledge of building, deploying, and maintaining web applications. Also, you should be able to design the backend of your application using Node.js and Express.js. An average stack developer should be able to implement MongoDB for storing the database and design the front end using React.js.

 2. Building and Running APIs MERN stack developers must have expertise in building and running APIs that allow clients and servers to share data with each other.

 3. Troubleshooting and Debugging Mern stack developers must be able to identify and fix errors and bugs in web applications.

 4. Ability to collaborate with other team members MERN stack developers must be able to interact with other developers during all stages of project development.

 5. Stay on top of the latest technology trends MERN stack developers must stay on top of current technologies and trends to stay competitive in the IT market. For a company to thrive in the digital world and succeed in the marketplace, it is essential to hire a dedicated MERN stack developer who can drive the business forward.

Job Description

The MERN stack is comprised of technologies that help you build applications faster. All technologies are based on her JS, making it easy for developers to learn her JS and create projects. If you have completed a great project and have extensive knowledge about MERN, you can definitely apply for a company. But before that, it's important to understand the roles and responsibilities of a MERN stack developer.

Developing Projects:

Project Idea Demonstrate your knowledge of MERN when starting a construction project. As a beginner, you should start with the basics and move on to more advanced projects. To create a project, select the IDE (e.g.Technology) with which you would like to work. Then Create MERN (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and publish it to GitHub.

 Here are some interesting MERN projects you can try out.

  • Social Media Applications
  • Application Management
  •  E-Commerce Websites
  • OTT Platforms

Future Scope of Mern Stack Developer

Future Scope Web development is all about the front end, back end, and database. And when we talk about web development, MERN is at the top. The MERN stack is powerful and in demand in web technologies. As a MERN Stack Developer, you'll always have a successful career ahead of you. All you need is a good knowledge of JavaScript. As long as you have good JavaScript skills and an eagerness to learn, your future at MERN is bright. 

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Many IT companies choose to use MERN as part of their project's technology stack. So start learning the highly valuable technology stack MERN in the best possible way. Succeed professionally, expand your portfolio, and brighten your future with MERN! Feel free to give feedback on this article. Happy Coding...!


Q1. How long does it take to become a MERN stack developer?

Approximately 8-10 weeks with regular hands-on practice

Q2. Is it difficult to become MERN stack developer?

The MERN stack often stems from mastering prerequisite skills such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with understanding both front-end and back-end development.

Q3. Is MERN stack in demand?

The MERN stack remains in high demand in the web development industry.

Q4. Is MERN stack highly paid?

The highest salary of mern stack developers in India is ₹18 Lakhs per year

Q5. What is better than MERN?

MEAN is often preferred for enterprise-level architecture.
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