Difference between ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC

Difference between ASP.NET WebForms and ASP.NET MVC

01 Apr 2024
9 min read

ASP.NET WebForms Vs.ASP.NET MVC: An Overview

ASP.NET framework is a part of the .net platform for building, deploying, and running web applications. Now, we can develop a web application by using Asp.Net Web Form and Asp.Net MVC. In this MVC Tutorial, we will explore more about ASP.Net and ASP.net MVC which will include ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC,asp.net mvc vs webform, mvc vs asp.net, the advantage of mvc over asp.net, what is asp.net and mvc, ASP.NET Windows,ASP.NET Controls, and ASP.NET Web Development. Consider our ASP.NET MVC Course for a better understanding of all MVC core concepts.

What is ASP.NET WebForms?

  • It helps to build dynamic websites with its drag-and-drop feature.
  • This form is compiled and executed on the server, which generates the HTML that shows the web pages.
  • This model helps developers to design control-based programming, such as Win Form.
  • By using this, the Developer does not require a lot of experience to develop applications.
  • In ASP.Net Web Form each page has aspx and .cs file.
  • In aspx file, you can write HTML tags, Server controls, etc., and all events and code written in .cs file.


  • Using page controller pattern which means each page has a code behind the class that acts as a controller.
  • The code behind the file depends on View so both will combine during execution.
  • Easy and fast development.
  • HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are not required. With the basic knowledge of this, a developer can start development.

 What is ASP.NET MVC?

  • Asp.net MVC separates the business logic layer of a web application from its presentation layer.
  • MVC is a framework for building websites that use Model -View- Controller design.
  • The Model is nothing but application logic, View shows the actual User Interface(UI) and The Controller handles the input from the user and creates a link between the Model and the View. The controller reads data from a view and sends input data to the model.
  • So Understanding Model-View-Controller is crucial nowadays.

 What is ASP.NET MVC?


  • MVC helps to manage complex applications so that can focus on one aspect of an application at a time.
  • For example, We can focus on the view without depending on the business logic.
  • It also makes it easier to test applications.
  • That's why test-driven development is easier with the MVC framework.
  • It also facilitates team development, Different developers can work on the view, the controller logic, and the business logic simultaneously.

Difference between ASP.NET MVC and WebForms:

Asp.Net Web Forms
Asp.Net MVC
Asp.Net Web Form follows a traditional event-driven development model.
Asp.Net MVC is lightweight and follows the MVC (Model, View, Controller) pattern-based development, model.
Asp.Net Web Form has server controls.
Asp.Net MVC has HTML helpers.
Asp.Net Web Form supports view state for state management on the client side.
Asp.Net MVC does not support view state.
Asp.Net Web Form has file-based URLs means the file name exist in the URLs must have its physical existence.
Asp.Net MVC has route-based URLs means URLs are divided into controllers and actions and it is based on the controller not on the physical file.
Asp.Net Web Form follows Web Forms Syntax
Asp.Net MVC follows customizable syntax (Razor as default)
In Asp.Net Web Form, Web Forms(ASPX) i.e. views are tightly coupled to Code behind(ASPX.CS) i.e. logic.
In Asp.Net MVC, Views and logic are kept separately.
Asp.Net Web Form has Master Pages for a consistent look and feel.
Asp.Net MVC has Layouts for a consistent look and feel.
Asp.Net Web Form has User Controls for code re-usability.
Asp.Net MVC has Partial Views for code re-usability.
Asp.Net Web Form has built-in data controls and is best for rapid development with powerful data access.
Asp.Net MVC is lightweight, provides full control over markup, and supports many features that allow fast & agile development. Hence it is best for developing an interactive web application with the latest web standards.
Asp.Net Web Form is not Open Source.
Asp.Net Web MVC is an Open Source.


Let's see the key differences between MVC and ASP.Net

PERFORMANCEOffers better performance for simple and small applicationsOffers better performance for complex and large applications
CROSS-PLATFORM SUPPORTLimited cross-platform supportCross-platform support runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS
CODEGenerates a lot of code automatically, with less control over the codeOffers more control over the code and allows for more customization and optimization
MAINTENANCEThis can lead to tight coupling and difficult maintenance in complex applicationsFollows a modular and scalable architecture, easier to maintain in complex applications
SECURITYOffers built-in security features, such as authentication and authorizationOffers built-in security features, but requires explicit implementation for some features
PORTABILITYLimited portabilityCross-platform support can be deployed on multiple operating systems and cloud platforms

What is ASP.Net and MVC:


  • MVC was designed with the separation of concerns and testability and development approach.
  • MVC's three logic layers – model-view-controller- handle a different aspect.
  • It is an architecture pattern that has gained popularity nowadays, particularly in web development.
  • It's the latest architecture in Microsoft. 


  • To  Build complex web apps.
  • Separating concerns
  • Testability
  • Customization
  • Integration

ASP.Net :

  • It is a flexible framework that enables ASP.NET developers to build modern web applications with ease.
  • Its great features and robust architecture make it a popular choice among all web developers.
  • ASP.Net is cross-platform and can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS. ASP.NET is highly extensible.
  • It has many built-in features and the ability to add third-party libraries and tools.
  • It provides built-in security, including authentication and authorization, to help protect applications from common attacks.
  • It is designed to be high-performance and can handle a large number of concurrent users.
  • It also supports multiple programming languages, such as C#, VB.NET, and F#.
  • ASP.NET programmers use Visual Studio, a powerful IDE with built-in features for code editing, debugging, and testing. 


  • Large-scale web apps
  • Enterprise-level applications
  • Windows Integration
  • Rapid development
  • Cross-platform development

The advantages of mvc over asp.net

1. MVC offers various benefits, like better code maintainability, testability, and scalability as compared to asp.net.

2. MVC is preferable when the project size is larger and requires a faster development cycle. With MVC, different aspects of the application can be developed simultaneously, which can speed up the development process.

3. MVC's architecture provides a more organized and modular structure that can handle complex requirements more efficiently. For example, when building an e-commerce site, MVC would be an excellent choice because it separates the business logic and user interface, making it easier to maintain and scale.

4. If we talk about ASP.NET, It is a less opinionated approach to building web applications.

5. ASP.NET can technically do almost everything MVC can do, but it may require additional manual coding so ASP.NET is preferable only when developing smaller, less complex applications. 


So in this article, we have learned ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC,asp.net mvc vs webform, mvc vs asp.net, the advantage of mvc over asp.net, what are asp.net and mvc, I hope you enjoyed learning these concepts while programming with Asp.Net. Feel free to ask any questions from your side. Your valuable feedback or comments about this article are always welcome. Level up your career in MVC with our ASP.Net Core Certification

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Q1. What is the difference between ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET API?

Asp.Net MVC is used to create web applications that return both views and data but Asp.Net Web API is used to create full-blown HTTP services with an easy and simple way that returns only data, not view. Web API helps to build REST-ful services over the

Q2. What is ASP Web pages vs MVC?

Asp.Net Web Form has built-in data controls and best for rapid development with powerful data access. Asp.Net MVC is lightweight, provide full control over markup and support many features that allow fast & agile development
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