Comments used in the python language

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26 Feb 2023

Comments used in the Python Language


Are you ready to learn the basics of python commenting and make your code easier to read? If so, you're in luck! Python comments are a great way to explain what a block of code is doing and how it works. Comments are an essential part of coding that not only help the programmer understand what they've coded but also other coders when they look at it. Not only do good comments allow for more efficient collaboration in teams, but also aid debugging efforts as well. Using meaningful comments can also help future coders understand what exactly was done when they review your code. In this post, we'll take an in-depth look at commenting functions in Python and provide tips on making sure that your comment style is clear and concise. Let's get started!

What are comments in python?

Comments in Python are one of the most useful tools for any programmer. They allow you to provide helpful information about your code and are a great way to document your work. Writing comments can help make python code more readable and easier to debug. To start a comment in python, you must begin with a hashtag (#). After the hashtag, you just have to write out whatever explanation that is going to be useful and beneficial for the python program. This can include anything from an overall goal for the python script to step-by-step instructions on how it works. Comments are also very useful when you come back to a python script after taking a break; they give you direction on which parts of the program are still incomplete or require further debugging. If employed correctly, python comments can help make python programming much smoother and more efficient!

Types of comments in python

There are three types of comments in the python programming language, those are:

  • Single line Comments
  • Multiple line comment in python
  • Docstring Comments

Single line comment in python

Single line comment in python is incredibly useful for providing developers with additional information about their code. As single line comments take up only one line of code, they are highly effective at helping to keep programs succinct and easily understandable. They have differentiated from multi-line comments thanks to their easy-to-spot starting character, the hash symbol (#). When used correctly single line comments can be invaluable in increasing the readability of a program and reducing debugging time by eliminating confusion around certain lines of code.


# This is a single line comment in python
print ("Hello, World!") 


Hello, World!

Multiple line comment in python

Python multiple line comments allow multiple lines to be commented out quickly and easily. This helps make longer bits of code much more readable and easier to comprehend due to the fact that multiple lines of important commentary can be provided within a single comment block. This is especially useful for large, complex projects with multiple developers since multiple line comments provide a space for stylistic correctness, development notes, and improvement advice. In multiple line comments, lines begin with a pound sign (#) followed by the comment. This type of comment requires slightly more typing than a single line comment; however, it provides much more versatility when it comes to commenting out longer segments of code.


This is a multiline
print ("Hello, World!")


Hello, World!

Docstring in python

Docstring in python is an incredibly useful tool for developers. Docstrings are added to a function or class to help explain what the code does. By providing docstrings, developers can quickly decode and better understand the code they are writing or editing. Docstrings also make it easier for other developers to work with the codebase by making its purpose more clear. Furthermore, docstrings can even be used in automated testing of the code by providing information on what each portion of code should achieve, making it simpler and faster to test multiple components of a program at once. For these reasons, docstring in python is an invaluable tool for enhancing development efficiency and effectiveness.


def add(a, b):
    """Function to add the value of a and b"""
    return a+b


Function to add the value of a and b

Python comments are very important. They help to explain what is going on in a program and can be used to prevent errors from happening. When you use comments, it is important to keep them up to date so that they accurately reflect the code. Creating comment-based documentation is a good way to make sure your code is easy to understand and maintain. Do you have any tips for creating effective comments? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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