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Python Career Opportunities: Is it worth learning Python in 2024?

Python Career Opportunities: Is it worth learning Python in 2024?

21 Mar 2024
8 min read
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Python Job Opportunities: An Overview

Nowadays Python is rapidly gaining popularity among developers and various other fields too, Hence its contribution to the advancement of your career is immense. There are some interesting reasons why Python is special. Python is an easily scripted language that can be learned so quickly. It reduces the development time of the project code. Python has a number of libraries and APIs that provide data analysis, data visualization, and data manipulation. If you are looking for a job in Python you need to grasp some Python Skills also. However, In this Python Tutorial, we will explore Python Career Opportunities.

Python Job Opportunities

Why should you make a career in Python?

1. Easy to learn

For beginners, the Python language is an excellent place to begin if you’re new to coding. Python features English syntax and was designed to be concise and easy to read. Because All of this makes it more accessible to first-time coders than many other languages. Python is also simple to learn because it is an interpreted programming language. 

2. Versatile in nature

It is highly versatile. We can use it for both small and complex tasks, and it is used across various industries from its more common applications in data science and software engineering to environments such as mobile app development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The Libraries are nothing but collections of pre-written code in a particular language that anybody can access, meaning that once you’ve learned the basics of Python, 

3. High in Demand

Python programmer roles are in high demand, as many major companies including DropBox, Netflix, and Facebook use it. Google has even built its own Python-style guide. Python developers earn an average salary of $108,391.

Number of Python Jobs

Python is a very highly demanding language and Python programmers develop websites, applications, and software components with the help of AI, data science, and ML technologies. Python developer jobs and Python jobs for freshers are very demanding in the field of IT. Nowadays a Python developer can easily earn 150,000$ with 3-5 years of experience. This salary and Python career opportunities vary depending on the location. There are many big companies using Python, and those are

  • Google
  • Intel
  • Facebook
  • IBM
  • NASA
  • PayPal
  • Pinterest
  • Uber
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • And many more

Number of Python Jobs

Types of Python Jobs

So what types of jobs can you land with Python?

Well, for one, Python's scope is intensive in data science and analysis. Clients often want hidden patterns extracted from their data pools. It is also preferred in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Data scientists love Python. Also, in our article on applications of Python, we read about how Python is used everywhere in web development, desktop applications, data science, and network programming.

Python Job Profiles

If you are looking for a job on a Python basis following profiles are available  in the IT world

1. Software Engineer

  • Analyze user requirements
  • Writing and testing code
  • Prepare operational documentation
  • Operate clients and work closely with other staff
  • Develop existing projects

2. DevOps Engineer

  • Manage updates and fixes
  • Resolve technical issues
  • Create procedures for maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Built scripts to automate visualization

3. Senior Software Engineer

  • Develop high-quality Applications
  • Analyze and debug code.
  • Perform  testing
  • Apply version control and design patterns

4. Data Scientist

  • Identify data sources.
  • Preprocess data & analyze it for new trends
  • Design models and ML algorithms
  • Work on data visualization

5. Senior Data Scientist

  • Guide and Supervise junior data analysts
  • Develop analytical tools to generate insight.
  • Apply ML and statistics-based algorithms
  • Propose ideas for possessed data
  • Communicate findings to the client.

What does the future have in store for Python professionals?

Future of Python

1. Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Nowadays AI is trending so much. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of machines. This is in opposition to the human intelligence and other animals. It is one of the popular new technologies taking over the world. If we talk about AI Python is one of the first choices. Python is one of the most-suited languages for AI.

For this agenda, There are different frameworks, libraries, and tools dedicated to letting AI replace human work. Not only does it help with that, but it also increases efficiency and accuracy.

The Below tools and libraries Python for AI:

Machine Learning

  • PyML
  • PyBrain
  • sci-kit-learn
  • MDP Toolkit
  • GraphLab Create

General AI

  • pyDatalog
  • AIMA
  • EasyAI
  • SimpleAI

Neural Networks

  • PyAnn
  • pyrenn
  • ffnet
  • neurolab

Natural Language  

  • Quepy
  • NLTK
  • genism

2. The Big Data

It is the term for data sets so complex that regular data-processing application software is inadequate to deal with them. Big Data grows with Python support too, its libraries allow you to test and work with a large amount of data across clusters:

The following are Different libraries of Python for Big Data:

  • Pandas
  • scikit-learn
  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • GraphLab Create
  • IPython
  • Bokeh
  • Agate
  • PySpark
  • Dask

3. Network

Python configures different routers and switches and simultaneously works on other network automation tasks.

The Following Python libraries for the Networking:

  • Ansible
  • Netmiko
  • Network Automation and Programmability Abstraction Layer with Multivendor Support.(NAPALM)
  • Pyeapi
  • Junos PyEZ
  • PySNMParamiko SSH

Python Job and Salary Trends in India

Salary is one of the important factors for working professionals, that invoke them to choose a job profile. If we talk about Python, Its Salary varies based on the amount of experience a person has. The more experienced a developer is, the more payscale they have. There are several aspects when it comes to the salary of a Python Developer. let’s have a look at the average salary and the pay trends in India.

As per PayScale, the average salary of a Python Developer is ₹427,293 per annum for a fresher. In some cases, It comes down to around ₹35,607 per month. The salary may go up to a maximum of ₹1,000,000 per annum. On the other side, the minimum salary can be around ₹225,076 per annum depending on skills, experience, and job location.

Python Job and Salary

You can explore this article also:

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Python is an unambiguous, easy-to-read, general-purpose high-level programming language that considers paradigms of structured, procedural, and object-oriented programming. You can use Python and its features for web development, scientific computing, artificial intelligence, software testing, and much more. Additionally, if you want to enhance your skills and gain a recognized credential in Python with Data science, you may consider enrolling in a Python certification course. Also If you are serious about preparing an interview in Python You can view Python interview Questions and Answers.


Q1. Is Python good for career?

If you're looking for a lucrative and in-demand career path, you can't go wrong with Python.

Q2. What careers are Python used for?

  • Python Developer.
  • Data Analyst. 
  • Systems Engineer.
  • Machine Learning / AI Engineer.
  • Data Scientist. 
  • Data Engineer

Q3. What is the career scope with Python?

Data Scientists, AI and ML Engineers, Web Developers, and Automation Testers

Q4. What is Python course fees?

 Python courses are priced  between 2000-4000 in case of cerifications

Q5. What is the easiest job in Python?

  • Python Developer. 
  • Full Stack Developer. 
  • Data Scientist / Data Analyst. 
  • Data Engineer.

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