React JS Developer Jobs Opportunities in India (2024)

React JS Developer Jobs Opportunities in India (2024)

04 Dec 2023
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In the web development market, React Developer positions are in high demand. Your major duty as a React Developer is to create and manage web application user interfaces using the React JavaScript library. To transform the design team's aesthetic concepts into interactive and useful components, you will collaborate closely with them. Implementing front-end logic & styling requires your proficiency in JavaScript, HTML, & CSS. Enroll yourself in the React JS Certification from ScholarHat and start your tech career right away.

You will be in charge of creating reusable, clean, and efficient code in this position. React developers take advantage of the component-based architecture of React to build modular user interface components that are simple to repurpose in other areas of the application. To manage complicated application states and guarantee seamless data flow inside the application, they also collaborate with state management frameworks like Redux or React Context API.

To integrate front-end user interfaces with server-side APIs, React developers frequently work with back-end developers. Making asynchronous API requests, managing data responses, and adapting the user interface are all required for this. Working knowledge of RESTful APIs and comprehension of HTTP protocols are advantageous in this regard.

Additionally, React developers should be well-versed in web development principles including responsive design, accessibility, & speed optimization. For developing and packaging React applications, they ought to be familiar with tools like Webpack, Babel, & npm. Additionally, designing and executing unit tests to guarantee code quality & maintainability requires familiarity with testing frameworks like Jest or Enzyme.

React developer jobs

The popularity of the React library in web development contributes to the increased demand for React Developer positions. React developers with the necessary react skills are needed by businesses of all kinds, from small startups to major corporations, to create and manage their front-end apps. These jobs often need a solid command of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. RESTful API skills and experience with state management frameworks like Redux are frequently preferred. To develop engaging and effective user interfaces, React developers work with design and back-end teams. To produce high-quality applications, they also put a lot of emphasis on testing, performance optimization, and code quality.

While some employers favor applicants with past professional experience, there are also openings for recent graduates and those who have finished pertinent training programs. Entry-level React Developer jobs or internships can give newcomers useful hands-on experience using React. These positions frequently include collaborating with senior engineers and taking part in the creation of front-end elements. Newcomers must have a firm grasp of JavaScript, the principles of React, and basic concepts in web development. They can demonstrate their abilities and improve their chances of getting hired as React Developers by creating personal projects or contributions to open-source projects.

In both situations, having a strong portfolio that shows real-world React expertise, such as side projects or contributions to open-source projects, will greatly increase your chances of landing a React Developer job. You may also make yourself stand out as a great candidate in the job market by consistently studying and keeping up with the most recent React developments and best practices through react tutorials, online resources, & workshops.

React js jobs for freshers

There are openings for freshers in the field of React JS, a well-known JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Build personal projects or contribute to open-source projects to demonstrate your React JS expertise when applying for React JS jobs as a newbie. You may make an impression on potential employers by having a solid portfolio that showcases your knowledge of React JS & its essential components.

Maintaining your knowledge of and developing your skills in adjacent fields like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and additional front-end frameworks is also beneficial. You'll become a more well-rounded developer as a result, which will improve your opportunity to work with React JS.

Opportunities to interact with business experts and gain knowledge from their experiences may also be found via networking and participating in regional meetings or online forums devoted to React JS.

Here is some information about React js jobs for freshers :

  • Junior React Developer: For freshers who are new to the sector but have a strong understanding of JavaScript & React JS, several organizations provide junior-level opportunities. These positions often entail tight collaboration with experienced developers and on-the-job training. Junior React Developers help to implement front-end designs, build and update React components, and contribute to the creation of user interfaces. It's a fantastic chance to develop your React JS expertise and earn real-world experience.
  • Internships: Programmes for internships are an excellent approach for newcomers to get practical experience in React JS programming. Recent graduates and students pursuing relevant degrees are frequently offered internships by businesses. Under the direction of seasoned developers, you will work on actual projects during the internship. Internships offer a great learning environment & can open the door to a future full-time React JS position.
  • React JS Trainee: Some businesses offer training courses created especially for new graduates who want to specialize in React JS. These courses frequently involve mentorship, in-depth instruction on React JS fundamentals, and practical projects. Freshmen can start their careers as React JS Developers by enrolling in a training program for the language.

React native developer jobs

JavaScript is frequently used to create cross-platform mobile applications utilizing the React Native framework. Having a firm grasp of JavaScript, React Native, & mobile app development principles is crucial when applying for React Native Developer jobs. Your chances of landing a job as a React Native Developer can be considerably improved by showcasing prior expertise or projects in the framework, whether through side projects or paid labor. Additionally, staying current with React Native & mobile development trends will help you stand out as a candidate in this ever-changing industry. Here are some details on React native developer jobs :

  • React Native Developer: Your major duty as a React Native Developer is to create and manage mobile applications using React Native for both iOS and Android platforms. To create user interfaces, manage application logic, and communicate with back-end APIs, you'll utilize a combination of JavaScript & React Native components. Due to how quick and inexpensive it is to create cross-platform apps, React Native developers are in high demand.
  • Mobile App Developer: To create mobile applications, many businesses look for Mobile App Developers with expertise in React Native. Creation and execution of mobile app features, working with UI/UX designers, and assuring the app's functionality, responsiveness, & user experience are all responsibilities of this position. It's essential to have a solid understanding of JavaScript, React Native, & mobile app development principles.
  • Front-End Developer (React Native): For mobile development, several companies are looking for Front-End Developers with a focus on React Native. In this position, your primary focus will be on constructing React Native mobile app interfaces and ensuring that they work in tandem with the app's functionality. Success requires mastery of front-end web technologies, JavaScript, and React Native.
  • Developer of Cross-Platform Apps: React Native's strength is its capacity to create cross-platform apps from a single codebase. You will use React Native as a Cross-Platform App Developer to build applications that run on iOS, Android, and even the web. You'll need to be an expert in JavaScript, and React Native, and have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of mobile app development.
  • Freelance React Native Developer: React Native Developers can also find freelancing employment. To create their mobile applications, many enterprises and startups engage independent React Native developers. You may choose which projects to work on, collaborate virtually, and set your fees and hours as a freelancer.

React js freelance jobs

Working on React JS projects and developing your career as a React JS developer can be made possible by freelancing. You can use online platforms and marketplaces made just for freelancers, like Upwork, Freelancer, or Toptal, to get freelance React JS jobs. You can create a profile on these networks, display your talents and portfolio, and submit bids for pertinent tasks. You can find freelancing possibilities through networking through online communities, going to developer conferences, or contacting potential clients directly. Join our React Course, where your coding journey transforms into a remarkable tech adventure.

It's important to establish clear expectations with clients when working independently as a React JS developer and to provide excellent work on schedule. You can gain more clients and establish a solid reputation as a dependable React JS freelancing specialist by developing a great portfolio and upholding it through good client evaluations and feedback.

Here is some information on React js freelance jobs :

  • Freelance React JS Developer: You can work as a freelance React JS Developer on a variety of projects, from small websites to sizable online applications. To help with front-end development activities like creating user interfaces, providing interactivity, & integrating with APIs, clients frequently engage independent React JS developers. Working remotely is possible through freelancing, which also gives flexibility in terms of project selection, working hours, and pay.
  • Development of React JS Components: Numerous consumers and businesses seek out independent React JS developers with experience creating reusable and adaptable React JS components. You can produce top-notch, thoroughly documented components and sell them on online markets or advertise them through your channels. By doing this, you may earn money off of your expertise in React JS while also giving other developers access to useful materials.
  • Website building: Because of its component-based architecture and quick rendering capabilities, React JS is frequently utilized in website building. You can offer your services as a freelance React JS developer to clients who require React JS-built websites. This can involve developing responsive layouts, putting animations into use, integrating with APIs, and making sure the website is fast and easy to use.
  • Projects involving front-end development: Working as a freelance React JS developer makes it possible to take on projects involving front-end development that use React JS as a component of the tech stack. Customers can need help creating user interfaces, improving the user experience, increasing performance, or converting already-existing projects to React JS.

React js jobs in India

Due to the widespread adoption of React JS by businesses for their web development initiatives, React JS jobs are in great demand in India. You can search online job boards (Naukri, LinkedIn, Indeed), firm career websites, and networking sites to find React JS employment in India. Additionally, participating in hackathons, visiting local tech meetings, and joining online developer groups will provide you the chance to network with possible employers and keep up with the most recent job postings.

It's important to keep in mind that different businesses could have varied job specifications, experience levels, and pay scales. When applying for React JS jobs in India, it's crucial to carefully read the job descriptions and match your experience and skills to the requirements.

Here are some details on React JS jobs in India:

  • React JS Developer: Businesses in many different sectors, including IT, e-commerce, banking, and healthcare, are looking for React JS Developers in India. These jobs entail creating reusable React components, interacting with back-end APIs, and creating user interfaces. Developers of React JS work on both new projects & the upkeep and improvement of already-existing programs.
  • Front-End Developers (React JS): Many Indian businesses require Front-End Developers with React JS experience. Implementing front-end designs, guaranteeing responsiveness & user experience, and working with designers and back-end teams are the main focuses of these professions. Along with strong React JS skills, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript proficiency is crucial.
  • Full-Stack Developer (React JS): In India, Full-Stack Developers with experience in React JS are in high demand. Working on the front-end as well as the back-end of web development are the responsibilities of these positions. When creating a front-end interface, React JS is frequently used, whereas Java or Node.js are employed for the back end. React JS expertise gives Full-Stack Developers the chance to work on whole web development projects.
  • UI/UX Developer: React JS is frequently used to build interactive and captivating user interfaces. React JS-trained UI/UX developers are essential to the creation of user interfaces that offer a smooth user experience. These positions frequently call for a mix of design abilities, an understanding of user experience concepts, and React JS proficiency.
  • React Native developer: With the rise in demand for mobile app development, React Native has seen considerable growth. Indian React Native developers are in charge of creating cross-platform mobile applications that are aimed at both the iOS and Android operating systems. These jobs entail creating user interface (UI) elements, managing the program logic, and interacting with back-end services.

React js jobs salary

The React js job's salary might vary depending on the position's responsibilities, location, company size, industry, and amount of experience. However, based on market trends and industry statistics, I can provide you a general range for React js jobs salary. It's critical to remember that these numbers are suggestive and may change depending on the already-mentioned circumstances. In addition, compared to other parts of India, pay may be higher in major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, or Delhi.

In addition, considerations like extra benefits (including bonuses, stock options, and health insurance), the company's reputation, and the applicant's negotiation abilities can all have an impact on the total wage package. When assessing potential career prospects, it is always advised to research wage ranges particular to the firm and region you are considering and take into account a variety of criteria. Please be aware that these numbers may fluctuate widely and are only estimates.

  • Junior React JS Developer: The annual compensation range for entry-level or junior positions might range from 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 (about $4,000 to $8,000).
  • Mid-Level React JS Developer: With a few years of expertise, mid-level React JS Developers can expect to earn between $8,000 and $16,000 annually.
  • Senior React JS Developer: Depending on the organization and region, Senior React JS Developers with substantial experience and skill can earn salaries ranging from 12,00,000 to 25,00,000 per year (about $16,000 to $34,000).

React native remote jobs

Remote React Native jobs are in high demand because they give developers the freedom to work from wherever. Many businesses are willing to hire remote React Native developers. You can browse online job boards that focus on remote work opportunities, such as, FlexJobs, or RemoteOK, when looking for remote React Native positions. You can find remote opportunities through networking through online forums, going to virtual conferences or meetings, and using professional social media platforms. Here are some details concerning Reacting native remote jobs:

  • Remote React Native Developer: As a remote React Native Developer, you may work from the comfort of your home to create and maintain cross-platform mobile applications. Depending on the needs of the business, remote employment may be full- or part-time. To maintain smooth workflow and effective communication, you will work with teams using communication and collaboration tools including Slack, Zoom, and project management platforms.
  • Remote Front-End Developer (React Native): To work on the front-end development of mobile applications, businesses frequently employ remote Front-End Developers with React Native competence. Your duties can involve developing adaptable user interfaces, adding interactive elements, and interacting with APIs. To produce top-notch mobile applications, remote front-end engineers work with design, back-end, and QA teams.
  • Remote React Native Consultant: As a remote React Native Consultant, you may offer organizations or clients seeking assistance with React Native projects professional advice and direction. Contract-based consultants frequently provide their services remotely. They support troubleshooting, performance optimization, code reviews, and architectural design. You can collaborate with diverse customers and get exposed to a variety of React Native projects by taking advantage of remote consulting opportunities.
  • Remote React Native Freelancer: Working as a freelancer in React Native gives you the freedom to work remotely as needed. You can bid on freelancing marketplaces, work remotely with clients, and manage your schedule as a remote React Native freelancer. By letting you select jobs that fit your interests and abilities, freelancing offers a diversity of opportunities.

The need for React Developers is high in the web development sector. Your primary duty as a React Developer is to create and manage web application user interfaces using the React JavaScript library. To transform aesthetic designs into interactive and practical components, you collaborate closely with the design team. To develop front-end logic and styling, proficiency in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS is essential.

Clean, effective, and reusable code authoring is the main focus of React developers. They take advantage of React's component-based architecture to produce reusable, modular UI components. To manage complicated application states, state management tools like Redux or React Context API are employed. To integrate front-end user interfaces with server-side APIs, React developers frequently work with back-end developers.

It's essential to have a solid grasp of key web development concepts including responsive design, accessibility, & speed optimization. For developing and bundling React applications, developers frequently use tools like Webpack, Babel, and npm. To check the quality of their code, React developers also use testing frameworks like Jest or Enzyme.

Roles for React Developers can be found in businesses of various sizes, from start-ups to huge corporations. For the development and upkeep of front-end applications, skilled React developers are in high demand. Candidates having a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React are preferred by employers. RESTful API skills and experience with state management frameworks like Redux are frequently preferred. Your chances of finding a job as a React Developer can be improved by creating personal projects or making contributions to open-source projects.

Entry-level React Developer jobs or internships can give newcomers useful hands-on experience. These positions entail participating in front-end development while collaborating with senior developers. Newcomers should have a firm grasp of JavaScript, the principles of React, and the fundamentals of web development.

Given that React Native is a well-liked framework for creating cross-platform mobile applications, React Native Developer jobs are likewise in high demand. It's crucial to have a solid grasp of JavaScript, React Native, and mobile app development fundamentals. Your chances of landing a job as a React Native Developer might be considerably increased by prior projects or experience in the framework.

React JS developers should consider freelancing because it allows them to work on diverse projects and advance their careers. There are options to discover freelance React JS employment on websites and marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, & Toptal. For acquiring clients and solidifying your profile as a dependable React JS freelancing specialist, it's imperative to develop a great portfolio and preserve a positive reputation.

Companies across industries are looking for React JS Developers in India, where there is a growing demand for React JS jobs. According to experience and other considerations, junior, mid-level, and senior React JS developers can anticipate a range of salaries. Salaries may vary from ₹3,00,000 to ₹25,00,000 per annum.

React Native remote jobs are in high demand because they give developers the freedom to work from any location. React Native developers, front-end developers, and consultants may all work remotely. You can find remote React Native job possibilities by using networking and remote work platforms.

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