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Calculate Running Total, Total of a Column and Row

Calculate Running Total, Total of a Column and Row

18 Mar 2024
5 min read

How to do Running Total: An Overview

You are often required to show information on each transaction and keep a Running Total and Final Total like GridView in Asp.Net. In this SQL Server, I am going to explain, how you can achieve this using SQL Query simply and easily.

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Suppose you have the below CustomerOrders table and have the data as shown below:

CREATE TABLE CustomerOrders
 OrderID int identity,
 Amount Decimal(8,2),
 OrderDate SmallDatetime default getdate()

 INSERT INTO CustomerOrders(Amount) Values(120.12)
 INSERT INTO CustomerOrders(Amount) Values(20.12)
 INSERT INTO CustomerOrders(Amount) Values(10.12)
 INSERT INTO CustomerOrders(Amount) Values(30.12)
 INSERT INTO CustomerOrders(Amount) Values(40)

 SELECT * FROM CustomerOrders


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Calculating Running Total

Let's see how to calculate the running total using SQL Query as given below:

 select OrderID, OrderDate, CO.Amount
 ,(select sum(Amount) from CustomerOrders 
 where OrderID <= CO.OrderID)
 'Running Total'
from CustomerOrders CO


Calculating Final Total

Let's see how to calculate the final total using ROLLUP within SQL Query as given below:

SELECT OrderID, SUM(Amount) AS Amount
FROM CustomerOrders


Calculating the Total of All Numeric Columns in a Row

Let's see how to calculate the total of all numeric fields within a row using SQL Query as given below:

SELECT OrderID, Amount, SUM(OrderID+Amount) AS RowNumericColSum
FROM CustomerOrders
GROUP BY OrderID,Amount


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