A Brief Version History of WCF

A Brief Version History of WCF

26 Aug 2022
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WCF stands for Windows Communication Foundation. It is Microsoft's latest technology that enables applications in a distributed environment to communicate with each other. WCF is Microsoft's unified programming model for building service-oriented applications. It enables developers to build secure, reliable, transacted solutions that integrate across platforms and interoperate with existing.

WCF Version History
WCF Version
Introduced with .NET & IDE
Features Detail
4.5 and Visual Studio 2012
  1. Task-based Async Support

  2. Contract-First Development

  3. WCF Configuration Validation

  4. Web Socket Support

  5. UDP Endpoint Support

  6. New Https protocol mapping on IIS

  7. Streaming Improvements

  8. Multiple Auth support for single endpoint

4.0 and Visual Studio 2010
  1. Simple Configuration

  2. Serialization Enhancements

  3. Support for WS-Discovery

  4. Routing Service

  5. Standard Endpoints

  6. Workflow Service

3.5 and Visual Studio 2008
  1. UriTemplates Support

  2. Support for REST Style Services

  3. Asp.NET Ajax Integration and JSON support

  4. Added WS* Specification Support

  5. Support for RSS and Atom feeds

3.0 and Visual Studio 2005
  1. Introduced first version of WCF with many features like Address, Binding, Contract, Sessions, Instancing, and Concurrency management

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