Professional Reviews And Testimonials

Our students are junior developers, experienced developers, team leads, technical managers and solution architect. We EMPOWER them to build their projects with industry recommended principles and practices. Here's how some of our students were able to upgrade themselves and achieve their goals with the help of us.

Rahul Chopkar (Software Engineer)

ScholarHat is one of the best training platforms to learn .NET Stack technical knowledge and carrier guidance. Shailendra Sir explains the concept in the simplest way. And Especially I like the career guidance program, it will help me to clear the goals and doubts about my career.

Sankeerth (.NET Developer At Mphasis)

I took a subscription for a self-paced training program with ScholarHat. I enjoyed the course, and it has given me a boost up on cloud and UI. Today I have reached my goal to get a perfect figure in my career. Thank you ScholarHat for helping me achieve this.

Abhinav (Web Application Developer at UnitedHealth Group)

After joining ScholarHat live training program, got so much clarity for choosing my career path, managing my time, and the live classes were very helpful for upgrading my .NET skills. I'm confident now and soon I will report my victory. Thankyou ScholarHat by DotNetTricks.

Munish Sawhney (Software Engineer)

I am a software engineer with around 21 years of experience in C/C++/Java. My recent business venture required me to learn web technologies on MERN/MEAN stack. Prior to getting introduced, to ScholarHat by DotNetTricks, I had no idea of C# and ASP.NET CORE. I studied the pre-recorded C# course by Mr. Shailendra Ji, well-renowned MVP, and learned it. To test my learning I took LinkedIn Test, and that knowledge helped me win the C# badge.

Rahul Choudhary (Wipro- Software Engineer)

I have subscribed for ScholarHat's Self-paced annual subscription. ScholarHat's tutorials has helped me a lot to understand the dot net basics and fundamentals. With this core concepts , I cracked many MNCs interview and got salary hikes almost of 130%.

Gaurav Chauhan (Sr. Software Engineer at Globallogic)

Recently I attended the AZ-204 Developer training program. It was a great learning experience under the guidance of such a great teacher, and mentor Mr. Shailendra Chauhan sir. Actually, I am following Mr. Chauhan, sir, since the beginning of my IT career and meeting my technical expectations with the help of various training programs conducted by ScholarHat. As a senior .Net developer, I highly recommend to those who want to make a career in .Net, to follow ScholarHat by DotNetTricks. And just want to tell If you are taking training from Shailendra Chauhan definitely you are in safe hands.

Divya Laksmi (Sr. Software Engineer )

ScholarHat by DotNetTricks is one of the best e-learning platforms with live training. Each course gives us knowledge from basic to expertise. I highly recommend ScholarHat training to grab good technical knowledge.

Rohit Kumar (Technical Lead)

I am quite impressed with simplicity and technical expertise of Shailendra Sir. His technical expertise in the area was reflected in all areas of the course and everything was done very professionally. The course material was extremely well organized and Shailendra Sir explained it very clearly. Another point of this course is small batch and long term support for the development needs.

Harendra Thind (Software Engineer)

I thought it was an enjoyable course, with a great tutor. Lots of information which will benefit my job role. Thank you !!

Akash Saini (Software Developer)

Scholarhat is best Angular training company for fresher as well as Experience professional . Shailendra sir very good tutor in Scholarhat. He give best knowledge theoretical and practical as well as interview aspect. the training with help to learning new technology and switching new job, improve self Confidence. Thanks Scholarhat and Shailendra sir."

Shamim Ahmad (Web Developer)

I took training on NodeJS Development from Dot Net Tricks to enhance my skills on Web Development, this worked out way better for me. I was highly impressed with their training technique and the trainer himself, Mr. Shailendra Chauhan. He not only discussed all available methods, but also it help me to get the job quickly and easily.

Yadavendra Singh (Software Engineer)

I had a great experience while learning "ASP.NET MVC with angular JS" at Dot Net Tricks. Shailendra Sir is very good at explaining the things in an easier way. Things were explained in a good manner and doubts were cleared and most important the time lines were met.

Shubham Agarwal (Software Developer)

Dot net Tricks Training is career turning training where I have learnt ASP.NET MVC with Anugular JS and enhanced my concepts & Development skills. Best thing is that they always introduce the latest technology during Training and update skills with latest industry trends available in IT industries also upcoming ones. I am especially impressed with teaching techniques of Mr. Shailendra Chauhan. I would like to suggest you as well if you are looking for something different.

Rajneesh Joshi (UI Developer)

Mr. Shailendra is very experienced and highly competent. I attended MEAN course under his guidance. His presentation is confident and extremely perceptive of the various existing skills and he knows well about the latest technology trends in the market and needs of his audience. I would like to thanks him and congrats for his initiative. Personally, I want to suggest if you need best in your career go with Dot Net Tricks

Mayank Agarwal (Sr. Software Engineer )

It was very good experience getting NodeJS Development Training with Dot Net Tricks. Top quality of training by Mr. Shailendra Chauhan Project Implementation was superb!. Join this place for quality training.

Mahesh Verma (Software Engineer)

My experience with the Dot Net Tricks has been phenomenal. The center has set a bar of expectation that I am not sure other centers would ever be able to meet! I learned so much, had fun, made friends and truly enjoyed time at the Dot Net Tricks. I suggest you to update your project implementation skills.

Pankaj Tiwari (Software Engineer)

There is no doubt about quality of Dot Net Tricks real time project base training. There project implementation is impressive that help me lot to develop my company project easily by this training, I have got confidence about where to implement what. If you have been facing problem in development you should try Dot Net Tricks.

Richa Dhimaan (Senior Software Engineer )

I have been working on ASP.NET for 2 years i was getting confusion while working on project. Due to that my performance was not up to mark, I was looking for some real time project based training, after lots of research I come to know about Dot Net Tricks I have got training from there on real time project that overcome my technical confusion and it boost my package. You should also at list try ones.

Sheetal Bhat (Software Engineer)

I wanted to switch from Microsoft technology to other framework where I can secure my job and get good package, I have done it through Dot Net Tricks because they have given me development training on NodeJS.

Santosh Yadav (Sr. Software Developer )

For long, I have been getting training over ASP.NET MVC with AngularJs from Dot Net Tricks. it is a great Training company which provide development based training on latest technology. They deliver training, which match with industry requirement and real time project development. I have got real time project based great experience motivation and guidelines from them. I’m especially thankful to Mr. Shailendra Sir for his support and motivation.

Parmanand Kumar (Software Engineer )

I have taken class from Scholarhat it exceptionally changed my mind set and approach about development I can say that after getting training from Scholarhat I’m very much confident about my work whatever I’m doing because now I’m knowing what, where and how to implement things in my project, thanks Scholarhat for giving me in depth skills.

vibhu mishra (Software Programmer)

I have gone through Scholarhat blogs many times for learning AngularJS from that time, I was waiting for AngularJS training batch. I was confused before the training because I wanted to get training on real time project which they have delivered according to my expectation now I’m so much confident about AngularJS development.

Manju Lata Yadav (Software Professional)

Scholarhat is a good training institute for learning real time projects. Our knowledge today does not have much value beyond a couple of years. Your value is what you can learn and how easily you can adapt to the changes this profession brings so often. Mr. Shailendra always teaches latest technologies. So, I found its worth to learn in Scholarhat and coding actually becomes rhyme.

Ajeet Singh (Software Developer)

Dot net tricks is a good training company for real time Software Development. I have taken training over MVC Development with AgularJs. Mr. Shailendra Sir always teaches latest technologies. So, I found its worth to learn in dot net tricks and coding actually becomes rhyme.

Puspendra Singh (Managing Director )

Hi friends I am Pushpendra Singh Managing Director of Techsan india Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I am impressed that Dot Net Tricks has been delivering best development Training and going to continue to do great and creative career for students future. I highly recommend to you Mr. Shailendra Chauhan for Microsoft Technology and Node.JS. He is artistic, intuitive, dedicated, caring and always focused on latest technology for his Training.

Mukesh Sharma (Software Engineer)

Trainer of Dot Net Tricks are exceptional; their teaching techniques are different because they provide training on real time project after discussing all available concept. After getting training from there my technical skills and confidence have improved a lot. Thanks Dot Net Tricks and Shailendra Sir.

Sanjay Kumar (Sr. Software Developer)

Learning with the latest technology makes each person up-to-date, which plays a great role to compete with any situation. I am very thankful to Honorable Mr. Shailendra Sir, who encourages me to go with MEAN Stack Development. Being an author, Dot Net Tricks MEAN Stack Development Training is career turning point. I have learnt superior assistance from Sir in terms of Skill Development and Success Mantra. Always believe in Learning is Earning. Thank You Sir!

Mohit Tyagi ( Software Engineer)

Thanks for providing me training on NodeJS technology, i want to request Dot Net Tricks management to host this kind of training for me. because i have got best value for my money which they have provided me advance training on real time project.

Nikhil adhikary (Module Lead at Mindtree)

Thanks a lot for arranging such Technical training's and would like to join more such training's with Dot Net tricks. Training is lead by a great teacher "Shailendra" . Training has been great learning curve for me and I am still learning and going through the shared videos to capture things which I have missed.

Basant Badwal Kumar (Developer )

It was very good experience getting Hadoop Development Training with Dot Net Tricks. Dot net tricks a unique training institute for new updated technology in Hadoop Development cum Administration. Mr. Shubham Pandey always teaches latest technologies. Thanks Dot Net Tricks for teaching me in depth practical concept.

Rajat Sharma (Sr. Software Engineer)

Dot Net Tricks has brought a new revolution in e-learning which reform the way of learning. Dot Net Tricks training best ever training i have gone through. It's compliantly changed my programming approach while developing software application. i'm feeling proud while writhing this testimonial.

Kuldeep Kr. Shakya (Sr. Project Executive)

I believe that Scholarhat is the best place for learning and updating ourselves moreover overcome from all issues that are face during development ...!! I come to know about Scholarhat innovative way of providing real time project based training in 2014 through one of my friend who have taken class from Scholarhat, during that time I started my career as a UI developer, my friend who have taken training in Angular JS working with HCL technology. Now after one and half year I have been looking for changing my job profile so that I have joined Scholarhat again for updating MEAN Stack Developer. Few words to Shailendra Sir, Thank you very much sir for giving me a precious guidance by explaining through various real world scenario.

Lakshmi Goyal (CEO, Archwings Global (IT Services))

My experience with Scholarhat has been nothing short of Amazing! The training they offer is real time and Mr.Shailendra is always patient enough to answer all the candidate queries and even goes one step further to demo any special scenarios requested by the candidates. The best thing I found about Scholarhat is that, they allow you to attend sessions in a different batch if you want to repeat a particular session or if you have missed any particular session. I don't think there is any other training organization that provides this flexibility. Overall, a very informational session and definitely look forward to doing more trainings with Scholarhat. Will absolutely recommend to anyone looking for real time, hands on technical training!

Kiran Kumar Mohanty (Senior Software Engineer at VeriFone India)

Real time project based training of “DotNetTricks” is exceptional because their explanation and implementation on project helped me lot to work on company projects. Because their real-time exposer is really practical and same as development of projects. They have cleared all my concepts and cleared my doubts. By doing the project based training, I have increased my confidence now I can develop something from scratch using NODEJS, AngularJS and Express.Js. I will suggest professions to go with them once you will remain with them.

Sarvesh kumar (Sr. software developer)

Shilendera sir given me best opportunity to improve my skills for NodeJS, WCF and MVC.I have learnt real time software development skills on these technologies Dotnettricks provide better environment for improving latest technologies for better career prospect, especially programmer updates their skills to crack interview for next higher level of job.

Shailendra Singh (Software Consultant )

I was on zero level when I have started my training with DotNetTricks, Today I can say with my confidence that I am an expert on NodeJS and AngularJS technologies. I truly want to say thanks to DotNetTricks for taking me on this Hight in development, I have not been only developing my company project but also, I am capable to help my team to do the same. Especially I want to say Thanks to Mr. Shailendra Chauhan for his technique of teaching and combining concepts with example that the great things about his teaching pedagogy.

Raghavendra SK (Technical Anchor at Prime Focus Technologies)

As my experience included only on windows side, I wanted to learn and quickly upgrade to web technologies and joined dotnettricks. It was amazing experience with Mr.Shailendra as he covers all the topics in depth and classes are flexible. Even if we miss, we can either take another batch classes or go through recording. In a month and half, I was able to reach proficient level at web technologies (MVC, AngualrJs, Angular 2, WebAPI and many more).Will absolutely recommend to anyone looking for real time, hands on technical training! Also I have joined MEAN now since the training quality is too good and you can learn many things in a month time.

Balaindu Pandey (Sr. Software Developer )

Dot net Tricks is best training Organization for real time software development in new technologies. I visited this Organization and had a demo session and decided that this is a content. Always Shailendra sir answer all the candidate queries and even goes one step further to demo any special scenario requested by the candidates. If you want to repeat a particular session or if you have missed any particular session, Staff of DNT always allow to attend sessions in a different batch. DNT deliver training, which match with industry requirement and real time project development. It was very good experience getting AngularJS Development Training with Dot Net Tricks.

Ranveer Singh Godara (Technical Director )

"Scholarhat" is truly great E-Learning Organization which provides real time project-based training for professionals. They provide best in-depth knowledge theoretical and practical as well as interview aspect, this training with help to learning new technology and switching new job, improve self-Confidence. Because of their efforts, I am stronger and more flexible in my technology and thanks to "Mr.Shailendra Sir" for his excellent efforts and developments exposure, I recommend them without reservation.

Nebil Rasheed (Sr. Systems Analyst)

After attending the "Scholarhat" training for ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS, I gained much more knowledge in the topic of study, design, and architecture; implemented a project as well. Mr.Shailendra is an excellent trainer; he patiently listens to our queries and answers them well. Also, the topics are arranged in the proper manner; even if you are not that experienced, you can learn it quickly. Most important, they are not chasing you to join the course; they provide a demo class and you can decide. Definitely, I recommend every developer in Microsoft stream to undergo this training.

Joydeep Deb ( Co-Founder & Project Manager Izensys Technologies)

Amazing Experience with Dot Net Tricks. I have attended the ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS Development course with Project (online training). In my 14 years of my software career I have attended various technical training but the training I got from Mr. Shailendra Chauhan is Superb and Excellent. I can assure that Dot Net Tricks provides the Top Quality Training both in Teaching and Course Material or Content. The teaching techniques of Mr. Shailendra is very Simple, Easy and Unique. Highly recommended to all who are looking for training from Dot Net Tricks.

NagaDeepti Amirineni (Sr. Net developer/Lead 3M)

"It has been a great learning experience at Dotnettrics. Shailendra is very professional and focuses on concepts until we gain the confidence. All the materials shared are good sources for any level of professionals. Recorded videos do help us to thoroughly understand.Thank your, team, for being supportive and enhancing the teaching concepts based on feedback."

Preeti Jain (Technical Analyst )

"DotNetTricks drew me in and rekindled my passion for Xamarin including BOSCH, CocaCola, Alska Airlines, Slck etc. If you want to expand your career and focus and learn about all these technologies to the cutting edge, DotNetTricks embodies all these in their online program. I strongly recommend DotNetTricks..!!!"

Anurag Srivastava (Team Leader at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd.)

Amazing Experience with Dot Net Tricks. I have attended the ASP.NET MVC with AngularJS Development course with Project (online training). I have attended various technical training but the training I got from Mr. Shailendra Chauhan is Superb and Excellent. I can assure that Dot Net Tricks provides the Top Quality Training both in Teaching and Course Material or Content. The teaching techniques of Mr. Shailendra is very Simple, Easy and Unique. Highly recommended to all who are looking for training from Dot Net Tricks.

Anjum Touqeer (Sr. Developer )

"I found the ASP.NET Core Development course with Project was well worth my time and effort. The knowledge I gained, I feel more stronger and flexible in APS.NET technology. I want to say thanks to Scholarhat and especially thanks to Mr. Shailendra Chauhan for his simple and effective technique of teaching. I strongly recommend Scholarhat".

Vijay Thakur (Sr. Dot Net Developer )

I have completed ASP.NET MVC & MEAN Stack 2 from Scholarhat.My experience with Scholarhat remains amazing. These training programs are equally good for experienced professionals & freshers.Mr. Shailendra sir is highly experienced and competent professional.During class, Mr. Shailendra gives his very best to answer each & every query raised. The course curriculum is designed according to industry standard & key concepts are discussed in details. his course is a blessing for working professions, whose need to upgrade their skills but doesn't have much time for self-learning. Thanks a million, Scholarhat for the amazing learning experience.

Anurag Kumar rai (Software Developer )

I have attend the ASP.NET MVC 5 Development course with Project. I have four years of experience, even I wanted to brush-up myself, came to Mr. Shailendra Chauhan, whose training is Amazing, superb, simple understandable to others, Thank you Sir. And I aspect that Dot Net Tricks Provides Same quality of training in future.

Emmanuel Job (Sr. Consultant at The World Bank)

The online training in this course set a good foundation that can be applied practically. The online classes were brilliant and Mr. Shailendra took each class with lot of examples and explanations. his style of training was easily understandable and informative. The course was very useful for me to develop .net MVC, RAZOR framework and Web API applications. All sessions are interactive sessions, and Mr. Shailendra answered all the questions raised during the online training. The course fee is very nominal and the course really helps me in understanding the developing the .net Applications.

sunil yadav (Sr. Software Developer )

It was a very good experience to take training at Dot Net Tricks. I got what i wanted to learn in MVC. The project that we completed during the training was very helpful. Shailendra Sir's teaching method is awesome. He has In-depth knowledge of technology and is very cooperative.

Rohit Singh (Team Lead )

It has been a great learning experience at Dot Net tricks. Trainer is quit professional and focuses on concepts until we gain the confidence. All the materials shared are good sources for any level of professionals. This session boosts my career and knowledge. From past few months I am eager to learn MVC 5. But I was confused. When I reached DNT. I gained various technologies practical experience. I learned Angular 2 & 4 MVC5, Web API. I also got what is going on current development and future development of technology, I have got Vast experience and knowledge. But really I got what I wanted from Dot Net tricks. Thank you all thanks DNT staff for your coordination, and your encouragement.

Nitish Gugnani (Asstt. Programmer )

Dear Shailendra Sir, this training helped me lot for improving my skills and I also learn so many new technologies. During training, I got hike in my current company. Shailendra Sir doing a great job and he explains every topic briefly, it’s very helpful to clear so many doubts. Yes, I also want to learn new technology in future from Shailendra Sir. Thank you Very Much Sir.

Varun Gupta (Software Consultant and IT Trainer)

It was a great learning experience at dot net tricks. I am totally satisfy with their teaching practices. The trainer's was well informative and tried his level best to trained us. The support staff was also very quick, whenever we need any assistance. All the best Dot net Tricks

Abhishek Kumar (Software Engineer at Zenesys)

I really have an amazing experience with DotNet Tricks. It helps me to explore MVC and other different technologies like Angular 2 & 4, Web API, LINQ and Bootstrap Etc. It's an honor to practice these technologies under the guidelines of Mr. Shailendra Chauhan, who has encouraged our work and motivated us to learn APS.NET MVC. I gained much knowledge from DotNet Tricks and now I'm flexible enough to work for this technology.

Manu Mishra (Software Engineer )

I have attended the ASP.NET MVC Development Training program from Dot Net Tricks. I have improved my skills and knowledge. He gives some really simple examples to explain the complicated scenarios. I am satisfied with course and its content. again i want to say thank you very much Dot Net Tricks , thanks DNT staff for your cooperation.

Anil Choubey (Software Developer )

I have attended Shailendra Sir class for Asp.Net MVC with Angular2 & 4 He cleared many concepts of MVC and Angular and also tells us about the real life scenario where you can use these concepts. He answers whatever questions are raised during training course by students. He never gets irritated. I have cleared many basic concepts of web application development also.. which are very necessary to know when you are gradually moving to bigger companies. I have attended many training session but this training is different than others and i think more beneficial than others. I recommend professionals to join this training session.

Inder Negi ( Software Developer )

I just completed my Xamarin Training in Dot Net Tricks with Great experience, I learned much more than expected. The course was good and very helpful. After this course I gained the my confidence and technical knowledge. if you want to learned training of Xamarin, I would definitely recommend you the DOT NET TRICKS is one of the best company. Thank you for DNT team and specially Shailendra Sir to enhance my technical knowledge in Mobiles apps background.

Rajkishore Yadav (Sr. Software Developer)

First of all I would like to thank DNT for everything. Here is my experience in Dot Net Tricks - "When I came to know about DNT, honestly I didn't have much idea about Xamarin Forms and was looking for job. So I thought it would be a better option to join here and get some knowledge about real time project and few interviews, which would be a big thing for me. Then I was assured by the staff from the DNT and joined. From day one I felt a different energetic atmosphere in the class room. And about the staff all are well educated, trained and also very much friendly to everyone, as a student which helped me a lot, they never shown any irritation even though I was asking same things repeatedly. The main thing is that all the syllabus covered up in a proper manner, so that a student can understand each things about the training. And thanks for providing some important seminar which helped me a lot to crack a interview. Thank you DNT for making my career". I have ever taken so far in my life time, and day by day it’s getting better for me.I have got confidence facing Xamarin interviews and learned lot of new real time scenario. Shailendra Sir is a passionate trainer he give some really simple examples to explain the complicated scenarios. he always make us think and also answer our questions smartly. Keep rocking DotNetTricks, your team is doing great job.. Way to Go..

Deepali Panwar (Software Engineer )

It's a great experience to be part of dotnet tricks. this Training really helps me for improving my enhancements skills professionally also. If I talk about interview purpose it's really a great great opportunity because in training class this was my personal experience that Sir won't leave a single scenario that Interviewer going to ask you. He covers all the concepts theoretical as more focused on practical. If you really want to beat Interview and get good job and hike join dot net tricks.

Vipul Kaushik (Associate Technical Lead )

First of all thank you Shailendra sir for your great knowledge, amazing energy, good style of teaching and hard effort you put into MVC class. This was the best class i joined, it helped me to enhance my skills. I think you are excellent at motivating people to enjoy the class and do their best. It's just incredible to see how different your approach is from others. It was great learning experience with you. You and this class will be remembered for long time. Thanks Dot Net Tricks...

Hardeep Singh (Team Lead)

Scholarhat training is really professional, and Services provided by them on installation & technical issues are mind blowing. This training was really helpful for me in understanding the core. In one word, I have received "Outstanding support" from Scholarhat and its staff. trainers is very supportive. Scholarhat is very well organized and structured organization. In Scholarhat, you will find each bit of information scratch to In-depth. Training materials, Interview blogs, Assignment, Quiz and etc. are organized in proper way. Finally, I will recommend Scholarhat to anybody, looking for instructor led live session to keep oneself up to date with the latest trends & technology.

Sulabh Kaushik (Software Developer)

I am so glad after join to dot net trick, It was a really nice training. Helped me a lot to enhance my skills. Our professor is not only a good tutor but also a true guide for student bright future. dot net trick to gain true knowledge with great guidance and helped me so much specially in cracking interview.

Puneet Jain (Software Engineer)

Course offered by Dot Net Tricks very helpful in keeping myself updated with the best practices in the IT industry. This course helped me to boost my career and the course covered majorly important topics and help in building up application very quickly with clear understanding. i salute to staff of DNT always stand with support. This course content is very informative and the trainer's expertise helped me learn about the challenges involved in implementation.


Thanks to the Scholarhat for all the support provided MVC training process, Course was covered extensively and all interview question were answered. there was the intense focus on the implementation of the concepts, sharing real life experience along with covering the course material. especially like the fact that the arguments are explained in details so that participants who are interested in the understanding can get an important contribution to their knowledge enhancement. I have completed my course with learned a new technology.

Aditya Sharma (Sr. Software Developer )

Before joining the Scholarhat,i was wander what to do, all i groom just because of Scholarhat staff, he gave me good suggestion on personal level and professional level as well, comes on teaching his great knowledge and experience give me good job as well as right way to write a code. Shailender sir gives some really simple examples to explain the complicated scenario with projects, you are excellent and motivating people to enjoy the class.

Rajendra Singh (Developer at IAP Company Pvt. Ltd)

Dot Net Tricks is certainly a good platform to develop & strengthen your knowledge that's crucial to excelling in your professional. course are well structured to meet the current IT industry requirements. and as per my experience DNT is leader in latest technology training, especially for a working professional like me, and the way of teaching is superb of trainers, they clear all our doubts and make us understand complex course in a simple way.

Rohit Singh (Software Developer)

It was a tremendous experience with Dot Net Tricks specially in XAMARIN as well as MVC Technology. Staff of DNT are well mannered, friendly nature, they are very Supportive. Trainer always clear every concept when developing real time project. He told all necessary steps to complete project without any problem. He told also that how a project makes faster & how to use latest technology like XAMARIN. His concept is clear cut, the way to make us understand is awesome, some of SDKs like, Android SDK, IOS SDK, Windows SDK. I really felt Comfortable in Cross Native App, which is Future of mobile app World. Training quality is Excellent which leads to make a great career.

Rajveer Chauhan (Software Developer)

My experience with Scholarhat about Mastering at MVC and AngularJS. I am very much impressed with the quality of the training material and the Trainer as well. I consider myself lucky to discovered and be part of Scholarhat. I loved the way Instructor took out extra time for every question made & explained in depth. I recommend everyone to try courses from Scholarhat.

Ramashankar Mani (Software Developer )

Scholarhat is good learning opportunity with instructions giving both hands on training and also reviewing any issues we face while having hands on. I took MVC, Linq, web Api course at here. I truly learned a lot. It is awesome responsive well designed and flexible Education Portal. Once again thanks Scholarhat for the wonderful support and learning.

Saurabh tripathi (Frontend Developer )

I have completed my AngularJS training from Scholarhat. There is No doubt Scholarhat is completely different compare to others, first time in my carrier I have received such kind of training and support. They have really awesome instructors and support persons are technically sound and I would like to appreciate their 24 x 7 support. I never seen such kind of support by other companies in India till now. As per my experience Scholarhat is the BEST provide e-learning courses for all software programs including latest technologies. Thanks #DNT Staff

Shikha Singh (Software Developer )

Scholarhat is one of the most decent options available for affordable professional courses which most of us look for improving our skill set in today's competitive world. The entire session was so engaging and the faculty explained the concepts and contents so well in a simple way and with perfect live example. Course gives insight to real life exposure and platform to enhance the overall project management skills.

Prashant Tyagi (Software Engineer )

It was a great experience to undergo and get certified in the MVC5 course from Scholarhat. I am extremely happy with the training method, and the trainer’s deep knowledge is very rich and powerful. I could recommend Scholarhat to anyone without hesitation. The course content have great depth and regularly updated.

Avinash Kumar (software Engineer at Tech Mahindra)

ScholarHat is a nice online institute. I have studied in Several institutes but this is the best among all. The best thing here is Shailendra Sir, the way he teaches is nice, and easy to understand. As per my experience, ScholarHat is the best place for the latest technology learning. I have completed the course ASP.NET Core with MVC and it helped me a lot to understand the concept properly.

Gulam Simnani Qureshi (UI developer at CRMnext)

It was an excellent experience to learn MERN Stack training from ScholarHat. The courses are top rate and the best part is live instruction, with playback. DNT is one of the modern platforms to learn and equip in the IT Market. I have learned a lot from this training. And really helped to understand all the concepts very well. Thanks again.

Vilas mahale (Cognizant Pune As SA)

This is the first time I have completed the online Training for MVC5 with angular2 & 4 development program, earlier I attended classroom training. But now considering the way Dot Net Tricks provide training is awesome. Training Quality is knowledgeable and well managed session. Trainer has in depth knowledge of technology and trying to give his best to share the same. DNT Staffs Are Cooperative and well behaved.

Gourav Tyagi (sr. Software Developer)

I would like to thank Dot Net Tricks for providing training on latest technologies ASP. Net MVC5 with Angular 4 and really I got what I was looking for, basically to learn Type script and Angular 2 &4. The DNT Staff is very supportive and provide all the needful help what we used to be required. I really appreciate Trainer way, clearing the concept, deliberating the knowledge to others is excellent. I appreciate the DNT Team backup staff, really amazing. Regular Monitoring sessions via Mock up test as well as assignments, which proved of great help at the time of project development, paying attention individually is Great. The study material is also easy to understand and the video can be downloaded after every session. I strongly recommend Dot Net Tricks, even they provide Whatsapp Back for resolution of any technical query. Thanks for standing with me for all my concerns.

Sameer Vyas (Technical Lead at Wipro)

"Shailendra sir has in depth and sound knowledge of .NET and related stack. His way of conducting sessions and handling doubts/queries is awesome. And staff are awesome they are eager to help that’s sound Great. All the assignments and videos are also very helpful to enhance .NET knowledge. I would like to thank Dot Net Tricks for providing training on latest technologies ASP.MVC with Angular 4 and groomed my career for future perspective."

Priyanka Kulkarni (Technical Lead at Lumedx)

"I have joined ASP.NET MVC Development online course to upgrade web technologies skills and It was great experience getting training with Dot Net Tricks. Thanks to Trainer for his simple and effective technique of teaching. He is very experienced and knowledgeable professional. DNT provides the best course material and contents. Video recordings are helpful for revision of sessions, and videos are more understandable for clearing the concepts for doing practice thoroughly. DNT staff is very cooperative and always ready to help us. I strongly recommend Dot Net Tricks !!"

Tanuj Khurana (Software Engineer at Prometric)

The training was absolutely superb and I genuinely enjoyed each and every moment of it. The content of Mastering MEAN Stack was extremely informative and incredibly useful. I have attended several trainings before but I can't recall any of them having such a strong impact. You have done a wonderful job and I appreciate your efforts. Dot net tricks staff is well mannered and cooperative, they humbly pay attention to each professional and sort out everyone’s issue. I will surely recommend this training to all my colleagues and friends. I, myself, would love to attend future training organized or featured by you.

Rajesh Ramachandran (Sr .NET Consultant)

After joining the MVC with Angular 4 Development course, I enhanced my professional skills to the current technology in the market. The trainer is very sound technical knowledge and very professional. He answered all the queries raised during the training. DNT Staff organized the online course very well. The online This was my best online course I have ever attended. After completion of each course, they are updating the online recorded videos & PPT materials available to us on the same day. I recommend this course anyone who wants to become master in MVC in a short span of time.

Sandeep kumar (Software Developer at Chipsoft India)

I have learnt more new things from this training that enhance my coding skill. Apart from my training, I have got knowledge for new technology frequently change in IT industry. Trainer Provides Training Very well. I am learning a lot new things from him. And all staff of DNT are good. They are very helpful. With the help of real time project theory concept has been more clear. Way of teaching is excellent. Definitely I received all the information that was helpful for me.

Ashutosh Trivedi (Sr. Software Developer.)

This training helped me to learn ASP.Net MVC and Angular 2 & 4 Development Program to develop web application in more efficient way. I got what I was looking for, basically to learn Type script. Training quality is excellent and trainer also has good Teaching skills to teach each and every topic, well explained. Real Time project Development help me for basically payment gateway process and AngularJS integration with MVC. The DNT Staff is very supportive and provide all the needful help what we used to be required.

Sandeep Shukla (Sr. Software Engineer.)

This training helped me a lot in terms to improve my skills for learning New technologies. I enhanced my skills through latest technology. Training material is very helpful and given in strategic way & whenever we require any help they are always with us. The process of providing training by the Trainer is excellent. I learnt specially how to use payment gateway. Yes, I was looking for hike and I did it due to DOT NET TRICKS. Thank you Sir thank you all.

Shweta Talraj. (Sr. Software Developer.)

Trainer has profound understanding and knowledge on the subjects he chooses to teach. Staff of Dot Net Tricks has been utterly helpful. Staff members are supportive and motivating too. Just beyond expectations!! Training touches upon on all the topics talked about in a particular course curriculum without giving any of them a miss. But at times, I also felt that there was some more need and scope of explaining a few topics in much detail so that people with different experience level could be on same page before proceeding ahead on those topics. The training is a great deal to accomplish a particular skill-set in your profile as the training covers all the important aspects and topics of the technology one needs to know to have a good understanding of that technology. I am sure it will be of immense help and importance to my career from Dot Net Tricks.

Aditya Mishra (HCL Technologies I.T.S Engineering College)

Training is all about covering all the topics, which I was looking for, definitely I got what I wanted. Explanation of each n every topic was too clear, that was done only on through the Trainer. Designing of syllabus of MEAN stack Development, is tremendous, everything is step by step and covers almost all the concept using in real life development. I understand, the training also requires audiences to self-learn, lot of interaction needed by Candidates. A great experience with Dot Net Tricks as well as the staff of Dot Net tricks really very aggressive to interact with us which is quit appreciable.

Pardeep Barak (Sr. Software Developer)

Dot net Tricks Training is career turning where I have learnt MEAN Stack and enhanced my concepts & Development skills. Best thing is that they always introduce the latest technology during Training and update skills with latest industry trends available in IT industries also upcoming ones. I am especially impressed with teaching techniques of Mr. Shailendra Chauhan. I would like to suggest you as well if you are looking for something different.

Aakash, Karvey (Concerto software systems)

Trainer is profound in .NET field, have a strong knowledge, concept is cleared. I wanted to do course, which make me expert in .NET & I can say this is possible only on Trainer’s expertiseness. The course content Of ASP.NET MVC5 with Angular2 & 4 is informative and assertive. Conveyed sufficient time to elaborate the doubts. Dot Net tricks is a platform, when i learnt so many things, Technologies that, i get in touched with Entity framework, Token based security( part of web API). I am extremely happy with the training method, and the trainer's deep knowledge is very rich and powerful. I was able to learn the concepts and grasp the subject better.

Rohit Dubey (MEAN Stack Developer OnGraph Technologies Limited)

I think to join DNT is my one of the best decision of carrier because before joining DNT I was aware that java-script eating other technologies but I had moderate knowledge about the JS and JQUERY like other most of the developers but now I'm a confident full-stack javascript developer using MEAN STACK because of Dot Net Tricks. So It plays a huge role in my carrier to enhance my skills in javascript technologies from zero to Hero. The credit goes to that team/person who designs the syllabus of MEAN stack training which step by step covers almost all the useful concept using in real life development. I got everything whatever I was looking to enhance my skills, Specially DNT is a unique source of learning of trending technologies like MEAN and XAMARIN, I think DNT is the only Organization in Delhi-NCR which giving quality training in a reasonable price. As an IT professional I took lots of training from different resources but the main quality of DNT which makes it different from others that are only Trainer (Shailendra sir). He has great understanding about the IT-industry and current technologies. DNT Staff is really well behaved and friendly in nature and every member of DNT staff always ready for help at any time. The Real Time project which included in a training program that is 'Online-Shopping site', I think E-commerce kind of project contains the most of the real-time functionality and we covered all the concept which we learnt in training period that is really useful to build developer's confidence about technology. DNT training procedure has faith in implementation instead of bookish knowledge that is the huge edge for working professional like me.

Saurav kumar (Software Developer at Silver touch tech...)

Course gives insight to real life exposure and platform to enhance the overall project management skills of ASP. NET MVC 5 Development Program. Training session is quite interactive, and explained with lots of examples, looking forward to the rest of the training. Actually I heard first time for live session, when Dot Net Tricks member called me and awarded me about the LIVE Interactive class. Demo was really fruitful and very clearly explained. DNT staff is energetic to ensure us, providing appropriate knowledge at any time. Real time project helped me to understand basic concept idea. The entire session was so engaging & interviewing. The concepts and content of Course dramatically structured in systematic way. Thanks again to Trainer, enhancing my skills in simple n steady way, with perfect live examples.

Prem Sagar Singh (Software Engineer at NIC Delhi)

"Special thank Dot Net Tricks, for providing platform, where I can decide my Future Growth. I am Going through the training on latest technologies ASP. Net MVC5. I really appreciate the Staff,work for motivating us. I am satisfied with the Trainer Course that they are providing me to enhance my Skills. Again Staff is supportive, needful help always Arise. Concept & Study material is up to the Mark & Easy to understand. I strongly request to add lab class for some topics like entity framework."

100 out of 164
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