DevOps Engineer with AWS Certification Training Program

A Proven Curriculum to Get a Software Job of ₹4.5 - ₹9 LPA*

For Beginners/Experienced

  • 15 Weeks of Intensive Training
  • Learn from AWS Certified Professionals
  • Interview Preparation
  • Build Projects portfolio on GitHub
  • Build 4 Live Projects
  • Resume & Portfolio Building
  • Mock Interviews
  • Job Assistance
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Learn to Build Real-World Projects
Apply your coding skills to solve real-world problems. You’ll learn how to start a project from scratch by following recommended architecture, practices and deploy to server.
Build Food Delivery Website (Like Swiggy, Dominoz)
Learn to build an online food delivery website like Swiggy, Zomato, Dominoz etc.
Build Music Website (Like, JioSaavn)
Learn to build a music website like, JioSaavn etc.
Build Online Shopping Website (Like Flipkart, Pepperfry)
Learn to build an Online shopping website like Flipkart, Pepperfry, Amazon etc.
Build Online Education Website (Like DotNetTricks, Coursera)
Learn to build service offering websites like DotNetTricks, Coursera etc.
Build Social Media Website (Like Twitter, Facebook)
Learn to build social media websites like Twitter, Facebook etc.
Build Online Booking Website (Like MakeMyTrip, OYO)
Learn to build Online booking websites like MakeMyTrip, OYO etc.
Course Curriculum

Hands on, work experience based learning is what makes Scholarhat different from others. Build real world projects by applying your coding skills live with your mentors in just 15 weeks. You’ll learn how to start a project from scratch by following recommended architecture, practices and deploy to server.

AWS and Git Fundamentals

  • Cloud Fundamentals
  • Getting Started with AWS
  • AWS IaaS Services
  • AWS PaaS Services
  • AWS Database Services
  • AWS Storage Services
  • AWS with Application

  • Getting Started with Git
  • Git Workflow
  • Git Repositories
  • Git Commands: Push, Pull
  • Branching
  • Merging and Rebase
  • Working with VS Code

Jenkins and Terraform

  • Jenkins Fundamentals
  • Setting Up Jenkins
  • Working with Jenkins
  • Explore Artifactory
  • Jenkins Jobs
  • Build Code with Jenkins
  • CI/CD with Jenkins

  • Infrastructure as Code Basics
  • Terrfaform Provider
  • Terrfaform For Local Resources
  • Working with Terrfaform
  • Deploying AWS Resources
  • CI/CD with Terraform
  • Terraform and Pipelines

AWS DevOps

  • AWS CodeCommit Foundations
  • Git Workflow
  • AWS CodeCommit Repositories
  • Deploy Code to AWS CodeCommit
  • Branching
  • Merging and Rebase
  • Code Push to Cloud

  • Docker Foundations
  • Docker Images
  • Docker Containers
  • CI/CD Pipelines for Containers
  • Kubernetes Foundations
  • Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • CI/CD Pipelines for EKS

Project Planning

  • Project Planning Foundation
  • Agile Planning Tools
  • Creating Sprint and Tasks
  • Project Backlogs

  • Getting Started with Jira
  • Jira for Project Planning
  • Getting Started with Trello
  • Trello for Project Planning

Career Coaching Interview Prep

  • Personalized Career Coaching
  • Physical & Mental Fitness
  • Secrets of Time Management
  • Success Habits
  • Secrets of Productivity

  • Build projects portfolio on GitHub
  • Make your Projects Live
  • Draft your Resume
  • Make Profile on Job Portals
  • Art of unlocking opportunities

  • Prepare Yourself for interview
  • How to answer tough questions
  • Learn How to Face your tech interview
  • Mock Interviews to build confidence
  • Get Feedback of your Mock interviews
AWS DevOps Career Scope

AWS DevOps Engineer are employed by the world's leading companies. Discover the salary and skills For Azure DevOps Engineer.

What can you accomplish at the end of training?

Complete full-stack specialization, clear mock tests and get referred to companies

  • Get Job As a DevOps Engineer with AWS Developer
  • Increment in Your Current Salary
  • Switch to top MNCs or Service Based Companies
  • Switch Job as a Software Developer
  • Build Real World Web Applications
  • Lead a team of Developers

Pricing and Payment Plans

30% OFF
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Program Admission

  • Blended Live Training Program
  • Dedicated Placement Support
  • EMI Support Available
  • Limited Seats Available
  • Help and Support Using Discord
  • Dedicated doubt Solving Sessions
  • 1 Yr. Access to LMS
  • Career Coaching Sessions
*EMI support available. Know More

Student Reviews

Our Students are working at companies such as:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who are your mentors?

All our mentors are highly qualified and experience professionals. All have at least 8-10 yrs of development experience in various technologies and are trained by Dot Net Tricks to deliver interactive training to the participants.

Q2. What If I miss my online training class?

All online training classes are recorded. You will get the recorded sessions so that you can watch the online classes when you want. Also, you can join other class to do your missing classes.

Q3. Can I share my course with someone else?

In short, no. Check our licensing that you agree to by using Dot Net Tricks LMS. We track this stuff, any abuse of copyright is taken seriously. Thanks for your understanding on this one.

Q4. Do you provide any course material or live session videos?

Yes we do. You will get access to the entire content including class videos, mockups, and assignments through LMS.

Q5. Do you provide training on latest technology version?

Yes we do. As the technology upgrades we do update our content and provide your training on latest version of that technology.

Q6. Do you prepare me for the job interview?

Yes, we do. We will discuss all possible technical interview questions and answers during the training program so that you can prepare yourself for interview.

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