Salary Offered to ASP.NET Developers

Salary Offered to ASP.NET Developers

01 Jun 2024
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Salary offered to ASP.NET developers

Microsoft introduced the .NET as open-source software development in 2002. Its first released version was the .NET framework which is software with predefined classes as functions that enable a developer to write codes and develop applications. Initially, Microsoft introduced the .NET framework for developing applications only on Windows. But after that, it launched an updated version of .NET i.e. .NET Core which provides adaptability with diverse platforms like macOS, Linux, Windows, etc. It is known that .NET offers compatibility with languages like C#, C++, F#, and VB.NET.

Before knowing the salary of ASP.NET developers, let’s get familiar with who an ASP.NET developer is:

Who is a .NET Developer

Those technical professionals who develop software applications using the .NET infrastructure by Microsoft are called ASP.NET developers. They work on the design, development, and implementation of software applications utilizing .NET platform technologies.

With the contemporary versions of the .NET platform, ASP.NET developers can build applications for platforms like web, mobile, desktop, IoT, machine learning, gaming, etc. Primarily, these developers emphasize different categories of software development that include web development, mobile applications, AI and machine learning, and Cloud applications. The qualification required to become an ASP.NET developer is to complete an undergraduate course in Computer Science or related specialization.

Salary of ASP.NET developers

The job market of ASP.NET developers is booming with various opportunities due to the continuously progressing technical industry.

The average annual salary of a.NET developer in the US is $98,541. The average annual salary of junior .NET developers is $80,148 whereas that of senior .NET developers is $114,394.

In India, the salary of .NET developers ranges between INR 1.1 lac to INR 8 lac with an average annual salary being INR 3.2 lacs.

Names of some of the topmost companies which pay high salaries to ASP.NET developers in India are Cognizant, Accenture, IBM, Wipro, and TCS. Now let’s know about the job description of .NET developers:

Job description of ASP.NET developers

The job profile of ASP.NET developers prominently focuses on creating a software application through the.NET framework. They are responsible for the entire development process ranging from writing the codes to testing, storing, debugging, and presenting an interactive application.

They are responsible for communicating with the product and design teams for graphics and visuals. After debugging the errors, they are responsible for coming up with the right solution. They are also responsible for upholding the repository of data sets. They must hold fundamental knowledge of SQL servers and database systems.

Usually, junior .NET developers are responsible for testing and documenting software for various websites. They work with content producers and designers. Moreover, they write, modify and debug software for websites.

Usually, senior .NET developers are responsible for tasks ranging from writing codes to generating web pages. They access business logic servers and databases. They hold vast experience in a range of 10-19 years.

Why .NET platform is so popular

Full Stack platform

A software application is usually composed of two parts i.e. front-end and back-end. Front-end emphasizes the visual functionality with which the users can interact. On the other hand, the back-end emphasizes letting the website operate by working on coding on the server, data sourcing, APIs, etc. The .NET ecosystem offers a platform for developing the overall front-end and back-end part of the application in a single place.

A Unified platform

Being an open-source platform, .NET developers can develop software applications by entailing various categories like desktop, mobile, web, gaming, Cloud, and machine learning applications. It is a versatile platform and so there are lots of job opportunities for .NET developers.

Great demand in top-tier tech companies

Several industries and tech giants like Intel, Microsoft, Siemens, Stack Overflow, etc. are in the hunt for ASP.NET developers. This encourages many employers for using the .NET platform which ultimately raises the demand for .NET developers.

.NET developers are paid a decent salary which is worthwhile for their skills. So, let’s check out the important skills that employers look for before hiring .NET developers:

Important skills of .NET Developers

The below list describes the important skills of .NET developers:

ASP.NET framework

In almost all industries and all businesses, web development is in high demand. The digital presence on the web is inevitable for any business. The .NET platform’s ASP.NET framework is an open-source web framework that enables developers to develop web applications with outstanding security, efficient controls, and advanced technology for scalable and faster deployment. Hence, it is one of the demanding and crucial skills that a .NET developer should acquire.


Tasks like managing, storing, and maintenance of data are very essential. So, .NET developers must hold fundamental experience working with database systems like SQL or Oracle, or any other database. Possessing enough knowledge of this framework can keep a .NET survived in the industry. Moreover, the knowledge of databases helps them to attain better pay.

Front-end development technologies

Any website is created after considering the end-users. When it comes to interaction with users, client-side or front-end development is crucial. Hence, .NET developers must be experienced in the fundamental working of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript. The knowledge of these technologies can assist the .NET developers to be more lined up with user demands when developing applications. Also, it assists in creating immersive and interactive applications. A lot of recruiters prioritize this skill when hiring .NET developers.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) is a developer holding the certification in the .NET skills course designed by Microsoft. A lot of tech companies focus on hiring those .NET developers with this certification because of three reasons. Firstly, it is created and maintained by Microsoft. Secondly, .NET developers have to recertify every 2 years, hence, it is necessary to stay updated with cutting-edge skills. Thirdly, this certification program is a bit tough to accomplish and if you accomplish it, you are a proficient .NET developer. So, obtaining this certification can increase your chances of getting hired.

Coding skills

Proficiency in coding is inevitable for developing applications regardless of the applications (desktop, web, or mobile). .NET developers must be proficient in programming languages like C#, F#, C++, VB.NET, etc.

List of most sought-after .NET developer skills that can boost their salary

  • Angular/React: JavaScript library and Frameworks that helps to create interactive web pages with visual effects and animations.
  • Internet Information Server (IIS): It is a general-purpose webserver used for hosting a web application.
  • Microsoft SQL Server: It is relational database management software used for storing and retrieving data required for an application
  • Model-view-controller (MVC): It is an architectural pattern used for developing user interfaces.

List of other tech skills a .NET developer must be familiar with

  • Visual Studio
  • NET Core
  • Entity Framework
  • Web API
  • Unit Testing

Factors influencing the salary of .NET developers

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Employer
  • Location

Now let’s dive deep into the details of each of these factors and understand how they affect the salary of a .NET developer:


The salary of every software developer is directly proportional to the number of years of experience. The experience in the .NET developer job profile you are applying for represents your knowledge in the industry and your achievements.

Usually, recruiters highly prefer those .NET developers who are familiar with cutting-edge software development knowledge and decent work experience.

For fresher .NET developers with less than 1 year of experience, the average annual salary in India is approx. INR 239, 00. For those .NET developers with experience in the range of 1-4 years, the average annual salary is approx. INR 357,500.  Those .NET developers having 5-9 years of experience can have an average annual salary of INR 770,700. Those .NET developers possessing more than 10 years of experience can get an average annual salary of INR 1,157,000.


Recruiters do not just focus on the theoretical knowledge of a candidate. The candidates must possess outstanding skills along with knowledge of existing trends of the .NET platform. Therefore, skill is an inevitable factor that influences the salary of .NET developers. The more exceptional skills are, the more are the chances of getting hired and getting handsome pay. Some prominent .NET developer skills can assure decent pay. They are C#, .NET Core, ASP.NET framework, Bootstrap, Microsoft SQL Server, Cloud computing skills, Machine learning skills, and Microsoft Azure skills.


The salary of a .NET developer largely depends on the company's background and its reputation. Getting recruited in top-tier tech companies can assure an admirable salary to a .NET developer. This not just assures a decent paycheck but also gives superb opportunities to learn new skills while working with such an organization.

Names of some of the topmost companies for .NET developers in India are Accenture, Dell Inc India, Capgemini, Infosys Limited, Cognizant, TCS, HCL Technologies Limited, Tech Mahindra Ltd., Deloitte, and Futuresoft India Pvt Ltd.


Various cities have varied demands for .NET developers. The cost of living in a particular city also influences the salary range of a .NET developer. So, location is a decisive factor in determining salary. Different cities in India have different salary range patterns for .NET developers. Even during a pandemic, location influences the salary range because different cities have different demands and opportunities.

Bangalore is the Silicon Valley of India that offers the highest pay to .NET developers in India. The average base salary for a .NET developer in Bangalore is INR 597,500/annum. It is INR 540,900/annum in Pune, INR 372,000/year in Chennai, INR 428,700 in Mumbai, INR 415,700/year in Hyderabad, INR 439,000/year in New Delhi, INR 338,000/year in Kolkata, and INR 297,700/year in Ahmedabad.


The updation in the .NET framework has widened the performance scope for the software development platform. Being a versatile and open-source cross-platform, .NET developers have a broad range of options to select from and work on with. If you want to accelerate your career and gradually amass new software development skills, it is vital to become a proficient .NET developer. Many top-tier companies are on the hunt for proficient .NET developers and they are ready to pay a high salary that is worthwhile for their skills.

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