Introduction to C Sharp

Introduction to C Sharp

18 Mar 2024
8 min read
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C#:An Overview

C# is developed by Microsoft and comes after C, C++, and Java. It inherits the properties of C, C++, Java, and VB. We can say C# is the smart and intelligent sister of Java because it does work smartly in comparison to Java. The basic concepts of C# language are the same as C and C++ which you have learned in C and C++. In this C# Tutorial, we will explore more about C Sharp which will include, C# introduction, C Sharp tips, class in C Sharp, and Objects in C#.

What is C#?

C# (pronounced C-sharp) is a versatile, object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. It combines the power and flexibility of C++ with the simplicity of Visual Basic. C# is widely used for developing desktop applications, web services, and games, and is known for its strong typing and rich library support.

Why Use C#?

Why Use C#?
  • Versatility: C# can be used for various applications, from web development to desktop software and games.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with Microsoft technologies, making it ideal for Windows applications.
  • Object-Oriented: Supports object-oriented programming, enhancing code organization and reusability.
  • Safety: Strong typing ensures type safety and reduces runtime errors.
  • Productivity: Rich library support and modern features streamline development, boosting productivity.
  • Community: A large developer community provides extensive resources and support.

When to use C#?

  • Building Mobile applications
  • Building Desktop applications
  • Building Web applications
  • Building Web services
  • Building Web sites
  • Developing Games

Beginning with C# programming

Starting with C# programming involves understanding basic syntax, data types, and control structures. Begin by learning variables, loops, and functions. Practice simple programs, gradually progressing to more complex projects. Utilize online tutorials, and IDEs such as Visual Studio, and community forums for assistance and guidance.

Finding a Compiler:

  • Windows- Microsoft has created C# as part of its .Net framework initiative, offering multiple Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) to execute C# programs, including Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Express, and Visual Web Developer.
  • Linux- Mono allows the execution of C# programs on Linux systems.

Programming in C#

In this section, we'll guide you through writing your first C# code. We'll start with a simple Welcome to the world of C# language !" program, which is a classic tradition in the programming world. By following the step-by-step instructions, you'll learn how to write a basic C# program, compile the code, and execute it. First, we will see what is an object and class  in C#.

What is an Object?

The object is representative of the class and is responsible for the memory allocation of its data members and member functions. An object is a real-world entity having attributes (data type) and behaviors (functions).

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What is Class?

Class is a data structure that contains data members (constants files, events), member function methods, properties, constructors, destructors, indexers, and nested types.

Basically :
  1. It is a user-defined data type.

  2. It is a reference type.

  3. In fact class is a tag or template for an object.

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Example of C# :

Let's see a real-world example of C# in C# Compiler:
 // Namespace Declaration
using System; 
// helper class 
class ClassA 
string myString; 
// Constructor
public ClassA(string str) 
myString = str;
 // Instance Method 
 public void Show() 
 Console.WriteLine("{0}", myString);
 // Destructor 
 // Some resource cleanup routines
// Program start class 
class ClassProgram 
// Main begins program execution
public static void Main() 
// Instance of ClassA 
ClassA objA = new ClassA("Welcome to the world of C# language !!");
// Call ClassA method 


 Welcome to the world of C# language !!


Here we took one class and created its object. And called the method of the class show() through its object. Just read the comments present in the code.

  • CommentsComments are used in the same way as in Java, C, or C++ to explain the code. The comment entries are not executed by compilers, which ignores them. There are two types of comments: Single-line comment syntax: //Single-line comment
  • Multi-line comment syntax: /* Multi-line comments*/
  • Using System: A keyword is used to include the System namespace in the program. namespace declaration: A namespace is a collection of classes. The HelloScholarApp namespace contains the class HelloScholar
  • Class: The class holds both the data and functions utilized in the program, with methods specifying the class's actions and behavior. Class HelloScholar has only one method Main similar to JAVA.
  • static void Main(): The usage of the static keyword indicates that this method can be accessed without needing to create an instance of the class.
  • Void: The 'void' keyword signifies that the method won't produce any output. The 'Main()' method serves as our application's starting point. Within our program, the 'Main()' method defines its functionality using the 'Console.WriteLine' statement (“Hello Scholar”)
  • Console.WriteLine(): WriteLine() is a function belonging to the Console class, specified in the System namespace.
  • Console.ReadKey(): This is intended for users of Visual Studio. NET. It prompts the program to pause until a key is pressed, preventing the screen from closing immediately.

Note: In C#, the distinction between uppercase and lowercase letters matters, and every statement and expression must conclude with a semicolon.

Advantages of C#

  • Versatility: C# is a versatile language, suitable for web, desktop, mobile, and game development.
  • Ease of Learning: It has a simple syntax, making it accessible for beginners.
  • Robust Type System: Strongly typed, preventing common programming errors.
  • Interoperability: Seamless integration with other languages and technologies.
  • Rich Standard Library: Extensive built-in functions simplify complex tasks.

Disadvantages of C#

  • Platform Dependence: C# primarily runs on Windows, limiting cross-platform compatibility.
  • Performance: Compared to lower-level languages like C or C++, C# can have slightly reduced performance due to runtime overhead.
  • Learning Curve: For beginners, its extensive features and complexity might pose challenges.
  • Limited Mobile Support: While Xamarin allows mobile development, it's not as native as languages like Java or Swift.
C# is a robust language that provides a wealth of tools and resources to help programmer achieve their goals. I would like to have feedback from my blog readers. Please post your feedback, questions, or comments about this article. Also, Consider our C# Programming Course for a better understanding of all C# concepts.


Q1. What is the introduction of C sharp programming?

C#  is a modern, object-oriented, and type-safe programming language.

Q2. What is the concept of C#?

C# is the most common programming language used to develop multiple applications in the.NET framework, and it was introduced by Microsoft in 2000. It was designed to be a simple, object-oriented programming language that can be used to create a wide range of applications and software.

Q3. Who introduced C Sharp?

The C# programming language was designed by Anders Hejlsberg from Microsoft in 2000.

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